Dark Age – Acedia (2010)

Dark Age – Acedia (2010, AFM Records)

  1. Kingdom Nevercome
  2. Devote Yourself To Nothing
  3. Neon Gardens
  4. Snake Of June
  5. Zeitgeist (Ghost In A Machine)
  6. 10 Steps To Nausea
  7. Halo Meridian
  8. Underneath These Burdens
  9. All The Unfulfilled
  10. Babylon Riots
  11. Myself Heretic

Band Lineup:
Eike Freese – Vocals & Guitars
Jörn Schubert – Guitars
Alex Henke – Bass
André Schumann – Drums
Martin Reichert – Keyboards

Producer: Eike Freese

Country: Germany

Total Time = 44:03

Dark Age
Dark Age MySpace page
AFM Records

Dark Age is a Melodic Death Metal band from Germany that I never heard of until ACEDIA dropped into my inbox. I thought they were a new band but Dark Age has been around since 1996 releasing 3 demos, 6 studio albums, and E.P. and a live DVD…..that’s not a bad career so far. ACEDIA is album number six, their first for AFM Records, and was released in November 2009 everywhere but North America. I received my North American copy at the beginning of the 2010 so I am counting it as a 2010 album…..whatever the back of the CD says!

Melodic Death Metal in it’s most basic form is a combination of the crushing thrash and guttural vocals with melodic rhythms of more traditional forms of Heavy Metal. As with any genre, over the course of time there are going to be added elements, embellishments and enhancements to the overall sound and that can include orchestration, keyboards, clean vocals and acoustics. In my quest for exploring more extreme forms of Metal this year, Melodic Death Metal makes the transition for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock to Death & Black Metal a little easier. I’ve been listening to some Melodic Death Metal bands all along and didn’t realize they fit that genre…..Amon Amarth, In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility. (We can debate the merits of each genre and where each band fits but that is always a matter of opinion.) What I can say about other Melodic Death Metal bands with my growing exposure is that I personally prefer their more aggressive songs and the harsher vocals…..and that is where I am conflicted by Dark Age and ACEDIA.

Overall ACEDIA has more of a modern Rock, Nu-Metal and Alternative Metal (Alt-Metal) sound to it than traditional Death Metal. There are a few songs where the music is heavy, thrashing in some spots, and the vocals are growling harsh but the overall balance of the album is clean vocals, electronica, keyboards and rhythms & riffs I heard 10-11 years ago when the Alt-Metal and Nu-Metal scenes exploded to FM radio. I have listened to this album over and over again and all I hear are the similarities to Linkin Park, Blink 182, Drowning Pool and the like. If you like that kind of music then this album by Dark Age will satisfy but if you want more Death in your Metal then I would look elsewhere. It’s almost as if each song has a promising riff and some solid growls but then it turns to an atmospheric sound with that whining drone of Linkin Park. I was actually waiting for the raps to show up in the middle of a few songs especially in the songs where their are no harsh vocals and the music is more akin to aggressive dance rock (if there is such a thing). This is music tailor made for today’s brain dead radio playlists and even then it sounds like something I heard on Ozzfest in the late ’90s/early 2000s. On the good side, the production is excellent, the album sounds good but it still isn’t my kind of music.

Bottom Line:
Definitely not an album for me! Maybe Dark Age has a harder and heavier side on previous albums but I doubt that I will be checking them out anytime soon…..and that’s what sucks about an album like ACEDIA, it can turn you off from checking out some previously good albums. I was never a fan of the Alt-Metal, Nu-Metal and modern Rock scenes so the overall sound this album has just turns me right off. I gave this album way too many spins because I felt like I was missing something but that feeling wore off mid-album because then I felt like I was wasting my time, I can’t find anything I like here except for maybe a few guitar parts and a few vocal lines. When you get down to it, all the songs sound the same! AFM Records has promoted Dark Age as a Melodic Death Metal band but I just don’t hear it, maybe in some parts of some songs…..I just feel like I have been a victim of false advertising. For me, one of the worst albums of the year so far.

Favorite Songs:

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