Ebay Madness: Militia – The Sybling E.P. (1985) sells for $1685

You might remember that I wrote a recent Ebay Madness column on Militia – THE SYBLING E.P. (1985) back in October. A couple of months ago this auction blew the roof off and ended at an insane $2550. So other copies were bound to show up…..

Militia – The Sybling E.P. (1985) sells for $1685

Seller: sambb2000
Country: Austin, Texas (USA)
Starting Price: 99 cents
Bids: 17

Like most copies of THE SYBLING E.P., this auction is from Texas. Militia was part of the underground Metal scene in Texas so it only makes sense for a few copies to be hanging around down there. This copy of THE SYBLING is unique in that it has one flaw…..water damage (see next picture) on the right side from the upper corner down.

I have to give the seller credit for being so detailed and reporting the water damage because some people might not considering the big bucks this goes for. As an added bonus, the seller will include a picture of Militia singer Mike Soliz holding this actual copy…..how’s that for authenticity! It’s still a lot of money and a crazy price…..I still wouldn’t mind finding one, I would keep it for my collection!

Check out the other Ebay Madness column for links where you can get more information, buy a compilation with THE SYBLING on it or just listen to the record.

Ebay Madness: The Stuff and Redstone

As you all know, I’m always on the lookout for CD rarities and collectibles on Ebay but sometimes the prices go through the roof. I watch more CDs and LPs on Ebay every week and I wonder where people get all their money. This week is no exception, I found two CDs that I have been keeping my eye on for at least a decade and have never got the chance to purchase.

The Stuff auction 10/25/09

The Stuff – s/t (1993) sells for $316

Seller: saxon1500
Country: USA
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 23

I featured this rare independent CD by The Stuff  back in January 2008 when the CD fetched a crazy $1125.01 at Ebay auction. I haven’t seen another one come up until last week. I was searching some of my favorite sellers and there it was, The Stuff – s/t (1993), on a 7 day auction staring at $9.99! I kept this on my watch list and kept a close eye until the last day of the auction. At that point, the CD was still under $100 so I figured that I might have a shot at it. Knowing that the last five listings I saw ranged from $250 to the $1125.01, I figured $100 was a bargain! Later on Sunday the CD started going up as the close got near, I was out of the game after $150…..and that was pushing it, I never would have explained that to the wife! I can vouch for the seller as I’ve bought plenty of CDs from him in the past and I know he’s a collector from some of the forums I follow.

The Stuff - s/t (1993)

The thing that bothers me about this auction is that there is obvious interest in this album but it remains a rarity. Shortly after the auction back in January 2008, lead singer/producer Bryan Lamb of The Stuff got wind of the auction and created a website dedicated to the band. The intention was to give the band’s history a place online AND to see if there was interest in a possible reissue of this elusive CD. There is a signup at TheStuffMusic.com for the reissue of the CD and I signed up immeadiately and featured the news in a Reissue Report. Almost 2 years later and nothing has come up so I decided to email Bryan Lamb via The Stuff website. Bryan was kind enough to get back to me the other day and it seems that there hasn’t been much of a signup for the reissue and it’s on hold unless there happens to be a surge in interest. It’s too bad because I was hoping that The Stuff would enjoy the same success Surrender had with their reissue CD and regular music fans would be able to own this CD.

If you are at all interested in this album by The Stuff, please head on over and sign up for the reissue. I’m not working for the band or anything, I just want to buy this CD at a decent price and enjoy it as part of my collection! More info at The Stuff’s MySpace page as well.

Redstone auction 10-25-09

Redstone – s/t (1988) sells for $140.27

Seller: saxon1500
Country: USA
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 20

redstone self titled (1988)

Same seller, same starting price, ending the same day. I know nothing about this Redstone album except that it’s an independently released CD with only 4 songs (so it’s an E.P.) and that it goes for big bucks when it shows up on Ebay. I’ve been keeping my eye on this album for as long as I’ve been on Ebay and, if memory serves me, I’ve seen this top out over $400+ a few times in the last decade. The problem with this CD is that I never see it show up. When I was looking through the seller’s auction, I put this on my watch list and, going into the last day, it was still under $70. Unfortunately, the CD rose quick and the other bidders lost interest around $100. Two bidders bid right at the end but there wasn’t a bidding war like I’ve seen in the past. From what I’ve read, the music is AOR/melodic Rock in the style of Journey and Survivor so it might be pretty good.

