Buckcherry – All Night Long (& Reckless Sons Acoustic E.P.) (2010)

Buckcherry – All Night Long (& Reckless Sons Acoustic E.P.) (2010, Eleven Seven Music)

CD1 – All Night Long

  1. All Night Long
  2. It’s A Party
  3. These Things
  4. Oh My Lord
  5. Recovery
  6. Never Say Never
  7. I Want You
  8. Liberty
  9. Our World
  10. Bliss
  11. Dead

CD 2 – Reckless Sons (Acoustic E.P.)

  1. These Things
  2. Fire Off Your Guns
  3. Black Butterfly
  4. King Of Kings
  5. My Friend
  6. Grace

Band Lineup:
Josh Todd – Vocals
Keith Nelson – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Stevie D. – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Jimmy Ashhurst – Bass & Backing Vocals
Xavier Muriel – Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

Producers: Keith Nelson & Marti Frederiksen

Country: USA

Total Time (CD 1) = 42:47
Total Time (CD 2) = 24:47

Buckcherry MySpace page
Eleven Seven Music

Back in 1998, I read about this great Hard Rock band that was on the verge of releasing their debut album. I specifically remember that one of the magazine articles I read stated that this new band were going to be the next Guns ‘N Roses, that’s something that grabs your attention! The band? Buckcherry. The next Guns ‘N Roses? No…..but a solid Hard Rock band that definitely emulates the sexually charged, over the top party antics and danger that was part of the GnR package and that of Motley Crue before GnR. The sound is still AC/DC and Guns ‘N Roses influenced with a ton of focus on vocalist Josh Todd’s singing and guitarist Keith Nelson’s big riffs and solos.

I’ve been a big fan of Buckcherry since I bought their self-titled debut back in 1999, I’ve bought every album since and I’ve seen the band in concert three times. What I’ve liked about the band is that they have always had that element of recklessness, of being dangerous, of being a big party band at a time when the music industry takes itself too seriously trying to appeal to the generic masses. On their first four albums, Buckcherry has glorified sex, drinking, drugs, partying, rocking and more sex without any regard as to how explicit their lyrics are, that’s changed with the band’s latest album, ALL NIGHT LONG. The party anthems are still there in the title track and ‘It’s A Party’…..the sex is still there with ‘Oh My Lord’ and ‘Liberty’ but the danger factor is gone. On previous albums the band has had completly over the top songs like ‘Lit Up’, ‘Porno Star’, ‘Crazy Bitch’ and ‘Too Drunk’ and the sexually charged, profanity laden lyrics didn’t matter. On ALL NIGHT LONG the band has cleaned up their songwriting and the explicit lyrics are gone. As a Buckcherry fan from the beginning, I know that this isn’t what the band is completely about but it has been an intergral part of shaping the band’s image. Call me shallow but I was waiting to hear how the band was going to top ‘Too Drunk’ from BLACK BUTTERFLY (2008), how could they possibly top a song where the main lyric is “too drunk to fuck”? I’m not sure if it’s just the band growing and maturing or they have taken the advice from record label executives in order to sell albums but they are toned down. It’s definitely a surprise because one of the band’s biggest hits is ‘Crazy Bitch’.

So we don’t have the explicit lyrics and Buckcherry is still all about the party but the band has been known to write a good ballad. Remember ‘Sorry’ from the 2006 album 15? That was the band’s biggest hit to date! On this record we get three ballads starting with second single ‘These Things’, a song I expect to be as big as ‘Sorry’. I don’t listen to regular radio so I figure that this is a huge hit. Second ballad ‘I Want You’ is OK by normal standards but the third, ‘Bliss’ sounds like another hit in the ‘Sorry’ direction. I prefer the uptempo stuff from the band but I can appreciate these slower tunes but it’s obvious they are trying to capitalize on their past successes and these three songs are tailor made for radio airplay. There is more uptempo, pure Rock songs with the fast paced ‘Recovery’  and the album’s closer ‘Dead’, both of which stand out because they have that reckless Rock sound and a lot of guitar. Listen to the guitar solo on ‘Dead’…..awesome! That’s the Buckcherry I like! One last song to mention is the environmentally concious ‘Our World’. The band released the song as the third single and it has been part of the aid in the recovery from this year’s BP Oil disaster in the Gulf area. I like the band’s intentions and the song isn’t bad but it just seems out of place to have all these sex & Rock ‘n’ Roll songs and then a political, environmentally friendly tune. Then again, that could be the band’s versatility at work.

If you bought the first pressing of ALL NIGHT LONG at certain stores (I got mine at Best Buy), then you got the RECKLESS SONS E.P. included, I’m always a sucker for limited editions and bonus tracks so I was definitely getting the two CD set. RECKLESS SONS is an acoustic E.P. with an acoustic version of ‘These Things’ and a song titled ‘Black Butterfly’ that doesn’t appear on the BLACK BUTTERFLY album. Actually, none of these songs appear on any other Buckcherry record in any form so these are definitely a cool addition. Obviously, being acoustic, every song is mid-tempo or ballad form but they are pretty good. Like I said before, Buckcherry knows how to write good ballads and the acoustic style gives the band a different style.

Bottom Line:
I have given ALL NIGHT LONG a lot of spins because I like the band and all their previous albums but there just seems like the danger factor, the pushing of the envelope, is missing. I’m not saying that every song on the album has to be explicit, I understand a band’s need to grow and explore different ways to write, but does it have to be overly safe. That’s what ALL NIGHT LONG sounds like to me…..safe. You still get the party rock to get the guys pumping their fists and the girls dancing and then you get the ballads to make the girls swoon…..all in a safe package to get radio airplay. No that may sound like I don’t like the album but I actually do, I would just like it better if the party was a little dirtier. For me, this is definitely a grower but I can hear the potential for me to get into it more.

Favorite Songs:
‘All Night Long’, ‘It’s A Party’, ‘These Things’, ‘Recovery’, ‘Dead’……I also like the acoustic ‘These Things’ and ‘Black Butterfly’ off the E.P.

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