WANTED: Glenn Hughes – A Soulful Christmas (2000)


Glenn Hughes – A Soulful Christmas (2000)

In keeping with the holiday season, I’m on the hunt for Christmas albums from Hard Rock & Heavy Metal bands. One of the greatest singers of all-time, and one of my favorites, Glenn Hughes, released this holiday album back in 20o0 on his own label – Pink Cloud Records. As with many independent releases, this CD was produced in limited quantities and it’s now out of print. The good news is that many of Glenn’s independently released albums, including A SOULFUL CHRISTMAS, is available for digital download at iTunes & Amazon. I’m a collector so I prefer to buy the actual CD but it ranges anywhere from $50-$150 on Ebay depending on the seller. That kind of price might force me to download my first album ever from iTunes! This isn’t a major priority to buy (yet!) so I can afford to wait and see if I can track down a CD at a decent price.


One comment on “WANTED: Glenn Hughes – A Soulful Christmas (2000)

  1. Don’t know if you ever managed to get this. I sold my copy because I managed to get an even rarer animal – A DOUBLE CD featuring Soulful Christmas and Incense & Peaches, both now discontinued in CD format. I also have Santa Mental from Steve Lukather, which is a blast, and although it doesn’t fall into the remit of rock and metal, Aimee Mann’s ‘One more drifter in the snow’ is worth a listen, if only for ‘You’re a mean one Mr Grinch!”

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