DesDemon – The Awakening (2010)

DesDemon – The Awakening (2010, independent release)

  1. Acquiescence Of Illusion
  2. A Soul In Exile
  3. Iago
  4. The Burning Martyr
  5. In The Abscence Of Light

Band Lineup:
Mistress Tina – Lead Vocals
Lord Metadox – Guitar
Ron “Pelagius” Porcelli – Bass
Dan Rhodus – Drums
Nicholas Gati – Keyboards

Additional Musicians:
Nicholas Main Henriksen – Keyboards

Producers: DesDemon

Country: New York, USA

Total Time = 37:21

DesDemon MySpace page

Straight from New York City, Symphonic Metal band DesDemon has released their first official E.P. titled THE AWAKENING. DesDemon was born of two New York area Metal bands, Tenebrae and Metadox, to unleash a Symphonic Metal assault that incorparates elements from Thrash, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal and Doom to the sultry operatic vocals of Mistress Tina. There is plenty of guitar to go along with the orchestration and keyboards, that gives DesDemon a varied but heavy sound. THE AWAKENING is a 5 track concept… is the explanation from Mistress Tina in an interview with

“Basically it’s the story of a woman’s [Desdemon(a)] revenge for being murdered under false accusations. In her afterlife she becomes a demon queen and her followers are women and men who have endured the same fates. They torment their accusers, slowly killing them. Fate has other things in store for her. She was an innocent young woman who was simply angered but didn’t see what it was doing to her and it was turning her into something different.”

Obviously this dark and powerful concept fits perfectly with the music and the operatic material. One of the latest trends that many female-fronted bands in the Gothic & Symphonic genres use is the over-the-top operatic style like Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) but they take it to the ultimate degree. What I like most about DesDemon is that Mistress Tina doesn’t just go operatic, she sings in a straight up regular style and she adds some harsh extreme vocals as well like Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy). If you take a listen to ‘Iago’, you hear the extreme vocals and I had to go back and double check to see if it was Gossow guesting on the song… was all Mistress Tina. I like a diverse vocal and my new concentration on more extreme forms of Metal has made me appreciate these kind of vocals. The music here is perfectly done from the guitars to the rhythm section to the keyboards and orchestration. There is a constant change of styles and pace within each song and three of the songs clock in at 7 minutes and over so there is a definite progressive style added in as well. ‘Iago and ‘In The Abscence Of Light’ are the two epics on the album but the opening ‘Acquiescence Of Illusion’ is a shorter Symphonic Power Metal song and ‘The Burning Matyr’ is a quick Power Metal blast. I like ‘A Soul In Exile’ a lot because it reminds me a lot of The Gathering’s NIGHTTIME BIRDS (1997) musically, it’s more of a ballad with acoustics and piano that build to a climax on the bridge and chorus where the orchestration is fully developed. By the way, great album artwork!

Bottom Line:
Overall, I like THE AWAKENING but it took me more than a few close listens to really grasp hold of all the sounds. The Symphonic/Gothic Metal scene is a crowded one and you have to have that extra piece of the puzzle to standout or you just have to have excellent songs. Obviously, the catalyst here is Mistress Tina’s operatic vocals but it’s when she incorporates different vocal styles is when she truly shines. I thought the growling vocals on ‘Iago’ were genius and I was hoping for a lot more as THE AWAKENING progressed. The music is excellent, it’s a true wall of sound but every instrument is perfectly clear and fits well together…..again, a mixing of styles and genres to complete their ideas. I think DesDemon is a pretty good band and they definitely have a sound worth checking out if you like bands like Epica, Nightwish, The Gathering, and Within Temptation.

Favorite Songs:
Only five songs on the record, and I think they are all solid tracks, but I will limit my picks to two favorites: ‘Iago’ and ‘The Burning Martyr’


One comment on “DesDemon – The Awakening (2010)

  1. First time I ever heard of this band! Thanks for bringing it out into the open. Man, you make it sound so darn dark and inviting! Sounds like this band/album has all the ingredients I crave… I guess I will be landing this one down the Metal road. Oh… yeah… the album cover is really cool, I agree. :)


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