Heavy Metal Addiction 2009 Awards Week

Christmas is finally here and we are entering into the last few days of December 2009, that means it’s time for my year end awards! It’s been another great year for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and I have listened to more new releases by many different bands in many different genres than any other year. I have a huge pile of albums released in 2009 that I have been re-listening to over the last few weeks so I can post my picks for the best and the worst albums of 2009. I will post those picks along with my top DVD picks, albums I missed in 2008 that could have made my best of 2008 list, and the last CD Scavenger Hunt of the year. I’ve got my eye on 2010, along with some catching up on 2009 albums I missed, and it looks like it’s going to be a very busy Metal New Year!

Here is the schedule for the 2009 Awards Week:

Friday 12/25The final CD Scavenger Hunt of 2009

Saturday 12/26 — Albums I Missed in 2008

Sunday 12/27The Top 5 Music DVDs of 2009

Monday 12/28The 5 Worst Albums of 2009

Tuesday 12/29The Top 40 Albums of 2009 (#26-#40)

Wednesday 12/30The Top 40 Albums of 2009 (#11-#25)

Thursday 12/31The Top 40 Albums of 2009 (#1-#10)


For the last couple of years, a few of us bloggers out there have linked our year end lists together and 2009 is no different. The best thing about these lists is that there is always room for debate and many albums some of us may have missed during the year. Please check out the websites below for more best of/worst of 2009 lists by some excellent writers with a serious passion for music. Some of the websites published their lists earlier in the month, some later and some as a month long daily post so check out the websites’ December 2009 archives for everyone’s picks.

All Metal Resourcehttp://allmetalresource.com/

Bring Back Glamhttp://bringbackglam.squarespace.com/

Hair Metal Mansionhttp://hairbangersradio.ning.com/

Hard Rock Hideouthttp://hardrockhideout.com/

Hard Rock Nightshttp://hardrocknights.wordpress.com/

Heavy Metal Time Machinehttp://metalmark.blogspot.com/

Imagine Echoeshttp://www.imagineechoes.com/

Layla’s Classic Rockhttp://laylasclassicrock.blogspot.com/

Metal Excesshttp://metalexcess.com/

The Metal Minutehttp://rayvanhornjr.blogspot.com/

Metal Odysseyhttp://metalodyssey.wordpress.com/

The Ripple Effecthttp://www.ripplemusic.blogspot.com/

Rock of Ageshttp://rockofages.wordpress.com

2 comments on “Heavy Metal Addiction 2009 Awards Week

  1. Hey dudes! Really enjoyed reading all the “Best of ’09” lists. Can I join your club? I could quickly post a top 5 or top 10 personal favorites of 2009, but really I’m looking forward to see what my readers pick as the best album of ’09 in my readers poll. See my blog to vote!
    Rock on y’all!

  2. This appears to be a very old blog since this is now 2011, going into 2012, and the post up
    there says 2009. DAMN.
    Hey, Glam Metal Rock Fans, there is a great blog in 2011/2012 which features band biographies,
    videos, gear, etc.
    Go to: http://www.glamrockstar.wordpress.com
    If you love The Sweet, David Bowie, Slade, Roxy Music, Queen, Guns N Roses, Poison, Cinderella, Motley Crue, Metallica and more, check it out!
    Rock on. Glam Rock 4 Ever, Winter Park, Florida

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