Anvil – Juggernaut Of Justice (2011)

Anvil – Juggernaut Of Justice (2011, The End Records)

  1. Juggernaut Of Justice
  2. When Hell Breaks Loose
  3. New Orleans Voodoo
  4. On Fire
  5. Fuken Eh!
  6. Turn It Up
  7. This Ride
  8. Not Afraid
  9. Conspiracy
  10. Running
  11. Paranormal
  12. Swing Thing

Band Lineup:
Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars
Robb ‘Robbo’ Reiner – Drums
Glenn 5 – Bass & Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Lisa Joy Pimentel – Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Saxophone

Producer: Bob Marlette

Country: Canada

Total Time = 45:02

Anvil Metal
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The End Records

It’s taken Anvil four years to follow-up their last studio album, the doom laden THIS IS THIRTEEN (2007), but you can’t fault the guys because they’ve been pretty busy the last five years. While filming the critically acclaimed documentary ANVIL!: THE STORY OF ANVIL, they recorded THIS IS THIRTEEN. Then you’ve got the constant promotion, the touring, more promotion, more touring and then, years later, enter the studio to record JUGGERNAUT OF JUSTICE. It’s interesting because the band announced the title years ago while doing promotion for the documentary and then they just got so busy they had to put off recording it! Robb Reiner stated on That Metal Show last season that JUGGERNAUT OF JUSTICE was the METAL ON METAL (1982) of this era…..big words because METAL ON METAL is considered a classic.

Anvil is Anvil and they are always going to make the same ’80s Thrash-pioneering, classic Heavy Metal album they’ve always made but the key is good songwriting and production. The band channelled their collective energies to create THIS IS THIRTEEN with the guiding hand of super producer Chris Tsangarides and they’ve done so again this time around with the production duties being handled by Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Airbourne). A point Tsangarides discussed in the documentary was that if the songs are subpar, no amount of production is going to make the album good, and, if the production is bad, good songs will be wasted. First of all, the Marlette production on JUGGERNAUT is excellent, the album sounds crystal clear and it has that BIG sound. I can’t really identify any production “tricks”, it just sounds like the guys plugged in and started playing! As far as the songwriting, the band has channelled the positive experiences of the last five years and created a solid collection of tunes. The opening title track is a retro Metal feast that gets the album off to a chugging start and ‘When Hell Breaks Loose’ is the band at their thrashy best. Listen to Robbo on this song, that guy is one of the greatest Metal drummers out there! What’s always a plus is if there’s a hook to the song, doesn’t matter if it’s Hard Rock, Black Metal, or Pop, if there’s a hook then people are going to remember the song. Both ‘Juggernaut Of Justice’ and ‘When Hell Breaks Loose’ has that kind of hook that makes the chorus stick in your head and gets you singing along, maybe it’s because the songs are so straightforward and good. ‘New Orleans Voodoo’ is a doom laden Black Sabbath style track that would have easily fit on THIS IS THIRTEEN and is one of my favorites on the album  and ‘On Fire’ is another speed track that sounds very familiar but I can’t place it.

