CD Scavenger Hunt – “Buyer Be Aware” edition

You didn’t misread the title, this is going to be the “Buyer Be Aware” edition, not “buyer beware”. What I am going to update you all on is my pure, single-minded boneheadedness when it came to CD shopping this past Tuesday at the local record store. I was not thinking when I bought my two CDs, I was enamored by the sale price and the single copies of each, and I bought the wrong versions. I need to be more AWARE when I am making purchases!

Judas Priest – British Steel (30th Anniversary Edition) (2010) – $14: My main reason for going to the record store was to pick up the new BRITISH STEEL reissue at a good sale price. When I got to the store, there was only one copy left so I snatched it up right away. What I picked up was the two disc version…..the remastered CD and the live DVD with bonus interview. I knew that initital press releases stated that this release was a three CD set that included the remaster album, the DVD and an audio CD of the DVD performance. That’s the version I wanted but I figured that plans changed at the label and they released the album without the live CD. I even asked at the people at the counter and I was told that was the only version released, so I bought it. Then I went home and double checked everything. A friend of mine in Germany has the 3 disc version so I did more research and it turns out that the super deluxe set with the live disc comes out May 25th!

Avantasia – The Wicked Symphony (2010) – $10: One my favorite albums, and my 2008 Album of the Year, is Avanatasia’s THE SCARECROW. Actually, I love all the Avantasia albums so when I read that Avantasia was releasing two new records this year, I was buying them as soon as they came out. I held off on buying this CD on previous trips to the record store because the second record, and part two of the concept, ANGEL OF BABYLON hadn’t been released in the U.S. yet. Not really wanting half of the new metal opera, I waited. I went online and found the super deluxe edition box set of both CDs but it was way too pricey so when I went back to the store for the Priest reissue, I grabbed the lone copy of THE WICKED SYMPHONY. One copy and $6 off regular price? A no-brainer of a purchase and I figured that I could get ANGEL OF BABYLON at the same sale price in mid-June when it’s released in the U.S. Of course, then I went home and found an email alert from Ebay with a newly listed deluxe box set at an extremely cheap price ($20). I pulled the trigger with BUY IT NOW (I will list that purchase in the next update when I have it in my hands).

So now I have the wrong versions of two CDs, actually just one wrong version because I won’t need the Avantasia CD if I have the deluxe box set. My plan? Lucky for me I am completely anal when it comes to CD shopping and I keep all my receipts until the end of the year (I do this with everything!) so I am taking back both discs and returning them. They are intact, I never unwrapped them, so I have a credit coming my way of $24 + tax. The only way I don’t return the Avantasia CD is if the box set on it’s way is a Baltic/Russian pressing. Even though Baltic/Russian pressings are legit for that region and well made, they can be bought cheaper and sold higher for maximum profits by sellers in a black market sort of way. Ebay is full of Russian pressings and not many sellers let you know. I’m not sure if it’s a black market type of thing but most collectors frown upon these pressings even though they are licensed for that part of the world. I have asked the seller if it’s a Russian pressing and I haven’t received an answer yet but I couldn’t pass up the $20 BUY IT NOW because someone else surely would have grabbed it.

Another update is coming…..

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