The 2 Worst Albums of 2011

Here we go again! 2011 was another great year for new albums…..bands from all different genres of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal released good albums this year and I was on the frontlines buying them up as they were released. Of course there were some bad albums too. I bought more new releases, and had more new albums submitted for review, in 2011 so there were bound to be some bad ones in the pile. In previous years, I’ve received a lot of email about my decision to call this list the “Worst” albums of the year, some people have thought that it is too negative. My feeling is that no matter if the album is a major disappointment because you were looking forward to it so much, or the album is just plain awful from the packaging, to the production, to the performance, then it qualifies under the heading of “Worst”. Of all the albums I picked up some releases were just plain bad, some were huge disappointments, some I just couldn’t stand, the problem is that I didn’t listen to everything I bought or had submitted for review. This year was probably my worst year posting album reviews on the site, as well as, my worst year catching up on all the listening I needed to do. As a result of my inconsitency, I decided to cut the list down from the normal Top 5 to a Top 2. Don’t worry! The two albums that made this list are truly the worst I heard this past year and I can’t really recommend them to anyone… here is my list of The 2 Worst Albums of 2011:


Metallica & Lou Reed – LuLu (2011): This collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed definitely raised eyebrows when it was announced and I have to admit that, even though I had some interest in it, I knew that this album was going to blow! Can any true Metallica fan really say that this was a good idea? Especially after the excellent DEATH MAGNETIC (2008)? The music is Metallica but it sounds like a constant drone when you add in Lou Reed’s spoken word poetry that is so immersed in late ’60s hippie culture. It’s two different forms of music that completely clash. I understand poetry…..I’ve read many different poets’ works and I even used to write some myself so I understand it’s an expression and, believe me, Reed expresses himself. But does it makes sense? Does it go with the Heavy Metal score that Metallica produces? My interest was solely to find out if this was going to be the train wreck I thought it would be and I was right. Forget ST. ANGER (2003), LULU is the worst album Metallica has ever put their name to! I’m going to get emails that tell me that this isn’t a Metallica album or a Lou Reed album but a collaborative project…..if that’s the case, come up with a better name than “Lou Reed & Metallica”, using their respective names leads both fanbases down the primrose path. The music is fine but it gets killed by Reed’s semi-coherent spoken word babble. I made it through one listen and it was hard to do, I mean it’s really bad! Thank god I bought this used and cheap! Absolutely the worst album of 2011!


Queensryche – Dedicated To Chaos (2011): Queensryche should be thanking Metallica and Lou Reed for releasing such a turd this year because DEDICATED TO CHAOS was the clear cut winner of the Worst Album award until LULU. Let me start out by saying that I was really looking forward to a new Queensryche album because I was under the impression that the band was going to continue moving forward with the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal direction they went with on AMERICAN SOLDIER (2009). I thought that AMERICAN SOLDIER was a great comeback for a band that had been floundering with their sound and direction for years, that album was so good that any Queensryche fan would be excited for a new record. I even ran out and bought the deluxe version so I could have the extra three bonus tracks! Unfortunately, Queensryche disappoints again! The album starts off well with the late ’90s sound of ‘Get Started’ but that’s where the good times end. The songs slow down, get grungy, industrial, even Nu-Metal in some spots. I knew there was a problem when I heard the word “YouTube” in the lyrics for ‘Hot Spot Junkie’. Lead singer, and band leader, Geoff Tate has made no bones about his dislike of the Progressive Metal, or Heavy Metal, label that gets attached to the band. Geoff tries his best to steer Queensryche away from the Metal genre (listen to 2003’s TRIBE) any chance he gets. At least the music is listenable even if the lyrics are just bad, as is the “slave to technology” theme that fills the album. I’m not digging all the effects used for dramatic license to enhance the songs. In the grand scheme of things I guess DEDICATED TO CHAOS isn’t awful like LULU, it’s more of a major disappointment and an obvious setback to a great band. It’s not unlistenable like LULU in the fact that it blows but in the fact that it sounds nothing like classic Queensryche.

10 comments on “The 2 Worst Albums of 2011

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  2. Lulu and DTC? That’s the best you could come up with? That’s like picking on the handicapped kid in Kindergarten. Pick better ‘worst’ albums. Ones that are Metal. Those records don’t even qualify.

    • Point taken JP…..yes, those two albums are probably the most obvious. As I mentioned in the post, out of the literally hundreds of albums I acquired in 2011, I barely scratched the surface as far as listening goes. I’m quite sure there are more albums that suck but I wanted to get my Awards week done ASAP and we are in March 2012. My list will be better, or worse, for 2012.

  3. I have to say the first time I listened to Queensryche. I really really hated but listening to it again it has grown on me. I am not saying it is not one of the worse CDs. It is right there. But for what Queensryche is you have to respect the way they do their music. They are Prog and they need to accepted because each Cd you don’t know what you are going to get. Lulu is the worse Cd of the year and I so agree with you. I really liked St Angry. I don’t get why people hate it. It is fine. asides Lulu being their worse the 2nd one is Load. That was painful. Keep it up metal brother! Cheers!

  4. Love the reviews but I do have a request: how about a list of the worst CDs/albums from your all time favorite bands: KISS, Priest, Maiden, Dio, Scorpions, Sistern etc.

  5. Hey Rhodeislandrock!

    Thanks for not taking my cheap shot across your bow too seriously! I did enjoy your comments about the two albums… well thought out, acurate and fair. Keep up the great work!


  6. I’ll bet that Metallica were thinking: “instant Grammy Award” once they finished up ‘Lulu’. Instead, it was an instant dud and all they gave their fans like us was another upset stomach.

  7. “Lulu” was a pretty funny experiment and I just love Lars’ “time will tell” mentality with this record. I wonder if in non-metal circles “Lulu” is considered brilliant…however, in the metal world, I’m not sure what’s worse – this or “St Anger”

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