Ebay Madness: Militia – The Sybling (1985) E.P. sells for $2550

Militia is a Thrash/Speed Metal band from Austin, Texas and is one of the more famous independent U.S. Metal bands from back in the mid-80s. The legend of Militia grows everytime a copy of this majorly sought after 3 song, 15+ minute e.P. shows up on Ebay and sells for thousands. Yes, I said THOUSANDS! Militia came on my radar when I discovered their profile on the Texas Metal Underground website. From there I listened to the E.P. at Vibrations Of Doom. This is a record I could only dream of finding in a vinyl bin at some hole-in-the-wall record store! The Militia page at Encyclopedia Metallum has a little more info on the release:

Recorded in September 1985. The EP was officially released as a 12″ limited to 100 copies. Bootlegged on 7″ sometime in the early ’90s. One of the most sought after metal collector items, the original has sold for $3000 and even the bootleg goes for over $50. Also bootlegged on a split CD by Revenge of True Metal Records.

Militia pic 1

Militia pic 2

Militia – The Sybling E.P. (1985) sells for $2550

Seller: satxz
Country: USA
Starting Price: 99 cents
Bids: 34

Like most copies of THE SYBLING, this one is from San Antonio, Texas so it’s from the area that the band started in. The two pictures above are from the seller and the album looks like a legit copy. The seller also listed four other pictures: the lyric sheet insert, the vinyl, and two pictures of the himself with the record with the band from 2008. My only problem with the auction is that the seller has a zero feedback rating and is generally new to Ebay. A zero feedback rating always puts up a red flag to me but, as everything on Ebay, it’s “buyer beware” so hopefully the transaction goes smoothly. The album started at 99 cents and went up over $2200 within 24 hours! I don’t know who the winner is but I’d love to know how someone spends $2550 on a 3 song/15 minute E.P.!

As a side note, Rockadrome Records has released a compilation CD from Militia titled RELEASED (2008) that includes 2 early demos, THE SYBLING, and a couple of outtakes and live tracks. If you want to own all that Militia has recorded, including this E.P., then save yourself $2537 and spend the $13 on the new CD.

Ebay Madness: Sgt. Roxx – Push And Squeeze (1990) sells for $610.10!

Sgt. Roxx released one album, PUSH AND SQUEEZE, independently back in 1990 and it is always one of the most sought after Hard Rock indie rarities among collectors. This release is widely bootlegged, there is currently a bootleg out of Italy from 2006 circulating, but if you want an original presing then you better be willing to pay the big bucks!

sgt roxx - push and squeese auction

Sgt. Roxx – Push And Squeeze (1990) sells for $610.10 on Ebay

Seller: silver*wings
Country: Washington (USA)
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 37

The seller is from the U.S. with 100% feedback and low shipping ($3). The auction is extremely detailed with close-up pictures of the CD and the front and back covers…..the all important catalog numbers and label name are very clear. Of all the copies I’ve seen over the years on Ebay, this one looks to be the original pressing and not the Italian bootleg. The auction started on August 8th at 99 cents and it went well over $100 by the end of August 9th. It cleared $200 on 8/11, $250 by 8/14 and then the bidding went wild on the last day to end at $610.10!

Ebay Madness: Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) strikes again!

Just when you thought it was safe again on Ebay, the Kidd Wikkid CD strikes again! I’ve featured this CD twice before: October 2006 when it sold for $394 and June 2007 when it dropped to a mere $232.48! Everytime I come across this CD I always see it go for big dollars, even for bootleg CDRs! So here we go…..the latest Ebay Madness on Kidd Wikkid.

Kidd Wikkid auction 1

Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) sells for $464.36

Seller: sgt 667 (Twisted Kite Records & CDs)
Country: Missoula, Montana USA
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 13

This seller is from the U.S. with 100% positive feedback and the auction lists verified questions from bidders as to the authenticity of the CD (sliver-pressed original or bootleg) so there are a lot of positives. For collectors, an original pressing is still a rarity but buyer beware of all the bootlegs that are damn close to an original. This auction got out of hand early: by Day 2 of the auction it was already over $200 and by the next to last day it was over $350.

Kidd Wikkid auction 2

Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) sells for $513 a week later!

