WANTED: Cain’s Alibi – s/t (1996)



Cain’s Alibi – s/t (1996)

Do you ever just get fixated on a band just because you need that one album? It happens to me all the time! I’ll be very honest here…..I really know nothing about Cain’s Alibi except that they have two albums and that they are broken up. I own their second album, SANCTIFIED (2000), and it’s a decent record but I’ve read online that the debut is the better of the two. The problem is that this album is way out of print and commanding $100+ lately at auction and all I want to do is complete the set! If I get one, I’ll review it.

5 comments on “WANTED: Cain’s Alibi – s/t (1996)

  1. Hello, ran across this and thought I’d pass along a couple suggestions: The singer/guitarist, Paul Miller, was the one who did most of the work recording and engineering the first disc. I haven’t caught up with him in a couple years but he’s up in St. Michael, Minnesota. A quick check on qwestdex shows his address/number as Paul Miller, 11090 20th St NE, Saint Michael, MN 55376-4202, (763) 497-7242. You could contact him and see if he’s still got copies. The one everybody wanted was “Sanctified” so he might have extras of the first disc. He used to use the email:cains_alibi@yahoo.com but might have scratched that one by now. Worst case I’m willing to upload mp3’s for you if you’d like. Also, you might contact his second guitarist, Krister and see if he’s got any copies of the first disc: http://www.myspace.com/kristerpihl.
    The first disc is quite a bit more versitile and 80’s.

  2. Hell, the self-titled CD going for a hundo at auction? lol. Where’s my frakkin’ cut? Seriously, email me and I’ll hook you up for less than a hundo.


    • wow Paul, how have u been? I bet the family has grown and your passion for music has done the same. Sorry for the way we parted with cain’s. that was a really hard situation…. and i remember our talk about cains before i left, im sorry bro… i broke up an awesome band to get into an awesome band. unforunately, ( not my spelling) that band came to a demise!! like every other band that is in it for money and not pleasure. I believe that the band I am with now is out of hand talent wise. We can cover anything from dream theater to maiden and journey, to beatles, to grand funk, back to lynyrd, and every chick tune in between. This is not about the bookings verses the band, this band is gonna smoke……

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