Ebay Madness: The Stuff and Redstone

As you all know, I’m always on the lookout for CD rarities and collectibles on Ebay but sometimes the prices go through the roof. I watch more CDs and LPs on Ebay every week and I wonder where people get all their money. This week is no exception, I found two CDs that I have been keeping my eye on for at least a decade and have never got the chance to purchase.

The Stuff auction 10/25/09

The Stuff – s/t (1993) sells for $316

Seller: saxon1500
Country: USA
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 23

I featured this rare independent CD by The Stuff  back in January 2008 when the CD fetched a crazy $1125.01 at Ebay auction. I haven’t seen another one come up until last week. I was searching some of my favorite sellers and there it was, The Stuff – s/t (1993), on a 7 day auction staring at $9.99! I kept this on my watch list and kept a close eye until the last day of the auction. At that point, the CD was still under $100 so I figured that I might have a shot at it. Knowing that the last five listings I saw ranged from $250 to the $1125.01, I figured $100 was a bargain! Later on Sunday the CD started going up as the close got near, I was out of the game after $150…..and that was pushing it, I never would have explained that to the wife! I can vouch for the seller as I’ve bought plenty of CDs from him in the past and I know he’s a collector from some of the forums I follow.

The Stuff - s/t (1993)

The thing that bothers me about this auction is that there is obvious interest in this album but it remains a rarity. Shortly after the auction back in January 2008, lead singer/producer Bryan Lamb of The Stuff got wind of the auction and created a website dedicated to the band. The intention was to give the band’s history a place online AND to see if there was interest in a possible reissue of this elusive CD. There is a signup at TheStuffMusic.com for the reissue of the CD and I signed up immeadiately and featured the news in a Reissue Report. Almost 2 years later and nothing has come up so I decided to email Bryan Lamb via The Stuff website. Bryan was kind enough to get back to me the other day and it seems that there hasn’t been much of a signup for the reissue and it’s on hold unless there happens to be a surge in interest. It’s too bad because I was hoping that The Stuff would enjoy the same success Surrender had with their reissue CD and regular music fans would be able to own this CD.

If you are at all interested in this album by The Stuff, please head on over and sign up for the reissue. I’m not working for the band or anything, I just want to buy this CD at a decent price and enjoy it as part of my collection! More info at The Stuff’s MySpace page as well.

Redstone auction 10-25-09

Redstone – s/t (1988) sells for $140.27

Seller: saxon1500
Country: USA
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 20

redstone self titled (1988)

Same seller, same starting price, ending the same day. I know nothing about this Redstone album except that it’s an independently released CD with only 4 songs (so it’s an E.P.) and that it goes for big bucks when it shows up on Ebay. I’ve been keeping my eye on this album for as long as I’ve been on Ebay and, if memory serves me, I’ve seen this top out over $400+ a few times in the last decade. The problem with this CD is that I never see it show up. When I was looking through the seller’s auction, I put this on my watch list and, going into the last day, it was still under $70. Unfortunately, the CD rose quick and the other bidders lost interest around $100. Two bidders bid right at the end but there wasn’t a bidding war like I’ve seen in the past. From what I’ve read, the music is AOR/melodic Rock in the style of Journey and Survivor so it might be pretty good.

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