WANTED: Bret Michaels – Ballads, Blues & Stories (2001)


Bret Michaels – Ballads, Blues & Stories (2001)

You might be wondering why I would put a Bret Michaels CD into this installment of WANTED! because I have crucified his last couple of records as being the repackaged shams they are instead of the true new studio albums they should be and were billed as. So why do I want BALLADS, BLUES & STORIES? Simple…..it’s rare, out of print and hard to find. Plus, it will complete my Bret solo discography and I am all about owning band’s entire catalog…..it’s a collector thing! There are ten songs on the album (1 new and 9 previously released on other Bret solo albums) but there’s an interview track before each song where Bret explains the songwriting process and the stories to go with the tunes. Basically, this CD is the same deal as the last two albums Bret released…..compilations of previously released material. I know, I know…..I’m falling into the trap again but it’s definitely cool to have a rare CD and one that no one I know actually has. I’ve never seen a physical copy in a record store but I have seen a few floating around on Ebay for the general price of about $20. This Bret disc isn’t at the top of the want list but I added it in to watch for if I find it on the cheap!

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