Crazy Lixx – New Religion (2010)

Crazy Lixx – New Religion (2010, Frontiers Records)

  1. Rock And A Hard Place
  2. My Medicine (R.O.C.K.)
  3. 21 ‘Til I Die
  4. Blame It On Love
  5. Road To Babylon
  6. Children Of The Cross
  7. The Witching Hour
  8. Lock up Your Daughter
  9. She’s Mine
  10. What Of Our Love
  11. Desert Bloom
  12. Voodoo Woman

Band Lineup:
Danny Rexon – Vocals
Andy Dawson – Guitars
Luke Rivano – Bass
Joey Cirera – Drums

Producer: Chris Laney

Country: Sweden

Total Time = 45:05

Crazy Lixx
Crazy Lixx MySpace page
Frontiers Records

NEW RELIGION is the second album by the Swedish Hard Rock band Crazy Lixx and it was released back in April on Frontiers Records. Crazy Lixx is one of many bands coming out of Sweden promoting the classic Hard Rock sound of the ’80s pioneered by the likes of Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. The band follows a very specific formula that includes plenty of hooks, big harmonies and sleazy guitar all infused into a complete party vibe.

The album starts off with the anthemic ‘Rock And A Hard Place’ that reminds me of gritty Danger Danger and then ‘My Medicine (R.O.C.K.)’ that is a purely influenced by Def Leppard (check the harmonies) and Poison (the main riff sounds a little like ‘Unskinny Bop’). That’s not a bad way to start an album, especially if you are blatantly going for that kind of sound! As the album continues there are more ’80s hard rockers that have some grit and punch like the Skid Row-ish ’21 Till I Die’, ‘Road To Nowhere’, ‘The Witching Hour’, ‘Children Of The Cross’ and ‘Lock Up Your Daughter’. ‘The Witching Hour’ really stands out for me because it has a real heavy guitar and sounds close to Metal, like an early heavy Ratt or something, but the harmonies bring that melodic Def Leppard influence to even it out. ‘Lock Up Your Daughter’ also stands out for me with that infectious drum sound and huge harmonies reminding me of a cross between Motley Crue, Danger Danger, and Poison. Other highlights from NEW RELIGION are the more AOR/Melodic Rock styled ‘Blame It On Love’, the Bon Jovi influenced melodic rocker ‘She’s Mine’ and the pure Jovi balladry of ‘What Of Our Love’. The only throwaway track on the album for me is the quick instrumental ‘Desert Bloom’, it’s not a bad instrumental but I would just prefer another full song. Ending the record is the tight rocker ‘Voodoo Woman’, another track that has that heavier guitar infused in the middle of the big melodic, harmonized Hard Rock. Just a quick note on the production and sound here…..Swedish musician/producer Chris Laney is back again handling the production duties and the sound is perfect. Almost too perfect actually! Don’t get me wrong, I like a good sounding record but at times I wonder if Crazy Lixx is too polished? Then again, if you are going to be influenced by ’80s Hard Rock, and write songs in that direction, then you have to have top notch production and sound. The Crazy Lixx sound stands up right next to the masters like a Def Leppard or Bon Jovi.

Bottom Line:
I have had NEW RELIGION since March and I have had this in my weekly rotation ever since. The band grabs your attention immeadiately with ‘Rock And A Hard Place’ and never lets go and, as you move on through the album, each song follows suit. I grew up listening to FM radio and watching hours of MTV so the ’80s Glam/Hard Rock scene was inescapable and as the years passed has faded away. What has been missing in the U.S. mainstream is that party atmosphere and good time feeling from the bands that topped the charts 20-25 years ago, it’s good to see a band like Crazy Lixx emulate that style. For me, this is one of my favorite albums of the year and I recommend it for Hard Rock fans that want to travel back to the ’80s.

Favorite Songs:
I like the entire album but if I had to pick a Top 5 off this album they would be: ‘Rock And A Hard Place’, ‘My Medecine (R.O.C.K.)’, ‘Blame It On Love’, ‘The Witching Hour’ and ‘Lock Up Your Daughter’.

3 comments on “Crazy Lixx – New Religion (2010)

  1. I concur, Bro. This is one of my favorite CDs of the year. Another band I think you might enjoy is Bad City. Check out the song Wildlife on youtube. You won’t regret it. Heck, they even have a song titled “Call Paul Stanley”.

  2. GREAT CD, yeahhhhh. Its so nice to be a metalhead in 2010. All those dirth fuckers that betrayed metal from 1993 on they are missing some great music released between 93 and 2010.

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