My current projects

I’ve taken a couple weeks off from writing here because I had some other projects involving my music collection that I wanted to get started on…..but I have also been a little bored with the whole blogging thing lately. So here’s what I’ve been doing with myself lately…..

iPod & iTunes
When I bought my new iPod 120 gb I was sure I could easily fill it but I didn’t take into account the actual time to take my CDs and burn them in. The first thing I did was figure out how to upload the albums in my Dell DJ 30 back to the computer. When I would load my Dell DJ, I would delete the songs off my hard drive because I knew there was a way to reload it. I reloaded everything and then transferred to iTunes…..the most I had to do was change a few details and update some cover artwork but the process was simple. Good thing too because I had some bands in the DJ with a ton of albums: KISS, Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, UFO, Saxon, MSG, Scorpions, Dio. Once I got everything into iTunes, I started uploading more CDs and I’ve been storing everything on an external hard drive. It’s been a long process because I’ve been stopping and listening to a lot of lost classics. The other iPod project was loading my daughter’s Nano with selected classics from KISS, Saxon, David Lee Roth, Ozzy, and AC/DC and transferring everything she had on the computer’s hard drive to the external. – Music Collector
I have had the Music Collector software for four years and I still haven’t catalogued my CD collection. When I bought it a few years ago, I started a list but then we started house hunting, bought a house, moved, etc. My collection lived in various states for the last few years and, now that they are organized, I decided to get a new start cataloging them.

Posters & Pictures
Another Metal hobby of mine is collecting posters and pictures of my favorite bands and albums. I have a ton of old poster and promo flats that I’ve picked up from local record stores and Ebay and I have been able to snag some black & white promo shots of bands on Ebay. After 3 years of being in my house, my wife and I decided we might as well decorate and the upstairs music room is all mine so I’ve been going through things deciding which ones to frame.

So that’s where I’m at now but I should be back blogging soon. My collections have renewed life and that also makes my interest renewed, hopefully I can translate that into some consistent posts…..

8 comments on “My current projects

  1. Thanks for the update – wondering what you were up to. I enjoy reading it to see what others do with their music collection.

    • Talking about my collection was the whole reason I started this site 3+ yrs ago. I’ve gotten away from that a little, at least the personal aspects but I’m hoping that I get rejuvenated and forge ahead!

  2. Great you are still in the came Steve. Also cool you are going to start posting more from now on.
    I am fine too, i just saw the french legendary band KILLERS, and ONSLAUGHT last weekend with some spanish bands at the HEAVY METAL HEART 7 festival. very cool. Have fun too!!!

  3. Yeah got an Ipod 120gb for my 50th (recently) had same problem putting all my music on it, also spent more time listening to the old tracks

    • It’s a fun project to have! Like I said, it’s a re-discovery of my own collection. I’ve been so wrapped up in listening to the latest releases that I’ve forgotten about all the classics. I listened to the entire Aerosmith discography last week and I forgot just how good they are because I haven’t pulled out an Aerosmith album in so long. Refreshing!

      • Know what you mean, I recently drove up to Brisbane (Oz) to see my daughter about 14 hour drive and listen to the whole Black Sabbath discography, then on the return listened to all my Tangerine Dream!

  4. Ripping and cataloging.

    I have no idea how much time I’ve spent on all of that, but at times I have the feeling that whereas other people are getting a life, I’m just being a collector … ripping and cataloging.

    A synonym for that could just possibly be “DUMB!” (or any variant thereof)

    So, Steve, how “dumb” are you? ;)
    Got any other synonyms?

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