WANTED: Manowar – Hell On Earth IV DVD(2007)


Manowar – Hell On Earth IV DVD (2007)

When it comes to really good music DVDs, Manowar is right up there with KISS and Iron Maiden in making some of the best. Manowar’s HELL ON EARTH series has been going strong since debuting in 2001 and know they are up to volume 5! I have been picking these DVDs up around the time they were released but for some strange reason I never picked up volume 4. Recently, I bought the new HELL ON EARTH V DVD when it was released and I was ready to have a full week of Manowar on my big screen TV but I soon found out that volume 4 is missing! I swear I had it in my DVD collection but it’s not there. I even checked my records of my CD & DVD purchases for the last couple of years (Yes, I actually keep track of what I spend!) and it’s not listed. So, to complete the set, I want HELL ON EARTH IV (2007)!

Death to false Metal!

7 comments on “WANTED: Manowar – Hell On Earth IV DVD(2007)

  1. Maybe you already know…
    Ken Kelly that artist who painted KISS’s “Destroyer” and “Love Gun” album covers also painted all of Manowar’s album covers.

  2. last year I finally managed to pick up parts 2, 3 and 4 (along with the gods of war album) as their prices finally reached an affordable level and part 1 has just arrived. guess I’ll have to wait for a price drop on the 5th installment (and the warriors of the world album which is very expensive round here).

  3. Conversely, Hell on Earth IV is the only DVD in this series I own, but I’m sure the rest are cool too. What is your favorite Manowar album?

  4. When it comes to really great good music Manowar is next in line, when you hear their music you can’t help but shout and rock and roll with them. Real good album.

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