WANTED: Queen – Hot Space (1982)



Queen – Hot Space (1982)

Nothing is worse than thinking you’ve had an album for years and then you realize that it’s missing from your collection…..missing because you never bought it! I’m going to have to turn in my Queen fan club card because I have been seriously slacking in my Queen collecting. I’ve been a big Queen fan since I was a kid and I would consider them in my Top 5 favorite bands but I’ve been off my game trying to complete the Queen collection. I’ve thought I owned HOT SPACE for years and I went to grab all my Queen CDs to load them in my iPod and there’s no HOT SPACE! I looked all through the CD cases to make sure it wasn’t misplaced but I didn’t find it. That’s because I don’t have it! Now I’ve seen this CD around some of the local stores for $15 but, for some reason, I don’t feel compelled to buy a $15 CD, especially for an album that is 27 years old and a CD reissue that’s turned 19 years old. I ran into the same problem a couple of years ago when I thought I owned THE GAME (1980) and I didn’t. So now I am on the hunt to complete the Queen collection and I will be placing HOT SPACE at the top of my list.

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