 Most Anvil records have that simple humorous song that seems so juvenile and this album’s is ‘Fuken Eh!’, probably the weakest song on the album because the lyrics aren’t as good as the others on the record but it does have that simple chorus that sticks. Of course, ‘Fuken Eh!’ is really a song about the band it self surviving and persevering and doing it their way…..fuken eh! There’s more guitar frenzy from Lips with ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Not Afraid’ and the themes are pretty much reflect the experiences of the last few years but the jewel in between these two burners is the Glenn 5 sung ‘This Ride’. I wasn’t really expecting Glenn 5 to get a lead vocal, especially since Lips’ vocals are as much a signature of the Anvil sound as Robbo’s drumming is, but Glenn does a solid job with a growl that sounds like a more aggressive Lips and that just makes the song sound heavier. ‘Conspiracy’ is another slower mid-tempo chug that is reminiscent of classic Accept and could have easily fit onto THIS IS THIRTEEN, listen for the guitar solo in the middle of the track, another excellent one on an album full of them, Lips sounds like he’s been rejuvenated by the recent success. ‘Running’ is another retro Thrash sounding track that’s simple in it’s writing and delivery, guitars and bass sounding like buzzsaws with Robb pounding that kit away but the crown jewel is seven minute doom epic ‘Paranormal’. It’s a heavily Sabbath influenced song that takes Anvil into new territory and is more experimental for them compared to their trademark sound. Sounds like a cross between ‘Black Sabbath’ and the quieter moments of Spinal Tap’s ‘Stonehenge’. I’m not saying that to bust the band’s chops, it’s what came to mind right away! I like ‘Paranormal’ a lot, it’s different and unexpected on a record like this. The same goes for ‘Swing Thing’, a jazz influenced speed instrumental complete with horns, trombones, sax and trumpet! That’s a different kind of sound and not easily identifiable with the trademark Anvil sound but, if you take those extra instruments out, it’s a straight ahead thrash song…..definitely something creative and different.

(Just a quick note here, it seems that there are two versions of the album: the standard release that I have here and a limited edition through the retail chain FYE that contains two exclusive bonus tracks – ‘The Station’ and ‘Tonight Is Coming’. I totally forgot about the limited edition when I bought this record the day of release so I will add these two songs into the review when I acquire the limited pressing.)

Bottom Line:
Success is always a good thing and it can bring an energy, vitality and creativity to a band instantly. Anvil has had a busy five years with plenty of product released and gigs played, hopefully the reaped a financial reward because they deserve it. Anvil has been a band that I grew up with back in the ’80s but lost track of as the years went on, it’s good to see them attain a level of success that has eluded them since the early ’80s. That said, you can immeadiately tell by listening to JUGGERNAUT OF JUSTICE that the last few years have been more then kind to the band…..the energy is there, the songwriting is great and the performances are excellent. I like the fact that the band stuck close to their classic sound but decided to experiment with a few songs to add some variety. Lips plays a blistering guitar and Glenn 5 matches him riff for riff on the bass while Robb Reiner continues his legend by pounding that drum kit with a controlled recklessness…..this is what Heavy Metal is all about: good songs played with an excellence and passion by a band that has been an influence to more successful Metal bands. Anvil doesn’t compromise, they give you what you expect, with JUGGERNAUT OF JUSTICE I expected a great record and they delivered. One of my favorite albums of 2011!

Favorite Songs:
‘Juggernaut Of Justice’, ‘New Orleans Voodoo’, ‘This Ride’, ‘Paranormal’, ‘Swing Thing’

9 comments on “Anvil – Juggernaut Of Justice (2011)

  1. I kept on buying all releases by ANVIL during the 90s till JUGGERNAUT OF JUSTICE and i must say i am happy with this one. The last two were already very good, but this is even better. Great review. How old are you Steve to be able to be a fan of ANVIL during the 80s?

    • Rene — I will be 39 years young mid-August. I started as a young metalhead around late 1981/early 1982 with an education from local record stores and FM radio. Once we got cable TV, and MTV, the music floodgates opened. Then it was Hard Rock & Heavy Metal non-stop! I started with KISS in 1977 but I never got into them musically until 1982, it was mostly a visual thing. I will celebrate my 30th year as a metalhead in 2012.

      • Ohhh, you were very young starting into metal/hard rock steve. I am 35 but started when i was 14. 21 years ago, not bad either hahaha. Anyway, very cool your stories and reviews like always. Take care.

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  3. Hopefully those idiot record companies truly give what anvil deserves.It seems everybody ripped off anvil and left them for dead.Wake up you executive pricks of the recording industry and give anvil what they rightly deserve.I hope anvil finally makes the money they should have got years ago.They deserve to millionaires by now!!

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