Seller: theclamiam
Country: Butte, Montana USA
Starting Price = 8
Bids = $9.99

Second Kidd Wikkid CD out of Montana in a week but this one is extra special…..it’s autographed! The owner of this autographed copy owned a music store in Butte and he was given an autographed copy by the band for his store. He says he may have a t-shirt also and, if he can find it, will throw it in! $513 for a CD and a t-shirt…..I wish I could spend that kind of money.

Ebay Madness: Razor – Shotgun Justice (1990) auctions

Here we go with another edition of Ebay Madness…..this time I am focusing on one of Canada’s best Metal exports, Razor, and their 1990 album SHOTGUN JUSTICE. So what is so important about Razor and SHOTGUN JUSTICE that there is so much attention on Ebay? No idea really, I’ve been able to find used Razor CDs with ease but I guess they are becoming harder to find, in particular, SHOTGUN JUSTICE……

razor-auction-2Razor – Shotgun Justice CD sells for $250 with BUY IT NOW

Seller: caradepichi
Starting Price = $10
Buy It Now Price = $250
Bids = 1

This Razor CD auction started on April 4th and was sold April 5th when a “lucky” buyer decided that $250 was a fair price (for an original mint CD on Fringe Records) and bypassed the auction process starting at $10. The seller is from the U.S., offered decent shipping and a guarantee that the CD was mint and an original. I could tell by the auction description that the seller knew a thing or two about collecting because he makes it very clear that this CD was not a bootleg, reissue or a Greek and/or Russian pressing.


razor-auctionRazor – Shotgun Justice (1990) CD sells for $255

Seller: skivbors
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 66

With the market price now set at $250 the day before, this seller from Sweden had an original near mint copy of the same CD on Fringe Records starting at $9.99 up for grabs. Turns out that there are a lot of people looking for an original pressing of this album because 66 bids later this one sold for 5 bucks more! This was an actual auction so if you look at the bid history there are really only 6 actual bidders and the winner is the one putting in astronomical amounts. All the power to him for wanting to pay big money! What I did notice is that while the bidding war was going on here for a full week, the BUY IT NOW auction above started 5 days after when the price got high. This auction at $255 ended early on April 6th.

razor-auction-pic-5Razor – Shotgun Justice (1990) does not sell at $199.99

Seller: disccollector
Buy It Now Price = $199.99
Bids = 0 (auction ended by seller)

And while the two auctions above were selling in excess of $200, here is this Razor CD listed for $199.99 with BUY IT NOW…..a “bargain” at $50+ less than the going rate! I have to give the seller on this auction some kudos because he ended this auction a few hours after the $255 CD ended. Why sell your CD for less when you can hopefully get top dollar? The seller here states that he is a former record store owner and Metal fan and that he used to order an extra copy of everything so he could add to his personal collection. Sounds like something I would do!  He also makes reference to the auctions above in his listing and calls out to the people involved in the bidding war…..maybe he got an offer? Who knows but he’s sitting on a CD that’s in demand.

razor-auction-3Razor – Shotgun Justice (1990) sells for $70 with BUY IT NOW

Seller: dmitriyk2007
Buy It Now Price = $70
Bids = 1

Maybe the former record store owner ended his auction because he saw this CD sell for $180+ less? This Razor CD is located in Russia and the seller has 100% positive feedback and provided four detailed photos of the CD. This one was also listed the day of the bidding war and it was scooped up quick at a real bargain price!

If you’re interested in owning an original CD pressing of this Razor album then there is a current auction from a seller in Greece that’s waiting for you to bid……it’s only up to $45 USD as of this post!

Ebay Madness – Vinyl Edition: Ritual, Demolition, Krokus, Thunder Rider, Sunset

Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl!

I don’t know what it is but I just love finding obscure Heavy Metal vinyl selling for big bucks on Ebay. Maybe it’s because I have a turntable again but I started turning back to vinyl last year, without a turntable, as more of a nostalgia thing. I spent my formative Metal years scrounging through racks of LPs in local record stores looking at the covers and soaking in all the information. When searching Ebay, I found that a lot of obscure Metal albums on CD were readily available, in good condition, on vinyl for affordable prices. Economics dictate my collecting and I would rather spend $20 on an LP than $200 on a CD and some of the albums I was tracking were going for high prices just because they were CDs. That doesn’t mean all vinyl is cheap! There is a vinyl revival that has been growing every year and it has infiltrated the Metal world, many bands now release their new albums with a limited vinyl pressing. That also means some original vinyl presses of obscure albums are skyrocketing especially when CDs are not available or the reissues of said albums have suspect sound quality or are shoddy bootlegs. Either format can bring out the best bargains or the highest prices.

