New Release Tuesday: Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (1984)Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry (25th Anniversary Edition) (2009) – $15: There is a Twisted Sister renaissance going on in my house over the last year when my oldest daughter (10 years old) got seriously into the band. She’s the only 10 yr old I know that can recite all of STAY HUNGRY (with or without music) and LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS (1987) on cue! So the big 2 CD reissue of STAY HUNGRY is a big deal in my house, especially since I have 2 awesome seats to the concert in Plymouth, MA in September… for me and one for her! Off to the record store Tuesday morning to snag my copy at the $15 sale price but there was an added bonus…..a live DVD: Twisted Sister – 1984 Uncut Live at San Bernadino, CA. Now I’m not sure if the DVD is just a bonus thing but I hadn’t heard about it with all the press releases, I found out from the weekly email from Newbury Comics. So I buy my album, drive home, pull in the driveway and I am assaulted by a 10 yr old girl dressed in a KISS tour shirt (one of mine!) and jeans with a studded belt screaming that she needs to hear the band’s new song ’30’. I haven’t seen the CD since…..

One comment on “New Release Tuesday: Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary

  1. Hopefully you didn’t, like myself, get one of the defective copies where the remastering of the original album is very low – it sounds weaker than the original CD pressing even. Thankfully, Rhino knows about it and is offering up replacements.

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