Heavy Metal Addiction featured at Heavy Metal About.com

About.com: Heavy Metal has been kind enough to feature this website in a new article: “Heavy Metal Blogs You Don’t Want To Miss.”

It’s very cool to see my site listed alongside heavyweights like Blabbermouth, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Headbanger’s Ball, and The Deciblog. It’s also nice to be listed among blogs that I read daily that I think are some of the best: All Metal Resource, The Metal Minute,  and Metal Sucks.

My thanks to Chad Bowar at Heavy Metal About for including Heavy Metal Addiction…..go over and check his site out! Check the sidebar for links to these websites and more.

2007 Heavy Metal Halloween Top 10

Halloween Pumpkin

(Read the 2009 Heavy Metal Halloween Top 10 and the 2010 Heavy Metal Halloween Top 10)

My favorite time of year is here……HALLOWEEN!

In conjunction with other Hard Rock/Heavy Metal blogs (see links below) I have compiled my personal Top 10 Heavy Metal songs for Halloween 2007. It took me a few days to search through my collection and see which songs fit, I had so many off the top of my head I could have easily done a Top 20.

Here’s the list in no particular order except #1:

  1. Black Sabbath – ‘Black Sabbath’
  2. Alice Cooper – ‘The Ballad Of Dwight Fry’
  3. Alice Cooper – ‘Dead Babies’
  4. Alice Cooper – ‘I Love The Dead’
  5. Halloween – ‘Halloween Night’
  6. Fastway – ‘Trick Or Treat’
  7. Iron Maiden – ‘Fear Of The Dark’
  8. Diamond Head – ‘Am I Evil?’
  9. Helloween – ‘Mr. Torture’
  10. Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Bark At The Moon’

Bonus Track: Alice Cooper – ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)’

You can check out some other Halloween Top 10 lists at the following blogs, enter if you dare!

Bring Back Glam

Hard Rock Hideout

Heavy Metal Time Machine

The Metal Minute

Rock Of Ages

Blog Love – The Metal Minute

Rock writer Ray Van Horn Jr. noticed that his blog (Pulses, Verses and Other Flotsam) received more participation from readers when the articles were about Metal. Armed with that info, Ray decided to change the name to The Metal Minute and stay focused on the harder side of Music. Sounds good to me, I was a regular reader anyway but the readers that prefer Metal should check this site out right away. The link is in the sidebar.

Extra Blog Love for the Hard Rock Hideout

I gave some Blog Love to the Hard Rock Hideout back in February but I wanted to add a little extra.

My main man Rob, from Hard Rock Hideout, asked me to be a guest writer this week while he’s enjoying some time off. I agreed but I unfortunately couldn’t come through. I hurt my right arm at work and it’s in a sling so typing is a long process using one finger on my left hand.

The good news is there are some other Metal writers dropping in the Hideout with guests posts: Bill from Rock Of Ages is in first with a review of the new Sacred Heart album, SHAKE. Metal Mark from the Heavy Metal Time Machine is second with a Lita Ford review.

But I have to give Rob the kudos for his Forum, especially the Hard Rock Trivia section. There are some insane questions being thrown out that even Google can’t answer! Luckily, I’m better at answering trivia than I am making it up for my own site.

So head on over to the site and check it out…..and just try to beat me at the trivia!

— Steve

Blog Love – Hard Rock Hideout

One of my daily reads is the Hard Rock Hideout. This blog started back in November and it has gone from a very basic site to one full of reviews, videos, news, and links. There is always something new to read everyday, something I envy because Rob seems to have more time than I do! A great layout too. Very easy to navigate and I really like the WordPress theme he’s using…..black and red is very Metal!

Can anyone guess who’s guitar that is at the top of the Hard Rock Hideout page?

Blog Love – Lefsetz Letter

One of my favorite blogs is the Lefsetz Letter. Author Bob Lefsetz has been publishing his newsletter for the last 20 years in various formats and has moved to blog form. As an industry insider for years, Bob is able to give us some interesting insight into the dynamics of the music industry past, present, and future. Some of the current topics have included: downloading, media prices, label politics, and Tower Records. A wide range of music and eras is discussed and reader feedback is always provided.

What I really find interesting is that there are so many people from the industry that read the Lefsetz Letter and respond: Al Kooper, Eddie Kramer, Bob Ezrin, Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), and a host of people from label executives to band managers to record store clerks to roadies.

Follow the link above and subscribe at the website for up-to-date posts. There is usually one email a day but I have received up to five daily posts in my inbox. It’s a great read.

Metal-Mixtape Contest #2

Just wanted to let you all know that Theo at Metal-Mixtape is having another “Who Am I?” contest. The lucky winner gets an autographed picture of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden! I put my guess in!

Go on over and enter. While you’re there, check out the latest thoughts Theo has on Spread Eagle……..

Guest writers at The Heavy Metal Time Machine

Metal Mark is away from The Heavy Metal Time Machine for a few days for a much needed vacation so he has asked a few people to be guest writers this week.

Monday, July 31 – Fred Charles

Tuesday, August 1 – Volkher Hoffman

Wednesday, August 2 – Steve Angulo (that’s me folks!)

Cruise over to the Time Machine, check out some good articles from some excellent writers…..then read mine and wonder why I bothered, LOL! Seriously, check out Fred’s and Volkher’s sites, they’re great.


PM UPDATE: The schedule up top might be wrong, I lost Metal Mark’s email with the schedule. Either way, check the site out, it’s really good.

Blog Love – Metal-Mixtape

Just a little blog love for the Metal-Mixtape. It’s definitely worth a look, especially for the contest.

From Theo at Metal-Mixtape:

I’m running a contest where I’ve posted a mystery picture of an ‘8os rocker and the first person to write in identifying that person gets an autographed copy of Judas Priest’s latest DVD.

The contest runs through the end of July.

I put my guess in but I’m not sharing, LOL! Go check out the Metal-Mixtape and enter the contest.

Mad Anthony Blog

Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has started the Mad Anthony Blog to keep the fans up to date on The Other Half’s (Mike & Sammy Hagar) summer tour. Looks like it could be an interesting tour blog!

If they’d announce a New England date, I’m going. I saw the Sam & Dave Tour and the set with Hagar, Anthony, & the Waboritas was awesome. Closest thing to Van Halen we’re going to get.