So here are some rare high priced Heavy Metal records that I have found, maybe some of you have them……

sunset-forgotten-kingdomSunset – Forgotten Kingdom (1986) = $103.49

Seller: shermy67
Starting Price = $99.99
Bids = 2

Here’s a band I’ve never heard of but someone must have because they decided that a starting price of 100 bucks was reasonable. I couldn’t find much information on Sunset except that they were a Melodic Metal band from the U.S. and this is their only release. The only other thing I found is that there is a bootleg of this album on Racer Records but I haven’t found any information online about it. There is a page at Vibrations Of Doom where you can listen to this album: http://vibrationsofdoom.com/test/test2/Sunset.html


thunder-rider-tales-of-darkness-and-lightThunder Rider – Tales Of Darkness And Light (1987) = $258

Seller: sunset-bomber
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 17

I don’t know much about Thunder Rider except that the band is from Canada. There really isn’t much information out there except that the band released a second album in 2002 and that this album was re-released on CD in 1997. The band does have a website (www.thunderrider.com) but it doesn’t seem like it’s been updated in a long time. There is a page at Vibrations Of Doom where you can listen to this album: http://www.vibrationsofdoom.com/test/ThunderRider.html


krokus-1st-lp-19761Krokus – s/t (1976) = $270

Seller: j.piero
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 24

This one is on my Want List! You don’t see this album all that much and I have been searching for this since 1998 when I found out Krokus had a self-titled album. In the last 11 years I’ve only seen two auctions on Ebay and both went over $100. The seller is from Switzerland and that makes sense because that’s where Krokus is from. If there is any place that there are some copies of this album it’s Switzerland! If you watch Ebay closely, you’ll see CD versions of this album from time to time but I found out that they are bootlegs. This album has never been released on CD, I found that out straight from the Krokus website. The album was graded G+ for the cover and VG+ for the vinyl and this auction ended on Feb 11, 2009 and that is significant because…..


krokus-1st-lp-1976-pic-2Krokus – s/t (1976) = $380

Seller: humblebeetree
Buy It Now Price = $380
Bids = 1

…..this auction ended two days earlier (Feb 9, 2009) with BUY IT NOW for a Near Mint copy (both cover and vinyl NM). This seller was located in Switzerland and the auction set the going rate for a really good copy of the record. That’s probably why the other auction had so many bids and went so high.


demolition-hooker-hater-axeman 7 inchDemolition – Hooker Hater/Axeman 7″ single (1981)  = $886.54

Seller: rattlehead14
Starting Price = $3
Bids = 21

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) always brings out the the rarest of the rare and the highest prices of all. This near mint 7″ single is no exception…..it started at $3 and went up to $886+, that’s a lot of money! Birmingham, England’s Demolition only released the two tracks and then disappeared like so many hopeful bands did back in the day. I tried to find some extra information on Demolition but there really isn’t much online or in The NWOBHM Encyclopedia (by Malc MacMillan). I did find out that High Vaultage Records released a CD titled WRECKING CREW in 2006 and it compiled the two songs on this single, 5 demos and 12 live tracks from 1981 that includes some songs that never made it to vinyl. Save those pennies because you can find the CD from time to time for around $25.

I’ve saved the best for last…..the most expensive vinyl LP I’ve seen in a long time…..

ritual-widow-1983Ritual – Widow (1983) = $1246.19

Seller: swirlingorgan
Starting Price: $1218
Bids = 2

I’m not sure if this is the “holy grail” of NWOBHM vinyl but the price sure dctates that somebody out there thinks it is. Congratulations to the seller for getting $1200+ for a simple record in this tough world economy…..at least it’s in Excellent condition. Supposedly the seller bought two copies from the daughter of the band’s former manager and the master tapes no longer exist. this pressing of the album has the distinction of the band name NOT being included on the cover, only the title. A lot of confusion surrounds the album and the band’s actual name, many think it’s Widow. Good news for everyone interested, Shadow Kingdom Records has reissued this album on CD with new artwork, 4 bonus tracks, extra liner notes and original artwork and photos. You can order it through CD Baby or through the band’s MySpace page.

