New Release Tuesday: Iron Maiden – Flight 666 DVD & soundtrack

Iron Maiden - Flight 666 DVD


Iron Maiden – Flight 666 DVD (2009) – $14
Iron Maiden – Flight 666 soundtrack (2009) – $15

So I was out in front of the record store again this morning waiting impatiently for the doors to be unlocked so I could get my hands on the new Iron Maiden DVD — FLIGHT 666. Everytime Maiden puts out a DVD, it’s a superb product and I expect FLIGHT 666 to go beyond my expectations especially when Sam Dunn and Scot McFayden (the guys that did METAL: A HEADBANGER’S JOURNEY and GLOBAL METAL) filmed it!

I saw the tour stop in Mansfield last summer so I know all about the live show, I want to see the behind the scenes footage and the worldwide footage of fans in other countries going wild. The video is 2 DVDs at over 3 1/2 hours between the film and the concert footage. The CD is a double disc set that is a mirror of the DVD performance. Why did I need both? Because it’s Iron Maiden! The only complaint I have is that the CD cost a dollar more than the DVD and the DVD gives you more quality Maiden product. Not sure what the powers that be are thinking, the DVD should easily be priced higher than the CD if we went by content. I saw the vinyl at the store too but I wasn’t dropping the $20 for it.

I didn’t get a chance to see this in a theater and I’ve avoided VH-1 Classic (they have been showing it multiple times a day since last Friday!) so I’m going into my viewing/listening with fresh eyes and ears. Up the Irons!

3 comments on “New Release Tuesday: Iron Maiden – Flight 666 DVD & soundtrack

  1. Picked this up Tuesday at Future Shop in London, ON. Watched it today and was very impressed. Sam and co. did a great job again; he sat back and let Maiden and the music tell the story.

  2. I bought the double dvd and double cd set too and like everything a lot. Great booklets, specialy the dvd, very big and special.

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