Ebay Madness – Black Death vinyl LP with bonus EP (1984) for $172.50

Black Death – s/t vinyl LP (1984, Auburn Records), with bonus EP, sells for $172.50

Seller – valveater
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 39 

Here is the item description from the auction:
Black Death’s classic LP plus the bonus EP including “Here Comes the Wrecking Crew” and “Retribution” on Auburn records 1984.  Black Death was a Cleveland-based Metal band produced by the legendary Bill Peters and is notable for being the first all African-American heavy metal band.  The LP cuts are:

Night of the Living Death
The Hunger
When Tear Run Red
Fear No Evil
The Scream of the Iron Messiah
Black Death

Personnel: Siki Spacek, Darrell Harris, Greg Hicks, Phil Bullard

The jacket has light wear.  The vinyl is excellent with a few light surface marks.  The LP does not have a sleeve. This album is a historical milestone in metal, but was produced in very limited quantities mostly for the local market and is thus very rare.  Get it now while you can!

This was an auction that I was watching very closely. I have started to make a list of rare Metal albums that were only released on vinyl and Black Death have been high on the list. Auburn Records is supposed to have a CD reissue of this album, the EP, and bonus material but it has been delayed for almost two years. Supposedly it’s the next Auburn release but I’m not sure of the timetable.

I’ve seen this record go for $75+ twice without the EP twice in the last year but I didn’t have the extra money to throw around. This time I had $100 marked for online purchases and I was going to pool it for the album. Unfortunately, some bidders on this auction kept bidding the price up. These people had very low feedback (between 0 – 2) so I figure they were really new to Ebay or shill bidders. Either way, the winner is a collector but he had to pay through the nose.

More info on Black Death can be found at Auburn Records, BNR Metal Pages, Encyclopedia Metallum, and The Corroseum. You can listen to the record in RealAudio at Vibrations Of Doom.

Ebay Madness – Sabre, Shotgun Sally, Sgt. Roxx, Uprising, Graham Bonnet, KK Wilde, Taken, Fantasia, The Rolling Stones

Saber - Do Or DieSaber – Do Or Die (indie release) ends at $140.38 

Seller – delclemons
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 14

Described as AOR/Melodic Hard Rock, there’s not much else to describe Saber except to compare them to other rarities. No release year was given, only that this was an indie release by the band.

Shotgun Sally - Steamy Session (1993)Shotgun Sally – Steamy Session (1993, indie) ends at $168.05

Seller – delclemons
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 22

Another big sell for delclemons, one of the best sellers/collectors in the scene. I’d love to know how he finds these indie releases, what’s his secret? Described as Roxxi meets Stage Dolls = Melodic Hard Rock from Norway.

Sgt. Roxx - Push and Squeeze (1990/2006 Italian reissue)Sgt. Roxx – Push and Squeeze (1990) ends at $170.27 for a 2006 Italian reissue

Seller – eagleyeeiii
Starting Price = $5.99
Bids = 28

Sgt. Roxx is one of the “holy grail” CDs for Hard Rock collectors but this isn’t an original…..this is an Italian import from 2006. Bootleg? Probably. I’m in various collector’s forums everyday so I would have jumped on an official reissue but I’ve never heard of it. I went to Google and nothing came up. Buyer beware!

Uprising - Let It Ride (1993)Uprising – Let It Ride (1993, indie) ends at $179.50

Seller – delclemons
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 16

Score three in one segment for delclemons! Like I said, the guy knows Hard Rock rarities, so I expect not only a CD that isn’t around much but also a very expensive one at the end of the day. Uprising comes from somewhere in the Midwest U.S. and are compared to Dokken and Valentine.

Graham Bonnet - The Rock Singer’s Anthology (1990, Japanese import)Graham Bonnet – The Rock Singer’s Anthology (1990) Japanese import sells for $258.37

Seller – yuzyp
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 8

I own this CD, just not the Japanese import. The last time I saw this album fetch big money was back in August ’07 when it got $203.51 for the European version. Lucky for me I picked this up for $20 in ’99! It’s long out of print and highlights Bonnet’s days with The Marbles, Rainbow, and his solo career.

KK Wilde - Cocaine Cowboy (1991)KK Wilde – Cocaine Cowboy (1991) sells for $266

Seller – c.lieck
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 7

99 cents seems to be a magic starting price in this edition of Ebay Madness! KK Wilde is another one of those bands that has become highly collectible over the last 10 years. COCAINE COWBOY is actually the band’s 2nd record, there’s a bit of confusion out there because the debut, ROCK N ROLL, also came out in 1991. I haven’t seen this CD for a long time so I knew it would get a high price.

Taken - Smell The Groove (1992)Taken – Smell The Groove (1992, indie) ends at $316

Seller – bgard100
Starting Price = $7.99
Bids = 23

Another indie release that not only fetches big bucks but is widely sought after. The band members and roadies have chimed in over at the Heavy Harmonies Taken page for a little added history to the band and release. The auction describes it as ’80s Hair/Glam Metal from Philadelphia. Interesting note: the winner for this disc also won the KK Wilde disc above.

