WANTED: Mach 1 – s/t (1989)


Mach 1 (1989)

Mach 1 (1989) pic 2

 Mach 1 – s/t (1989)

When I first got onto Ebay back in 1998, this independent CD was one of the high priced rarities that had collector’s dropping big bucks. I was new to the collector’s market so I was shocked to see a CD go for a few hundred dollars, especially one from a band I had never heard of without a record deal. Since 1998, I’ve had the Mach 1 album on my Ebay favorites so I could track down a copy for a reasonable price. A few years later, CD Baby was offering the CD for $29.99. Seems the band had some extra copies lying around and they sold them through CD Baby. Unfortunately, the album sold out just as quickly as it had appeared and it’s never been available since. I’ve been keeping track of the Mach 1 CD ever since and about 2 months ago I almost won a copy for under $50.

Mach 1 has a MySpace page and there is a brief history, 4 songs from this album and a link to an iTunes download. Here is the brief history of the band from their MySpace page:

Mach One was the forerunner L.A. based Armenian Heavy Metal band.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1987 by Donny Sarian (former drummer of Divine Rite) – Drums, Lead Vocals, Vahé Marzbetuny (Red Snow) – Guitar, and Zareh Marzbetuny (Red Snow) – Bass, they became highly successful on the L.A. Club circuit with sold out shows at the Whiskey, Roxy and Troubador being par for the course.

The band broke ground with melodic musical structure, and truly meaningful socially conscious lyrics during a time when most metal bands wrote about more frivolous and innocuous topics. Their signature sound was reminiscent of Classic Hard Rock/Metal “ala” Queesryche, Judas Priest and even UFO.

The final cut on the CD became a call to arms in recognition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide and a massive hit with the Armenian community world wide. The song aptly entitled “Our Forgotten Cry” tells the chilling story of the suffering and mass murder that the Armenian’s faced from the Turkish government during WWI.

Other highlights on the CD are “Pain of Desire” with it’s heavy backbeat and nightmarish lyrics of a love lost, and “Turn Around” which is a sad tale of living life under the control of fears. The original CD was released in 1989 to rave reviews hailing it’s message and brilliant musicianship.

For the live shows Dean Bradley was brought into the band to take over lead vocal duties, (Donny not wanting to compromise the visual effect by singing from behind his massive drum kit and unwilling to give up the drum throne).

Mach 1 broke up in 1992, but have left a legacy which remains to this day and is continued through brothers Vahé and Zareh’s band Red Snow as well as through Donny Sarian’s bands Big Franklin and Randy Pevler.

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