Alestorm – Leviathan E.P. (2009)

alestorm - leviathan

Alestorm – Leviathan E.P. (2009, Napalm Records)

  1. Leviathan
  2. Wolves Of the Sea
  3. Weiber und Wein
  4. Heavy Metal Pirates

(Track 2 is a cover of a song that represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song
Contest. Track 3 is a German version of ‘Wenches and Mead’. Track 4 is another re-recording of the Battleheart-era song that was initially
redone as a single in 2008. Both Tracks 1 & 2 were released on BLACK SAILS AT MIDNIGHT.)

Band Lineup:
Christopher Bowes – Vocals, Keyboards
Dani Evans – Bass
Lasse Lammert – Guitar on tracks 1 and 2.
Gavin Harper – Guitar on tracks 3 and 4.
Migo Wagner – Session Drums

Additional Musicians:
Brendan Casey – Bass
Ian Wilson – Drums

Producer: Lasse Lammert

Country: United Kingdom (Scotland)

Total Time = 17:43

Alestorm MySpace page
Napalm Records

Pirate Metal seems to be a genre that is gaining a lot of ground lately with old school metallers Running Wild still kicking and bands like Swashbuckle, Verbal Deception and, of course, Alestorm ushering in a new breed of Metal set on the high seas. LEVIATHAN is an E.P. Alestorm released to get the fans excited for the new album, BLACK SAILS AT MIDNIGHT (2009), and give a couple of bonuses a wider release. The first two songs ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Wolves Of The Sea’ are tracks that are on the proper full-length record and they are both very different. ‘Leviathan’ is a Power Metal tale of the mythical sea creature, the Leviathan, and it’s battle with the pirates…’s a very heavy song with some cool orchestrations. ‘Wolves Of The Sea’ is actually a cover song of the Latvian musical project Pirates Of The Sea, who performed on the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. There are a lot of “hi hi ho’s” and “hi hi hey’s” in this song that set the pirate feel right away but the song is another Power Metal feast…..the gang vocals are really catchy and it’s pretty much straightforward Metal until a quick middle solo that has a Caribbean flavor. ‘Weiber und Wein’ is the German version of the song ‘Wenches And Mead’ from Alestorm’s debut album, CAPTAIN MORGAN’S REVENGE (2008). There really isn’t anything different here as the song is pretty much the same except for the vocals, it’s more of a bonus to the fans in Germany who have really given Alestorm some serious support. The last song is another Alestorm track that has been released before, ‘Heavy Metal Pirates’ is actually a song that came from the band’s formative days as Battleheart and was re-recorded in 2008 as an online single sold through Napster and iTunes.

Bottom Line:
Basically LEVIATHAN is a teaser for the new album with the first two songs being tracks that will be featured on BLACK SAILS AT MIGNIGHT. The two bonuses, ‘Weiber und Wein’ and ‘Heavy Metal Pirates’, are the reason to buy this E.P. because you aren’t going to get these tracks anywhere else on CD. This E.P. has some excellent music and some catchy songs so if you’re new to Alestorm then this might be something to grab to give them a preview.

Favorite Songs:
There’s only four songs and I liked all of them! The best one is ‘Leviathan’.

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