State of the Blog update & Five Year Blog-versary

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted…..since New Year’s Eve in fact! Obviously, I’ve taken a little time off from the site but that’s why this post is going up in order to keep you all informed.

First, I want to mention that Heavy Metal Addiction celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary on January 3rd. Normally I post something on the anniversary day but I just let it pass without doing anything. It’s been a great 5 years and it’s hard to believe that I kept this thig going that long. Originally, the site was created to talk about my growing collection but the site grew as the years went on. I went from discussing albums I bought at the record store to really covering a diverse collection of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, all made possible by the connections I’ve made in the industry. Not a day doesn’t go by where a package comes in the mail with CDs, or my email account is bursting with press releases and digital albums, for review. I would like to thank all the artists and bands, the labels and all the promotional people who have contacted me and submitted these items for review, without these dedicated people I wouldn’t hear half the albums I have over the last 5 years and I would be missing out on a lot of great music. I would also like to thank the fans and readers of the site, thanks for stopping by (even when there’s nothing new!) and leaving comments. I appreciate all the feedback you’ve emailed me and, hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I have in store for 2011.

That brings me to Part 2 of this post…..the State of the Blog update!

Like I mentioned, I’ve taken some time away from working on HMA for no other reason than I got bored with it. Actually, I’ve been on a steady decline with new posts since the middle of 2009 and 2010 was a very erratic year. I started January 2010 with a good number of new posts, and I had a plan for February, but I just couldn’t get motivated to get behind the computer and write. Some months I was able to get in 15+ posts and others were in the single digits, September & October 2010 only had 6 posts combined! My lack of posting doesn’t mean that I wasn’t listening, I actually listened to more music in 2010 than I did in previous years, especially new music! 2010 was another banner year for Hard Rock & Heavy Metal with so many new releases by so many different bands that it was very hard to keep up! Right now the piles on my desk are still over flowing with albums that were sent in and albums I bought at the record store…..and that’s just the 2010 releases, forget all the 2009 releases that I never got around to and the ones I caught up buying as the year went along. Then take a look at my computer…..there are so many digital files and links that I downloaded from bands, labels and PR firms that I just couldn’t keep up, I haven’t even listened to half of them! So I didn’t work as much as I have in the past, call it laziness, call it boredom but the real reason was that I felt like I was rushing through albums just to get the review posted online. I’m a fan of this kind of music and I have to take my time listening to each album in order to enjoy myself. Doesn’t matter if the album is great or it sucks…..I want to hear it! At times, I felt that I rushed the listening process to meet a self-imposed deadline (Album of the Month) or because every other site had already posted a review. That’s not how I started, and that’s not how I want HMA to be, so I have taken the last few weeks to decide what to do.

That brings me to Part 3…..what’s coming for 2011?

I’ve taken the first 7 weeks of 2011 off from the site to decide what I’m going to do. I’ve thought about leaving a farewell message up and calling it quits and I’ve thought about continuing…..I’ve decided to continue. I’m going to try and kickstart HMA back to it’s 2008 high point and see if I can get a lot more done. Basically, everything will stay the same: albums will be reviewed, I will update everyone on what I buy and I will review the concerts I attend. I’m going to post a few more press releases (something I got away from last year) and I’m going to add book reviews as well. The CD Scavenger Hunts will be a monthly feature and I’m also going to spotlight my collection…..that being the original basis of the site! Another thing that I want to bring back is the Feature Week, where I focus on one band or one topic for an entire week. I haven’t done a Feature Week in a couple of years but doing the 2010 Year End Awards reminded me how much I enjoyed focusing on one specific topic for a week. I’ve done weeks in the past on Judas Priest, Graham Bonnet, AC/DC and the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath and I’ve really enjoyed focusing on some of the lesser known albums some of the bands have released. Album reviews are the main focus of the website so the Album of the Month feature will stay the same and I’m toying with the idea of an Album of the Week if I can get back on track writing. One thing I can assure you is that I will be posting more reviews of older albums, not just long lost gems but some of the more popular Hard Rock and heavy Metal albums to see if they’ve stood the test of time. The whole point of 2011 will be to get this site back on track and hopefully my dedication and my interest won’t begin to wane as we go forward. The last idea I’m throwing around is a podcast. I barely listen to the radio anymore unless it’s sportstalk but I have discovered the world of podcasts! I subscribe to about 6 or 7 now and they have inspried me with the idea of creating a radio show for Heavy metal Addiction. I’m not really sure if this idea will pan out, I have to research it some more, but it sounds like something that could enhance what I write about. It would be nice to play some of the songs from albums I review, maybe focus on some of the up and coming bands out there, and just have another forum to voice my opinion and go a little more free form or stream of conciousness.

So there you have it, that’s the update for now. I’ll be looking to catch up as soon as I can with both Albums of the Month for January 2011 & February 2011, as well as, the CD Scavenger Hunts for both months. I’ve cleaned up the collection and filed the CDs, the piles on my desk are a little neater and I’m getting a little more organized…..let’s see if I can get this back on track!

Here’s to year #6 and a great 2011! Cheers!

— Steve

5 comments on “State of the Blog update & Five Year Blog-versary

  1. You can’t be obligated to review everything. Don’t give that a second thought. I agree with your needing to take an album one at a time and absorbing it. Your site is more than just album reviews (to me) anyhow! You have some fabulous ideas both new and “old” to your site. Stone is giving you the horns to the air!

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary too… it’s commendable and not an easy task to write consistently… even if it is about the music you love. I’ve always enjoyed visiting/reading your posts… I’ve found many albums here that I’ve bought due to your spotlighting/reviewing them, while others I’ve stayed away from due to your warnings!

    Welcome back Metal Buddy!

    – Stone

  2. I have enjoyed your site and I am glad to see you deceided to continue. I understand the need to take the time to absorb the music, because even thou I do not write a blog, I used to have the habit of buying tons of CD’s and listen to them once and store them away, I made the decision to enjoy the collection I already own and listen to any new music I buy, to make sure I am actually listening.

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