KISS announce new album, Sonic Boom, artwork, tracklisting & release date revealed

From Bravewords:

KISS - Sonic Boom (2009)

KISS and Walmart announced today that SONIC BOOM, the band’s highly anticipated CD, and its first new material in 11 years-will be sold in the U.S. and Canada exclusively at Walmart, and Sam’s Club retail locations beginning October 6. SONIC BOOM, produced by the band’s Paul Stanley in Los Angeles, is the centerpiece of a three-disc set that also features a completely re-recorded greatest hits CD as well as a live DVD shot in Argentina during the band’s recent, record-breaking KISS Alive 35 South American tour. The CD set will retail for $12, with pre-orders starting in September on

KISS’ Gene Simmons says, “Sonic Boom may be the best new record we’ve done since Destroyer! It is Rock And Roll Over meets Love Gun. The world’s biggest retailer had better get ready for the hottest band in the world and hire more cashiers before October 6th!”

Stanley continues, “Through all of the albums that are considered our classics, we tried to always find ways to give our fans extras that went beyond just the music. Besides our making the best KISS album in decades, Walmart has made it possible for us to include a bonus CD with 15 of our most famous songs and an additional live DVD, shot during our recent concert in Buenos Aires. So in every sense, SONIC BOOM is the ultimate return to classic KISS form. You wanted the best, you got the best!”

Walmart, one of America’s largest music retailers, is finalizing its exciting plans now for its in-store and online destinations for KISS fans surrounding the launch of the new album and tour, and will host various KISS products in addition to their music in its stores this fall. More details on Walmart KISS activity, announcements regarding album pre-sales, sweepstakes and KISS appearances will be shared shortly.

Sonic Boom CD Tracklisting:
‘Modern Day Delilah’ (audio sample below)
‘Russian Roulette’
‘Never Enough’
‘Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)’
‘Hot And Cold’
‘All For The Glory’
‘Danger Us’
‘I’m An Animal’
‘When Lightning Strikes’
‘Say Yeah’

The US and Canadian release of Sonic Boom is a three-disc set that also features KISS Klassics, a 15-track completely re-recorded greatest hits CD, as well as a live DVD shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the band’s 2009 South American tour. The discs are packaged in a DigiPak along with a 20-page booklet.

Sonic Boom will be available exclusively at Walmart, and Sam’s Club retail locations beginning October 6.

KISS Klassics CD Track Listing:
‘Detroit Rock City’
‘Shout It Out Loud’
‘Hotter Than Hell’
‘Calling Dr. Love’
‘Love Gun’
‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’
‘Heaven’s On Fire’
‘Lick It Up’
‘I Love It Loud’
‘Christine Sixteen’
‘Do You Love Me’
‘Black Diamond’
‘Rock And Roll All Nite’

KISS Bonus Live DVD Track Listing:
‘Hotter Than Hell’
‘C’mon And Love Me’
‘Watchin’ You’
‘100,000 Years’
‘Rock & Roll All Nite’

6 comments on “KISS announce new album, Sonic Boom, artwork, tracklisting & release date revealed

  1. The release I’m anticipating most this year!

    I don’t like the album title, it’s an obvious target for potty humor in upcoming reviews, but whatever. Funny, I’ve actually seen a number of sites calling it SONIC BLOOM. I’m sure one source made a typo and everyone else ran with it not bothering to do their own research. :D

  2. I didn’t like the title at first, but NOW, after seeing the cover art, hearing a snippet of the track “Modern Day Delilah”, and watching the KISS Cobo Arena Commercial (at, I am officially excited!

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  4. I really don’t like MDD… Too 80s for me… Still going to see them in Montreal though… Got 3rd row floor seats this time… Yeah!

  5. well, i’ve listened to the whole album and can say that there is one ‘decent’ song on it ‘Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)’ and the rest are solo album filler. i’ve been a fan since 1977. i’ve seen them at their best and lately, sorry to say, at their worst. the live show is far beyond awesome! too bad they can’t come up with any new ideas to put into the music to make better albums. i will NOT be buying this disk for 2 reasons.
    1. it’s a boring album
    2. it’s a walmart release. i don’t go to walmart. never will.

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