Press Release: Scorpions to officially end career after world tour

From the Scorpions official website:

Important Message to our Fans

It was always our pleasure, our purpose in life, our passion and we were fortunate enough to make music for you – whether it was live on stage or in the studio, creating new songs.

While we were working on our album these past few months, we could literally feel how powerful and creative our work was – and how much fun we were still having, in the process. But there was also something else: We want to end the Scorpion’s extraordinary career on a high note. We are extremely grateful for the fact that we still have the same passion for music we’ve always had since the beginning. This is why, especially now, we agree we have reached the end of the road. We finish our career with an album we consider to be one of the best we have ever recorded and with a tour that will start in our home country Germany and take us to five different continents over the next few years.

We want you, our fans, to be the first to know about this. Thank you for your never-ending support throughout the years!

We uploaded the very first snippets from our new album for you.

And now… let’s get the party started and get ready for a “Sting in the Tail”!

See you on the world tour,



(STING IN THE TAIL release date is March 19, 2010)


This has to be some of the worst news I’ve heard this year! I want the Scorpions to continue, not end their career! I grew up with the band and they have been one of my favorites since I was a kid. I can’t believe this is happening especially after the huge success that HUMANITY HOUR 1 (2007) had and all the critical acclaim the band received…..I figured the band was stronger than ever. I guess I will have to buy my last new Scorpions record in March and see them on tour for the final time this year.

— Steve

6 comments on “Press Release: Scorpions to officially end career after world tour

  1. I agree, that’s a very sad news. They’re also one of my favorite metal bands, and I’ve never seen them live. I’ll do everything possible to see Scorpions at least one time before they quit.

  2. I saw them live a couple of times. Ones they played only 5 minuts away from my home town, that was cool. I also saw them in Germany ones together with MEAT LOAF. Sad news and it will be hard to live without SCORPIONS around.

  3. Why dont bands just stop touring when they get burned out but keep making studio albums? I dont care if bands tour at all but I want the albums. Just get together every 3 years and make a new album and go back to your private lives.


    Pay very close attention boys. This is how you end your career. On a ‘high note’ and fully aware your time has come. Watch as the Scorps engage in a very humble and classy “farewell tour”, something neither of you have at all, period.

    The Scorps won’t come back with a new album and new tour, regardless of how sucessful their “farewell tour” is – again, they know that it’s time to end it and move on. With dignity and respect. Respect for yourselves and for your fans, because the object is not to see how much money you shake out of your fans by putting your name on everything from toilet paper to tampons, thus embarassing yourself and the brand name that millions of us grew up with.

    It’s a shame and a travesty that two people are being allowed to co-opt the icons of ‘The Spaceman’ and ‘The Cat’ just to serve Simmons and Stanley’s insatiable greed, looking to their fans and treating them like an ATM machine and when you really think about what KISS has become – a sad, pathetic and ironic joke of itself, well, it’s safe to sat that bands like the Scorps paid very close attention and won’t become some punchline to a very tired joke.

    Congrats to the Scorps for three decades of kick ass German metal – may you all enjoy the many fruits of your labor.

    Eventhough it’s time to go, make no mistake about it; you will be missed.


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