Ebay Madness – Vulture, Guns N’ Roses, Roxxi, Dirty Looks, Metallica, Saxon

I love Ebay! There is no better place to find obscure albums while sitting in front of your stereo spinning discs. Unfortunately, the current economy has stopped my rare CD buying but it hasn’t stopped everybody! There are still fans and collectors willing to pay a premium price for a CD that may or may not be rare, is a promo, or an international edition. I have to admit, I’m one of those people but I have limits……it’s good to see that there are still people out there with more money than sense!

vulture-fatal-gamesVulture – Fatal Games (1990) = $321

Seller – vilainshadows
Staring Price = $9.99
Bids = 5

Vulture is a Thrash Metal band from Holland and FATAL GAMES is their debut full-length album. I’ve seen this Vulture album on Ebay before but not at this high a price. Personally, I would have been wary of this auction because of the CD’s location…..Greece. A lot of bootlegs of “rare” discs have come from Greece over the last few years and I usually avoid these sellers but this particular seller describes the CD as an original pressing on Overdrive Records, not a reissue, and from his own collection. I’ve checked the current auctions and there is another original pressing located in Houston, TX but it is a BUY IT NOW for $350. Looks like the market price has been set!

roxxi-drive-it-to-ya-hardRoxxi – Drive It To Ya Hard! (1990) = $209.50

Seller – hinomoto1
Staring Price = 99 cents
Bids = 7

Roxxi is one of those U.S. Hard Rock bands that tried to make a dent in the Metal scene just as the decline started in the early ’90s. The only reason I know this album is because the video for the title track actually got some airplay on MTV in 1990. I saw the video again when VH-1 Classic came to our digital cable provider a couple of years ago but never again. This Japanese pressing has different cover art than the U.S. release and I can vouch for the seller because I have bought a number of Japanese pressings from him in the past. When I was searching Ebay what I found interesting is that the same exact CD was up for auction 10 hours earlier from a seller in the U.K. That CD ended at $69 and then a bidding war started for this CD later in the day! Also, you can get a cassette copy anytime on Ebay for about $15-$20. Here’s the video for the title cut…..

Roxxi – ‘Drive It To Ya Hard!’

dirty-looks-live-in-san-diegoDirty Looks – Live In San Diego (2005) = $202.50

Seller – opd1991
Starting Price = $19.99
Bids = 8

LIVE IN SAN DIEGO was released in 2005 by Dirty Looks vocalist Henrik Ostergaard through the Dirty Looks website. Turns out that this is a CDR of a live recording from the band’s tour in 1994 and is now out of print. There is another auction out there with a higher starting price of $99.99 (BUY IT NOW for $150). I’m not sure if a CDR is worth a couple hundred dollars but there are passionate Dirty Looks fans out there! My question is if it is a CDR then why doesn’t the band print up more?

guns-n-roses-better-singleGuns N’ Roses – ‘Better’ (2008, CD single) = $200

Seller – musick2004
Starting Price = $200 (Buy It Now)
Bids = 1

The hype machine is in full effect for the new GNR album CHINESE DEMOCRACY and these promo CD single for ‘Better’ have been fetching anywhere from $50-$175 at auction. This is the highest price I’ve seen paid so far for this single. Remember, it’s $200 for one song! There are plenty up for grabs right now but you could also wait and drop $15 at Best Buy this coming Sunday.


Metallica – Death Magnetic (2008) promo disc from Uruguay = $153.50

Seller – u2only
Starting Price = $50 
Bids = 14

Collecting can be a niche thing for many people. I know some collectors that will only buy Japanese pressings and some that will only buy original pressings. Other people I know will only collect a certain band or genre. Who really needs a promo disc from Uruguay of the new Metallica disc? Probably only the most diehard of Metallica collectors. It’s the same album, same songs, just with different promo artwork in Spanish. I think the music might be the same no matter if the pressing is from North America, Europe, Japan and Uruguay.

saxon-innocence-is-no-excuseSaxon – Innocence Is No Excuse (1985) = $151.12

Seller – kingdom_of_rock
Starting Price = $6.50
Bids = 10

I have this CD! About 10 years ago, I picked up a bunch of Saxon CDs in this little record store I found 20 minutes from my house. All the Saxon CDs were part of the BURRN! Magazine reissue series and they are long out of print. I think I paid about $18 for this import and I haven’t come across another one in my travels. I’ve bought from this seller before so I know that he gets really good out of print Japanese pressings. Remember the Roxxi auction above? This is the seller that sold his copy of the Roxxi album for $69 10 hours before it spiked to $200+.

