What’s coming in October…..

Nothing is worse than planning to do something and not getting to finish it. I had planned to do a project in August that I would review 31 albums from 2009 in 31 days…..didn’t happen. As many of you know, I got injured and couldn’t sit at the computer. So I tried again in September with a continuation of the project, 30 album reviews in 30 days…..didn’t happen. I was only able to do 10 reviews and life got in the way.

So what am I coming up with in October?

Not another project! I am definitely going to try and post more, especially album reviews, because the end of the year is coming and I want to expand my Year End lists. There are some great albums that have come out this year that I have just gotten to and some (hopefully) great albums to come. Setting up a project schedule hasn’t worked so I’m not trying it again for a while.

I have made the new KISS album, SONIC BOOM, the Album Of The Month for October and a review will be coming as soon as the album is released October 6th. I’m also going to see KISS in Boston on October 5th so there is definitely going to be a concert review also. Also, the Anvil documentary, Anvil: The Story Of Anvil, is finally getting a North American release on DVD and Blu-Ray October 6th so I will be grabbing my copy and reviewing it.

Outside of those three specific things, I have nothing else planned. I’ve let the site go down a bit the last couple of months but I’m hoping to revive things and finish the last few months of the year on a high note.

— Steve

7 comments on “What’s coming in October…..

    • As you know……the new KISS album will be the greatest thing ever recorded! LOL! No bias here.

      I’m making it my Album of the Month because it’s high profile & my most anticipated of the year…..hey, I’m a KISS fan!

      If the album is good, I’ll say so. If it sucks, I’ll say that too. I’m betting that SONIC BOOM will be this year’s NOSTRADAMUS in terms of discussion and people either liking it or hating it.

  1. Fair enough.
    I am actually thinking of Sonic Boom as being this year’s Black Ice. It’s an overblown exclusive from a band who have done nothing worthwhile in years. Plus the new KISS album is inevitably going to get some comparisons to Ace’s new album which is pretty good.

    • I have to agree with you to a point. KISS hasn’t done anything worthwhile since REVENGE (1992)……PSYCHO CIRCUS in ’98 turned out to be a sham and CARNIVAL OF SOULS was irrelevant by ’97. Had they released CARNIVAL in ’95/96 like they were supposed to then they could have maintained credibility as far as new material. I’m looking forward to the album but they are my favorite band.

      The new Ace record is really good, he might have beat his old bandmates to the punch.

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