New Release Friday: Chickenfoot album

Chickenfoot - self-titled (2009)

Chickenfoot – s/t (2009) – $9.99: Chickenfoot is the latest hard Rock supergroup and includes former Van Halen duo Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith. The roots of Chickenfoot came from the  2002 Planet US project (that included Journey members Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo) and the combination of Hagar & Anthony as “The Other Ones” that played songs live during Hagar’s various concert tours. I’ve been hyped up for this project for a few months now with songs being leaked all over the Internet. When I went to the record store this past Tuesday, I noticed the promo posters up in the store and I asked if there was going to be a sale price. Sure enough…..$9.99! The cover is heat sensitive so if you press on it your body temperature reveals the album cover underneath the black…..kind of like the early ’80s clothing line Hypercolor.

8 comments on “New Release Friday: Chickenfoot album

  1. i’ve listened to it twice – it’s a solid record. i’m more of a Satriani fan than a Van Hagar/RHCP fan so i’m probably approaching it from a different angle than most folks. anyhoo … it’s nice to hear Satriani’s guitar work in a more traditional rock n roll song format with a veteran vocalist. btw, i finally made it to Mass. this year and i visited the new and quite large Newbury Comics in Norwood – it’s got a ton of stuff, but the non-music merch is almost overwhelming and unnecessary.

  2. I saw Chickenfoot on the “Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” last night (I live in Japan, so the friday night episode is televised on monday night) and decided to pick up the CD today. I’m not a big Hagar fan with the exception of the first Montrose album which is phenominal, but thought I’d give this CD a chance. I’m listening to it for the first time right now, and it’s okay. So far “Turnin’ Left” has been the highlight for me. Sammy Hagar has a knack for turning the most amazing line-ups into middle-of-the-road rockers. I’ll give this a few more spins, hopefully it’s a grower. The reviewer on Sleaze claims it gets better the second and third time around.

  3. Love, it, love it, love it. August in Halifax we are going to see some legends. The album does take a couple of listens, but its a great album to sit back in the car and just enjoy.

  4. this may not be a classic album, but it is an extremely solid group of 11 old style, hook-laden, feel-good, 80’s style, hard rock songs. if you are a fan of this type of music, you should spend some money on it (we need to support the few guys who are providing the old-school rock to us). if you prefer no harmonies, no guitar solos, no musical hooks; if you prefer only bass end grooves, vocalists with absolutley no range except what their producers can create for them inside the studio, basically rock constricted by a rap creativity and mentality-then don’t waste your money. you won’t enjoy it, much less “get it!” if your borometer of a great band is 20-somethings pretending to know everything and insisting on telling you what you should think without having experienced anything, if it means that anyone rocking over the age of 35 sucks, this isn’t for you. but you should try it. not to sound like an old fart at 38, but rock music today – isn’t! rock on sammy, joe, chad, and mike! my favorite album since – i hate to say it, but – sammy’s “ten 13.” get it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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