Heavy Metal Addiction 2011 Awards Week

2011 is almost over so that means it’s time for my year end awards! It’s been another awesome year for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with so many releases on CD, DVD, Vinyl and Digital formats, not just new studio albums but also live records, reissues and special edition releases. I have had more albums submitted for review this year from bands, labels and PR agents as digital promos have taken over as the easiest way to get the word out as quickly as possible and I have done my part as a consumer and purchased plenty of new and old albums & DVDs from record stores, Ebay, online vendors and direct from bands and labels. The only problem has been finding the time to do through everything!

With all this music it’s been every hard to keep up so this has been the worst year for posting but I have made a serious push in November and December to listen to as many CDs, and watch as many DVDs, as possible to prepare for my year end lists. I said the same thing at the end of 2010 but 2011 was in fact the worst year for posting at Heavy Metal Addiction. I’m not sure if it was a time thing, or maybe Internet burnout, or possibly just catching up on sleep but I just never got around to posting much. My personal schedule with family, friends and work can be hectic at times and 2011 was a hectic year so there were months without a lot of posts…..actually, the total number of posts BEFORE the year end lists is under 50! From hundreds of posts in 5 years to less than 50 this year! Obviously sitting in front of a computer writing wasn’t something that interested me this year. I did listen to a lot of albums this year but I stayed mainly with albums in my collection even though I have piles on my desk, and in boxes right next it, chock full of CDs and DVDs released in 2011, as well as, albums I missed in 2010. I bought a ton of new releases as they came out and I’ve spent some time listening to them, I just didn’t get around to writing about them.

I haven’t completely abandoned this website as I plan to continue it because there’s a lot to write about and I will try and catch up on as many 2011 reviews as I can in early 2012. I have been re-listening to as many 2011 albums that I can since November so I can post my best and worst of 2011 lists, I will post those picks along with my top 5 DVD picks, albums I missed in 2010 that could have made my best of 2010 list, the last CD Scavenger Hunt of 2011 and the Top Miscellaneous Releases of 2011 that will include any live albums, greatest hits packages, reissues, etc. that were released and need to be mentioned. I’ve got my sights set on 2012 and I expect and even bigger year in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as I keep checking out new releases and catching up on things I missed from 2011!

Here is the schedule for the 2011 Awards Week:

Saturday 12/24The Final CD Scavenger Hunt of 2011

Sunday 12/25Albums I Missed in 2010

Monday 12/26The Best Miscellaneous Releases of 2011

Tuesday 12/27The Top 5 DVDs of 2011

Wednesday 12/28The 2 Worst Albums of 2011

Thursday 12/29The Top 25 Albums of 2011


For the last few years, a bunch of us bloggers/writers out there have linked our year end lists together and 2011 continues the tradition. The best thing about these lists is that there is always room for debate and there are always many albums some of us may have missed during the year. Please check out the websites below for more best of/worst of 2011 lists by some excellent writers with a serious passion for music. Some of the websites published their lists earlier in the month, some later and some as a month long daily post so check out the websites’ December 2011 archives for everyone’s picks. There may also be some lists that extend into January 2012 so bookmark these excellent websites and check them out daily for superb Hard Rock and Heavy Metal coverage.

All Metal Resourcehttp://allmetalresource.com/ 

Bring Back Glamhttp://bringbackglam.squarespace.com/

The Crash Pad of Ray Van Horn, Jr. — http://www.rayvanhornjr2.blogspot.com/

Hair Metal Mansionhttp://hairbangersradio.ning.com/

Hard Rock Hideouthttp://hardrockhideout.com/

Hard Rock Nightshttp://hardrocknights.com

Heavy Metal Addictionhttp://heavymetaladdiction.com/

Heavy Metal Time Machinehttp://metalmark.blogspot.com/

Imagine Echoeshttp://www.imagineechoes.com/

Layla’s Classic Rockhttp://laylasclassicrock.blogspot.com/

Metal Excesshttp://metalexcess.com/

Metal Odysseyhttp://metalodyssey.wordpress.com/

The Ripple Effecthttp://www.ripplemusic.blogspot.com/

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