Artwork, tracklisting and release date announced for new Ravage album, The End Of Tomorrow

From Bravewords:

Metal Blade Records has confirmed August 18th as the official release date for THE END OF TOMORROW, the new album from Massachusetts metallers Ravage.

Ravage - The End Of Tomorrow (2009)

The artwork was handled by the famed artist Ed Repka who is known best for his MEGADETH covers as well as cover art for DEATH, MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE.

According to a press release, “THE EDN OF TOMORROW seamlessly intertwines the sounds of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, late 80’s American Thrash Metal and late 90’s European power metal to showcase the band’s signature style. The album is sure to be enjoyed by metal maniacs young and old as it blends the soaring vocal and guitar melodies of IRON MAIDEN and HELLOWEEN with the raw power of thrashers like TESTAMENT and KREATOR, presented in a crisply modern production-style courtesy of producer Peter Rutcho.”

Here’s what vocalist Al Ravage has to say; “This album has been a very, very long time in the making and we’d like to thank Metal Blade for giving traditional, no-bullshit, American heavy metal a chance again. Also thanks to Peter Rutcho for his great production work on the album (giving new life and freshness to a classic sound), and Ed Repka (for inviting you all to share a glimpse into Ravage’s corner of the singularly demented alternate reality he has created with mere brush strokes). ‘The End’ is finally near! Get ready to Ravage and we’ll see you on tour this fall.”

The End of Tomorrow track listing:

‘The Halls Of Madness’
‘Reign Fall’
‘Freedom Fighter’
‘Damn Nation’
‘The Shredder’
‘Into The Shackles’
‘In Shattered Dreams’
‘The Nightmare’s Hold: Part 1’
‘The Nightmare’s Hold: Part 2’
‘Grapes Of Wrath’
‘The End Of Tomorrow’

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