WANTED: Thunder – Behind Closed Doors (1995)


Thunder – Behind Closed Doors (1995)

One of the projects I’ve started is to get my collection organized and in proper order for 2011…..there are going to be a lot of purchases again this year so I need to make sure everything is in it’s place. This project has forced me to take a look at bands and CDs that I haven’t listened to in a long time and make a new Want List to fill in some of the gaps in my collection. Thunder was a band back in the day that I started listening to with their debut album BACKSTREET SYMPHONY (1990) and their radio hit ‘Dirty Love’. Last week, a friend and I were on the phone and we started talking about Thunder’s discography and I was sure I had their first five albums…..turns out I’m missing one, this one!

I can tell you when and where I’ve bought every album in my collection, sometimes even the price, and my Thunder albums are no exception. I bought BACKSTREET SYMPHONY on cassette back in 1990 and replaced it with the CD about a year later, LAUGHING ON JUDGEMENT DAY (1992) I bought two years later at a local record store right after it came out. Fast forward about seven years and I bought THE THRILL OF IT ALL (1996) and GIVING THE GAME AWAY (1999) on the same day, at the same record store, for the same used import price! I’ve also collected a greatest hits collection from Japan and the U.S. reissue of BACKSTREET SYMPHONY from 1991 with the different cover art and the Japanese deluxe pressing of LAUGHING. I just assumed that I had picked up BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and, when I went to grab it to check the release date for my friend, it wasn’t there! I can’t have a gap between Thunder’s second and fourth albums, it breaks up the collection!

I’ve noticed reasonable prices on the original CD pressing from 1995 and on the 2010 double disc remaster with the extra CD of rarities, demos and live tracks. I’d be satisfied with the original pressing because I want to hear the original sound, sometimes a remaster sounds very different. If I can pick both up on the cheap, I’ll grab them.

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