WANTED: Dream Evil – Evilized (2003)


Dream Evil – Evilized (2003)

This one is really simple…..I thought I had it and I don’t. I got into Dream Evil with their 2002 debut, DRAGONSLAYER. The band had a cool Metal name that sounded like a classic Metal band, the album artwork was cool and the music was solid Power Metal. For some strange reason, I never bothered to pick up the follow-up record, EVILIZED. Recently, I bought the two CD set GOLD MEDAL IN METAL (2008) and I thought I had completed my Dream Evil collection….until I found this CD missing!

3 comments on “WANTED: Dream Evil – Evilized (2003)

  1. I have it. Its a good follow up to the first album.
    If you aren’t hung up on owning a physical copy. It is all over the internet..(rapidshare,pirate bay ect.) If you want the band to make money, you can always download it first to check it out, then buy it direct from Century Media..Most of their cds are twelve bucks. Or theres always iTunes, Amazon..and on and on and on..Seriously dude, its not out of print and not that hard to find.

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