WANTED: Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)



Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)

Long time NWOBHM lunatics, Raven, released their latest album WALK THROUGH FIRE on March 25 in Japan on King Records and there is no U.S. or European release date on the horizon. Nothing bothers me more than not being able to find an album I want at a decent price. I’ve checked Ebay and the CD is going for around $38 plus shipping. I’ve checked various online stores and the prices range from $30-$35 plus shipping (the lower the price the higher the shipping and vice versa!). Prices like this make me want to pull my hair out!

I got into Raven around the time they released ALL FOR ONE (1983) and LIVE AT THE INFERNO (1984), I remember seeing ads for both albums in Hit Parader and Circus and I thought the albums looked cool. Back then I really didn’t know much about the different scenes, it was all Heavy Metal to me. As I’ve gotten older, and become a big fan of the NWOBHM, Raven has been one of those bands that I still enjoy listening to…..even through the mid-80s Atlantic Records years where the band tamed their style. WALK THROUGH FIRE is Raven’s first album since ALL FOR ONE (2000) and 9 years is way too long so I’m dying to hear what the music sounds like. I’ve read some reviews online and they are split down the middle: half good/half bad. I want to hear the album for myself…..the search continues!

21 comments on “WANTED: Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)

  1. yeah, I wouldn’t mind a copy either…I, like you can’t justify that price either for a CD, hopefully someone that gets ahold of this CD will upload it to limewire to share soon

      • how old are you, Twelve, Poser!! What a clown. I guess you ordered and paid $40 plus shipping for this CD, right!!! It’s not like Raven are the Beattles Have you ever paid for a cd or does your mommy have to OK the lyrics first and pay for it. Atleast I purchased everyone of Raven’s Cd’s, but $40 plus shipping is ridiculous….judging from the other commentors here, I’m not the only one that thinks that… $80 to get one in canada, WOW, now that asinine

        • Labelling someone a poser for not spending the $40+ on the CD isn’t really fair but downloading it illegally isn’t right either.

          As for me, I’ve spent $40+ on many CDs, its all about what you are willing to spend for your music. I respect everyone’s decisions. If Raven don’t get a domestic deal, then i will pay the $40 for the Japanese import.

  2. Hi. Big Raven fan here. I purchased Walk Through Fire from cdJapan for about $40. Expensive but worth it if you love Raven like I do. Anyway, I posted 30 sec samples of all the WTF songs on the RavenLunatics message board if you want to take a listen:


    Also, one of the tracks, Under Your Radar, is posted in full on YouTube:

    Hope this helps.

    • you should post the whole cd to a public sharing site, that would be better…$40 plus shipping for a cd of any kind is outrageous

      • I know for most people that $40 for a CD is too much. But I REALLY like Raven. They’re a favorite band of mine. I wouldn’t pay that for just any CD. Plus, for the record, the $40 included shipping. That was my total cost for CD and shipping. And it was a limited edition first pressing with some extra goodies.

        I’ll tell you what is outrageous: ticket prices. An upper deck seat to see Metallica live is $50! And that’s before so-called per-ticket “service charges”. At least I have something to show for my $40.

        • I have to agree with you. I have spent $30-$40+ on a Japanese import in the past and I’ve been satisfied with having a CD in my collection with the bonus tracks that aren’t available on domestic releases. I can justify spending the $$$ if there is no concrete U.S. or Euro release date or if it’s an exclusive/limited edition release. Spending $40 on 1 CD means I can’t get 3 or 4 others but it’s all about the music.

          Ticket prices are way out of whack. Take the fees out of it, the base prices are so high. I paid $50 for a premium seat in 1996 for the KISS reunion tour…..almost 10 years later in 2004, I paid about $100 for a comparable seat on the ROCK THE NATION Tour w/Poison.

          I paid $75 for the upcoming Def Lep/Poison/Cheap Trick show but I can justify that with 3 bands. Twisted Sister in September = $50. Heaven & Hell = $50.

          I could go on and on…..

  3. I’m in Canada, I’m a big Raven fan too, own everyone of their CD’s but with the currency conversion, shipping, customs/taxes, this CD would end up costing me over $80, that’s just flat out ridiculous…..even $40us for a new feakin CD is retarded……hopefully it will be on a file sharing or limewire soon.

    I just paid $25 for the Anvil, this is thirteen CD and that’s at the upper limit for what I’d pay for a CD

    • I downloaded the anvil cd from limewire, pretty good cd….liked the Anvil, the story of Anvil movie too, you should check it out….I posted it on limewire to download along with alot of Raven cd’s

  4. Anyone who is a true fan will buy this CD,the band is tying to make a comeback, because John Gallegher almost got killed and had to make ti back to the stage from pure will to perform.The mere mention of down loading it to have it means that you are a cheapskates!!.people pay twice that or more to see a concert these days and you have the unimitigated gaul to complain that new raven cd is overpriced,YOU ARE ALL POSERS AND ALL OF YOU CAN KISS MY A$$ IN THE CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Listening to it now..
      It Kills! Best album since the Mad ep, and thats going back a ways.
      I don’t get why its not on itunes, or why a US distro didn’t pick it up.
      ..Oh yeah..and I downloaded it. Does that make me a poser? Whatever, I bought All For One on vinyl WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT! (I’m 40,junior) I’ve seen the band three times and will gladly fork out cash for a ticket to see em again. But 40 bucks for a CD? uh..no. Not gonna happen, I’ve got a kid to feed.

  5. Furthermore,you sit there at your workstation and whine that the ticket prices are so high,but did ever stop and think it is because your stealing the tunes through file sharing networks like Emule and lime and frost wire?.It works like this kiddies,you buy the CD,the bands raise sufficient capital to launch a world tour,you buy tickets and see a slammin show then more capital is raised to create another world tour and CD.The bands are justiably pissed off that people like yourselves are stealing the tunes and they WILL be compensated for what you steal through higher ticket prices.So the next time,rhoadislandrock, you want to post a complaint about skyrocketing ticket prices,thnk of all the retarded pricks who want to steal the tunes.You have no one to blame but them.And to all of you who actaully bought the cd,you are truly fans of Raven.THE REST OF YOU PRICKS CAN NOW KISS MY ENTIRE A$$.

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  7. I guess I got lucky because I got the CD at Music Millennium (PDX OR) for $13. It is the hard rock album of the year! (so far anyway!). Even at $40 it is well worth it, plus it keeps killer bands like this around a little longer so we are not stuck with everything sounding like the Jonas Brothers!

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