Four Year Blog-versary: another year of Metal

Today marks another year in the books for this website. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years but time really does fly by when you do something you enjoy. Needless to say, my hobby has grown over the last four years, and the music continues to pile up thanks to all the bands, labels, distribution companies and PR firms sending in so many CDs for review. Add those promos to the stuff I buy and it’s no wonder why I need more storage!

So what happened here in 2009?

I didn’t post as much. For some reason I just didn’t feel like posting. There were plenty of great albums, plenty of Metal news to discuss and plenty of purchases made for my collection…..but I didn’t feel like writing. Without actually counting I believe I posted about a third less than 2008. Hopefully this is something that I can fix this year because I enjoying discussing everything. One of the reasons for my lack of posts was that I took the time to sit and listen and not rush a lot of the albums I acquired. Another reason was that there are a ton of other websites & blogs doing the same thing and I felt that they did a better job.

I finally received a million hits! In July, HMA finally received it’s 1,000,000 visitor so thanks to everyone who has stopped by. I thought that I would get to a million earlier in the year but the lack of posts contributed to the lack of visitors. I started off 2009 well in January & February…..readership was blowing away the previous year but the I started to write less and site traffic went down 10,000+ each month. I don’t really care much about site stats and site traffic but WordPress allows you to track your traffic and I noticed a serious drop-off for 2009 by 140,000 readers. Either way, a lot of people still like to come to the site no matter what I post and it’s nice to know that my opinion may count for something. I’ve made a lot of friends online through this site, as well as a lot of contacts in the industry, so to all of you a big “thanks” for coming by a spending some time.

There were some popular posts this year and the top one was my WANTED post on Whitesnake’s LOVEHUNTER (1979) & STARKERS IN TOKYO (1997). The Van Halen “reunion” picture with David Lee Roth from Feb 2007 was 2nd, followed by my review of Lita Ford – OUT FOR BLOOD (1983), the first picture of Journey with new singer Arnel Pineda and my review of Legs Diamond – TOWN BAD GIRL (1990). The funny thing about these Top 5 posts is that only the Whitesnake post was from 2009, the Journey post was from January 2008 and the other three from 2007. The Top 5 viewed album reviews for 2009 were Lita Ford and Legs Diamond coming in #1 & #2 with Ozzy Osbourne – BLACK RAIN (2007) in the 3rd spot. Following those three were Whitesnake – s/t (1987) and AC/DC – HIGH VOLTAGE (1975) with Anvil – THIS IS THIRTEEN (2007) right behind. Lita, Legs Diamond and Ozzy all made the top album reviews for 2008 as well.

So what’s on deck for 2010? Not sure…..hopefully I will post more, that’s probably the thing I would like to do the most. Reviews of older/classic Metal records is definitely going to be a priority as is catching up on some of those 2009 albums I didn’t get a chance to review. January is always a catch up month for me so there are going to be some 2009 albums I missed out on being purchased and reviewed. I say the same thing every year but I’m going to try and keep up with the 2010 releases…..we’ll see what happens because I never do, there are just too many albums out there! I’ll still do playlists, Ebay Madness, Wanted, CD Scavenger Hunt and I am hoping for more concerts to come around so hopefully this year will be another good one.

So that’s about it for now. I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by in 2009 and giving the site a look. Hopefully site traffic continues to grow again and people will comment on the posts. I’d also like to thank all the bands, labels and PR people again for sending in the promos last year, it was a great year for discovering new music.

Here’s to a great 2010! Cheers!

– Steve

3 comments on “Four Year Blog-versary: another year of Metal

  1. It’s hard to write when you’re not motivated to do it, so just do it at your leisure. Don’t worry about other blogs & sites, you’ve got a lot of great details and personal experiences to add to these albums and artists and even when you comment on my blog you always bring the goods. There’s always room for more reviews!

    BTW — CONGRATS on 4 years!

  2. Congrats on four years of metal mayhem Steve. Keep this forum alive forever. If this dies a part of you will die with it Steve, read my lips.

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