Metal Mixtape – 3/13/11

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I usually work a double shift Saturday night into Sunday morning so good Metal music is a must on the overnight. I usually listen to a lot of new albums but I have to start the overnight (the 2nd part of my long shift) with some familiar tracks to get the blood pumping. Here’s the first 20 songs (band-song-album-year):

  1. Dio – ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Children’ – Sacred Heart (1985)
  2. Dio – ‘I Could Have Been A Dreamer’ – Dream Evil (1987)
  3. Ozzy Osbourne – ‘I Just Want You’ – Ozzmosis (1995)
  4. Great White – ‘Rock Me’ – Once Bitten (1987)
  5. Guns ‘N Roses – ‘Anything Goes’ – Appetite For Destruction (1987)
  6. Van Halen – ‘I’ll Wait’ – 1984 (1984)
  7. Def Leppard – ‘Armageddon It’ – Hysteria (1987)
  8. Whitesnake – ‘Fool For Your Loving’ – Ready An’ Willing (1980)
  9. Scheepers – ‘Cyberfreak’ – Scheepers (2011)
  10. Quiet Riot – The Wild And The Young’ – QR III (1986)
  11. Scorpions – ‘The Zoo’ – Animal Magnetism (1980)
  12. Firewind – ‘The Ark Of Lies’ – Days Of Defiance (2010)
  13. Helix – ‘Best Mistake I Never Made’ – Vagabond Bones (2009)
  14. Accept – ‘Flash Rockin’ Man’ – Restless & Wild (1982)
  15. Metallica – ‘Holier Than Thou’ – The Black Album (1991)
  16. Cinderella – ‘Winds Of Change’ – Heartbreak Station (1990)
  17. Crazy Lixx – ‘Road To Babylon’ – New Religion (2010)
  18. Yngwie Malmsteen – ‘Death Dealer’ – Perpetual Flame (2008)
  19. Diamond Head – ‘It’s Electric’ – Lightning To The Nations (1980)
  20. Primal Fear – ‘Black Sun’ – Black Sun (2002)

Bonus Track: AC/DC – ‘War Machine’ – Black Ice (2008)

7 comments on “Metal Mixtape – 3/13/11

  1. Hey Steve, that’s a very good playlist. I noticed the Quiet Riot song from QR III. I’m not a huge QR fan, but I have recently heard a song off of that album (twice I’ve heard it recently) called (I think) Twilight Hotel (sorry if that’s the wrong title). I really, really like that song. I looked up QR III on Amazon and it’s somewhat steep, maybe out of print. What do you think? Is the album worth further investigation?

    • I would check out QR III because it’s a pretty good album. I’ve had it since it came out in ’86, and I was a big Quiet Riot fan growing up, so I think it’s a solid record but I sometimes get wrapped up in the nostalgia of the record compared to a discerning ear in 2011. ‘Twilight Hotel’ was the second single and second video and it’s a solid ballad. The thing to remember with QR III is that the band was trying to keep up with the other bands: glam outfits, keyboards, trying to write the quintessential power ballad, more commercial sound.

      Check out the review I wrote a few years ago as part of Quiet Riot Week. Also, I wouldn’t pay for it on Amazon, keep looking in the used CD stores or try Ebay, I wouldn’t do more than $10.

  2. Like the mix! Curious why you started w/ 2 Dio tracks back-to-back, rather than spread them out…
    I should do more posts like this on my blog too.

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