Megadeth – Endgame (2009) artwork, tracklisting & release date announced

The track listing for MEGADETH’s twelfth studio album, ENDGAME, which is due on September 15 through Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at the band’s own studio in San Marcos, California – Vic’s Garage – which was named after their legendary and iconic Vic Rattlehead character.

Megadeth endgame 

ENDGAME tracklisting: ‘Dialectic Chaos’, ‘This Day We Fight!’, ’44 Minutes’, ‘1,320’, ‘Bite The Hand That Feeds’, ‘Bodies Left Behind’, ‘Endgame’, ‘The Hardest Part Of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss’, ‘Headcrusher’, ‘How the Story Ends’, ‘Nothing Left To Lose’.

On Tuesday, July 7th, will be offering up an exclusive download of the new Megadeth song ‘Headcrusher’.

Endgame is being produced by Andy Sneap and Dave Mustaine. Sneap also manned the boards for 2007’s United Abominations.

Endgame boasts the technicality, ferocity and snarl that’s synonymous with Megadeth and Mustaine. It’s a violent masterwork that represents Mustaine’s best work in nearly two decades. In a musical world dominated by bands that make generic, blanket statements, Endgame finds Mustaine, once again, making informed and substantial lyrical declarations about the state of the world we live in.

Mustaine himself commented on Endgame, saying, “Thematically, I’ve never been known to be a silent bystander in a world that needs our participation. As more is revealed about our former President’s legacy, a little-known yet staggeringly frightening document which was signed into law, named ‘Endgame,’ has been uncovered. The album Endgame is the most energetic music offering I have penned in over a decade and is far more believable than knowing someone signed ‘Endgame’ -the document- into law. The album is also the perfect ‘ass- kicking’ music to listen to once you are done reading the aforementioned document!”

In short, it’s the Megadeth record that fans of classics like So Far, So Good… So What? and Rust In Peace have been chomping at the bit for.

“This new album is my proudest moment since the famous (or infamous) Rust In Peace album,” Mustaine also said. “With this album, I am also very excited to be introducing my new lead guitarist Chris Broderick to the world. I have always felt lucky to have had top shredders in that position, but after touring with Chris in support of my last album, I couldn’t wait to get into the studio and see what he could do.”

Megadeth’s lineup consists of Mustaine, Broderick, bassist James LoMenzo and drummer Shawn Drover.

6 comments on “Megadeth – Endgame (2009) artwork, tracklisting & release date announced

  1. That’s actually not the cover art. That artwork is for the Head Crusher single that will be released, and it was a shirt design on their Canadian Carnage tour.

  2. Can’t wait to hear this Album it will be so trash !!! and still can’t wait for the upcoming Slayer as well… those 40 year old guys are making metal since the beginning and still kick ass !

  3. I believe that megadeth is going to completely out-do metallica. Metallica made a good comeback but megadeth was never really down. Endgame will kick ass way harder than death magnetic.

  4. So excited for this album, its getting closer and the the two tracks I have heard off it are amazing. Dave is incredible and I hope this album shuts up the critics.

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