CD Scavenger Hunt (April update)

April was another slow month for CD hunting…..probably my slowest month ever in the last 15 years! I had opportunities to buy a lot of things but, like so many people, money is a little tight lately so I had to be very concious of what I was buying. Another reason for the slowdown is the vast amounts of promos that are coming in on a daily, almost hourly, basis. A lot of the promos are albums I would buy anyway but I will have to wait on for the time being. So here it is…..a meager April update…..

Newbury Comics

Duff McKagan’s Loaded – The Taking (2011) – $10: I’ve heard about Duff’s band Loaded but I never got around to picking up their two previous albums. Maybe it’s because of the GNR backlash with the CHINESE DEMOCRACY failure and my dislike of Slash’s last record, neither of which involves Duff but guilt by association. I got a bit hyped up on THE TAKING because I started reading a lot of good review and I caught Duff on VH-1 Classic’s That Metal Show with Eddie Trunk. Add in a half hour live concert I caught on TV and now I wanted the new album. I went down to the record store the Tuesday THE TAKING came out and left the store with this one CD for $9.99 on sale, regular price would have been $13.99 so I saved $4. I haven’t listened to the disc yet but I’m hoping this is going to be one of those surprise records. If it is, i will go back and grab the previous albums.

Stratovarius – Elysium (2011) – $10: I actually haed no intentions of buying the new Stratovarius anytime soon because I got a digital promo emailed to me so I figured I would add it to my want list and pick the CD up when money wasn’t an issue. Buying ELYSIUM is a no brainer because I have been picking up Stratovarius albums since the late ’90s and I really got into the band’s last album POLARIS (2009). The problem was I got hit with a nasty trojan virus a couple weeks back and I had to reset my computer to a date before I downloaded the promo, when I went back to the link to re-download the album it was expired. I probably could have lived without ELYSIUM but now I wanted to hear it so I picked this up at the $9.99 sale price (regular price = $13.99), saving $4. After all that hassle, I still haven’t given the album a full spin but I like what I’ve heard so far…..gotta have my Power Metal!

Amon Amarth – Once Sent From The Golden Hall (1998/2009 reissue) – $12: This purchase was a total mistake! I originally was trying to buy Amon Amarth’s new album, SURTUR RISING, because the trojan virus situation did the same thing to my digital promo as the new Stratovarius CD. I just started getting into Amon Amarth so I really wanted to hear the new album so I went to the record store to buy it while it was still on sale for $11.88. The bonus to the album is the second disc that’s a full length DVD concert. The mistake came when I was pressed for time and in such a rush that I went straight to the Amon Amarth section instead of the New Release rack and I picked up what I thought was SURTUR RISING because I saw the sale price sticker. I didn’t notice my mistake checking out, only when I got home and ripped off the cellophane did I notice my mistake! All is not lost. I did get the reissue of this album that includes the remastered debut on disc one and a live show on disc two. I made a mistake but I saved $4 off the $15.99 regular price.

Total = $32

Total (year) = $280

Average Price (per item) = $10

Total Savings (month) = $12

Total Savings (year) = $227

Total CDs (year) = 26

Total DVDs (year) = 1

Total Box Sets (year) = 0

Total LPs (year) = 1

2 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt (April update)

  1. Still buying like always, very good STeve. I also got some cool cds like the new KING KOBRA, and the new TOKYO BLADE and i bought some older records like ANTENNA by ZZ TOP, LIVE:RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW by VAN HALEN, FEAR NO EVIL by SLAUGHTER(steve, a total killer album. It came out back in 95 thats why people didnt care about it but it sounds like the first SLAUGHTER albums. BUY OR DIE BRO), and some other stuff.

  2. Some nice purchases there thats quite humerous about purchasing the wrong Amon Amarth cd although understandable as a lot of their releases have that yellow orange color in the artwork. I one did the same with Iron maiden killers and bout the same album twice when i wanted the self titled.

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