Ebay Madness: Black Death vinyl LP with bonus 7″ (1984) sells for a crazy $241.50!

Black Death vinyl LP with the 7″ bonus E.P. (1984, Auburn Records) sells for $241.50

Seller – rattlehead14
Starting Price = $3
Bids = 21

Here is the item description from the auction:
BLACK DEATH – Same US Metal LP, issued on Auburn Records in 1984.  Solid Ohio metal from this all African American band.  Includes the original bonus 7” with 2 songs not on the LP.  Vinyl and cover are Mint-, as well as the 7”…….For those who don’t know me, I’m Jim from OPM Records and I’ve moved from the USA to New Zealand, so please note that all records will be sent via airmail from New Zealand.  I’m selling off some of my collection, so I’ll be listing some monster metal records over the next few months, so please check back.

I was watching this auction closely just like I did on the last one that ended at $172.50. This time around most of the bidders had a lot of feedback so the possible shill bidding on the previous auction wasn’t an issue. With shipping being $14 from New Zealand, this auction tips the $250+ level. I took a look at the seller’s current auctions and his completed auctions, I could do a very long Ebay Madness column just on this guy alone! The rare NWOBHM vinyl he has on auction and has sold is some of the rarer pieces I’ve seen and the private pressings of little known U.S. and Canadian Metal bands is really good. I counted at least a dozen vinyl LPs that went for $150+ and half of those went over $200! What a shame he has to sell his collection, there are some rare items I wouldn’t mind acquiring, including this album. Why can’t I win Powerball?

More info on Black Death can be found at Auburn Records (I’m still waiting on that 2 CD reissue!), BNR Metal Pages, Encyclopedia Metallum, and The Corroseum. You can listen to the record in RealAudio at Vibrations Of Doom.

Ebay Madness – Living Colour, Laurence Archer, Uncle Slam, Hear ‘N Aid, Taken

Living Colour – Vivid (1988) sealed longbox sells for the crazy amount of $1025!

Seller – beatlesandmore
Starting Price = $16.95
Bids = 4

You have got to be kidding me! Over a grand for an album that you can find in any record store in the U.S. either new or used? If you’re in the market to buy this CD, then $5 used is plenty and no more than $10 brand new. The trend lately is to buy sealed longboxes and keep them sealed so they go up in price, on the same idea of action figures and toys. The problem is that millions of copies of VIVID were sold and there are thousands of used copies all over the place. With so many “mom & pop” record stores closing there doors, old inventory like CDs in longboxes are becoming more common…..the old record store in my hometown has 5 sealed longboxes of Lita Ford’s DANGEROUS CURVES for $15 each, maybe I should invest?

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) sells for another high price – $395!

Seller – hinomoto1
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 44

This Laurence Archer CD is like a default Ebay Madness item, I think I’ve done more Ebay Madness columns with this CD than any other! It’s popular among collectors and very rare and now there is an Italian bootleg out there so buyer beware! I have bought from this seller in the past so I can attest to the quality of the auctions and CDs I’ve received. Hinomoto1 is one of the best sellers on Ebay for Japanese issue CDs.

Uncle Slam – Say Uncle (1988) Japanese import sells for $233.73!

Seller – heatwave704
Starting Price = $99.99
Bids = 14

Old school Thrash from ’88 released in Japan only. I’ve seen this disc go for big bucks before and it’s definitely a rarity. You gotta love that album cover, especially in today’s context! If anyone is interested, check Ebay for a current auction that starts at $200!

Hear ‘N Aid (1985) Japanese CD sells for $202.50!

Seller – ufo-msg
Starting Price = $29.99
Bids = 23

I have this exact disc and I bought it for $20 in ’96! This was issued on CD in Japan in 1994 and it hasn’t been released on CD in the U.S. at all to my knowledge. I had this on cassette when it first came out, I remember how cool I thought it was that the Metal guys were doing a USA For Africa thing. I give the seller credit for getting so much but I noticed that the winning bidder has zero feedback and is new to Ebay…..always a question mark in my eyes but the seller is legit, I’ve bought from ufo-msg in the past.

Taken – Smell the Groove (1992) independently released CD grabs $147.50!

Taken – Smell The Groove (1992) independently released CD ends at $130 with BUY IT NOW!

