R.I.P. – Eric Carr (19th Anniversary)

Eric Carr (1950-1991)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 19 years since Eric Carr passed away from complications due to heart cancer. I will never forget watching MTV that day trying to find out news on the death of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and, in the same news segment, MTV reported on Eric’s death. I was upset about Mercury’s death but Eric was an important member of my favorite band…..KISS. I couldn’t even begin to think of how the band would continue without Eric and I truly thought it was the end of KISS. I grew up with the tail end of the makeup era and the non-makeup era and Eric Carr was an important part of that time in KISS’ career. The music he made will live on and I will never forget seeing him perform live in 1987 on the Crazy Nights tour…..thanks for the memories Eric! Rest in peace…..

2 comments on “R.I.P. – Eric Carr (19th Anniversary)

  1. Hey man,
    Great memorial post! You’re so lucky to have seen him perform. I also consider KISS my favorite band, and Eric Carr was drummer when I first discovered the band (1988). Have you ever reviewed or at least heard his ‘Rockology’ ( a collection of Eric Carr demos)? Really great selection of tracks that show his potential as a songwriter!

    Also, check the spelling on your post title. Should be ‘Carr’

    Later man,

  2. I’m also am a big KISS fan. And Eric Carr was one of the band’s best members!

    I’ll never forget when I first heard of his passing back in November of 1991.

    I wrote a post too:

    BTW, your three most recent posts are of rock legends that died on November 24th or 25th.
    Of course I knew that Eric Carr died on 1991 Nov 24 and Freddie Mercury died on the same day.
    But I hadn’t realized that Kevin Dubrow died on almost the same day sixteen years later.

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