Seller – djsfresh19
Starting Price (auction) = 99 cents
Bids = 12
Buy It Now Price (2nd listing) = $130

Ebay seller djsfresh19 had two copies of this album to sell: the first at $147.50 ended 7/10/08 and the $130 BUY IT NOW listing ended on 7/14/08. Not a bad haul for 4 days of “work”! The funney thing about these two listings is that the seller misspelled “groove” and used “grove” instead! I’ve listed this CD before, it’s a rare early 90s album that usually goes between $150 – $200. There seems to be a few of them circulating lately because…..

Taken – Smell the Groove (1992) CD ends with BUY IT NOW at $125…..a bargain!

Seller – sawface32
Buy It Now Price = $125

This Philadelphia band’s independently released CD went like hotcakes in the 5 days! This listing ended on 7/11/08, right in between the two up above. Turns out this one was the best price by five bucks!

Ebay Madness – Galaxy Group, Mata Hari, Airbourne

Galaxy Group – s/t (1991) sells for $113.60

Seller – eagleeyeiii
Starting Price = $8.99
Bids = 14

I have this CD! Picked it up years ago from a top collector for about half the price. This Russian AOR disc gets bootlegged often, copies flood Ebay and eveyone gets to hear it. To find an original is hard to do, only 300 copies were made. I did my research years ago and did in fact get an original. Speculation is that either the label keeps pressing the discs or one of the band members is doing it.

Mata Hari – Feel the Fire (1992) sells for $190.50

Seller – eagleeyeiii
Starting Price = $8.99
Bids = 20

This CD sold for $270 back on March 1st and now here’s another one. I know nothing about the band except that they are from Minnesota and play Hard Rock. I’ll bet that there is someone on the Net with a few copies and they are getting sold to collectors. The first auction in March was sold by a respected collector, this auction was done by an up and comer that I have bought from in the past. Kudos to eagleyeiii for getting two big auctions in the same column!

Airbourne – Ready To Rock (2004) sells for $410!

Seller – doctor_fish
Starting price = $9.99
Bids = 13

Everyone should have picked this CD up when Airbourne was still a bar band and copies could be had for $10-$15 plus postage. This is the second one I’ve seen in the last couple of months go for big money, both signed by the band. These discs were only sold at local shows in Australia.

Ebay Madness: Friction – Baby Talk (1990) CD sells for $515!


Friction – Baby Talk (1990, Nizer Top Records) sells for $515!

Seller – bluesaranda
Starting Price = $49.99
Bids = 24

Here is the auction description:
This is an ORIGINAL NEVER OPENED Friction Baby Talk CD from one of the greatest bands from the 80’s & 90’s. This CD is NOT a reissue or a CDR, this is an original silver pressed CD from 1990. This CD has been in storage for 18 years and is in perfect condition and factory sealed. I know the guys from Friction and worked for them when the CD came out. The pictures show the unopened CD with my personal copy of Baby Talk with the booklet to show you what you get inside the unopened CD. The booklet inside the unopened CD contains song lyrics and a bit of info on the band, the centerfold shows a picture of the band in the background behind the lyrics.

(It was difficult getting good pictures with the wrapper on the CD, I can email better pictures if needed.)

PLEASE NOTE: this auction is for the unopened CD only. The opened CD is not for sale and is NOT included in this auction.

Baby Talk was released on Nizer Top Records in 1990, Friction’s own label. This CD contains the catalog number NT11090. Total running time on CD is 41:05. The CD contains 11 amazing songs with great hooks and fantastic harmonies. It is a shame that these guys never got signed to a major label deal.
Well this was an auction worth watching! The seller actually contacted me before the auction about my Friction album review and then went over to Heavy Harmonies for more info. I’ve talked to the seller over the last few days and it turns out he was friends with the band and his guitar was used to record some parts. So it’s not only a CD but a little slice of history to go along with it for $515! Congrats to bluesaranda!

I was interested in the CD and I was hoping that the 2005 Retrospect Records “reissue” (that is no longer listed on their website) would keep the price down. The “reissue” went for around $30 plus shipping but was a green-tinted CDR with blurry cover art and no booklet. Not sure if the Retrospect edition was done with consent of the band, and I’m not going to have a discussion on that here, but I was lucky enough to buy it and have the music in my collection. I would prefer an original though and I was hoping the price would stay around $100…..2 days to go and it was around $250!

The seller is supposed to let his friends in the band know about the auction and the information online about Friction. Hopefully the band can do a proper reissue where the collectors and fans can get the music at a reasonable price.