Fantasia - s/tFantasia – s/t (indie release) sells for $455

Seller – delclemons
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 20

Independent release by members of another indie Hard Rock band called Satin Street. The music is described as David Lee Roth era Van Halen and there are a few MP3 samples in the auction listing to check out. Big money!

And now for the highest grossing CD I could find for this installment…..

The Rolling Stones – 94/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour Souvenir Japanese In Store Promo Sampler CD sells with BUY IT NOW for $3000!

Rolling Stones 94/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour Souvenir Japanese In Store Promo Sampler CD #1 Rolling Stones 94/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour Souvenir Japanese In Store Promo Sampler CD #2 Rolling Stones 94/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour Souvenir Japanese In Store Promo Sampler CD #3

Seller – luvercd
BUY IT NOW Price – $3000
Bids – 1

I love seeing things like this! Who in their right mind has $3000 to spend on a CD? We’ll never know because the buyer’s ID was kept private by the seller. It’s an “in-store sampler” for the Japanese Voodoo Lounge Tour so I’m thinking this was free for the lucky employee that convinced his employer to part with it after the tour was over. I also figure collector’s got a hold of this for $30-$50 as an import from sellers in Japan pre-Internet and maybe even in Ebay’s infancy. This is one of those discs I would love to run into…..imagine finding it and either selling it or being able to say you own a disc that sold for $3000! Not sure what I would do but my wife would make me sell it. Here is a link for more info on this CD: http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=206730

Ebay Madness: The Psorce – Across The Sea (1994)

The Psorce - Across The Sea (1994)

The Psorce – Across The Sea (1994) sells for $189.38!

Auction description:
Sometimes a CD is so hard to find that it doesn’t even register on the trusted barometers of rarity (i.e. an appearance in the Metal Mayhem collection, a ranking on Heavy Harmonies’ top rarities etc.) Across The Sea by The Psorce can’t be found on either website, and is not among the 45 million listings featured on Musicstack and GEMM either. So this isn’t just a one-in-a-million CD… it’s a zero-in-45-million rarity! You have better chances of winning the lottery than finding this one. But the melodic perfection here will DEFINITELY make you feel like you’re holding a golden ticket… a golden ticket to AOR paradise! Listen to “Reach Out” (click title) for example. Have you ever heard a more perfect example of AOR from an indie/unknown band? I know I haven’t! This mid-tempo track is pure bliss for fans of Diving for Pearls and The Cauze (the U.S. band from 1987). Chris Machart’s voice reminds me of a more AOR James Labrie (maybe from his Winter Rose period) with a healthy dose of Danny Malone (Diving for Pearls) and even Hugo (Valentine, Open Skyz). The track is mid-tempo in that to-die-for “Waiting for Love” (Alias), “New Moon” (Diving for Pearls) and “Every Time You Cry” (Strangeways) style. But this track is merely foreplay for what’s to come. “Coming Down” is a commercial, high-energy rocker similar to Gary Hughes at the top of his game, while “Run” is a pure 80s Night Ranger/Loverboy adrenalin rush! Find me three songs on your favorite U.S. AOR indie and they will pale in comparison. Then comes “When She Cries”, a return to the mid-tempo AOR they do so well. If they say “fortune favors the bold”, then it will take nothing less than your boldest bid to secure this veritable fortune of breath-taking, melt-in-your-mouth AOR. Near MINT throughout… don’t miss one of the best and rarest AOR CDs you will see on eBay in 2008!

I have never seen this CD or heard of this band. A Google of “Psorce Across the Sea” brought nothing except this auction and a college radio station playlist. I wouldn’t pay that much for an indie release I have no information on but I would grab it if I saw it out in the wild!

If anyone knows about this band and/or album, please post the information in the comments section.

Ebay Madness: The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD sells for $1125.01!

The Stuff - s/t (1993)

The Stuff – s/t (1993 independent release) CD sells for $1125.01!

Seller – mistdiscs
Starting price = $4.99
Number of Bidders = 33

Here’s the auction description:

This is an original copy of the ultra hyper rare and obscure 1993 hair rock indie release from THE STUFF. Going on a cd hunt and finding this type of killer release is what dreams are made of. With little doubt this has to be one of the very best finds I have ever come across in my 5 plus years of selling on Ebay. The sound, the look and the attitude of this gem is what brings fans of the genre to their knees. Fans of Firehouse, Danger Danger, Tyketto, Dokken, Jailhouse and Blind Date and every other catchy Hair Rock band that have a melodic AOR touch will love this indie.

 The Stuff #2 The Stuff #3

With an intro track called “The Hunt” similar to “Ginger Snaps” from Danger Danger on the Screw it! release, you know this one will please all. Includes some great rockin’ tracks like “Open Season”, “Touch Me”, “Learn By Living” and the massive Dokken like epic closing track “Castaway”. Don’t worry no hair rock indie would be complete without some killer tear jerkin’ ballads like “Someone New” and “I Will Always Be There”. The vocals, lead and harmony, song writing and the blistering guitar work make this one a must. With one bid, a lucky collector will have the chance to own one of the rarest and very best hair rock indies out there. I have never seen or heard of this one and I doubt many collectors have as well, so make you bid count because this is the one and only cd I have to offer. Includes 11 tracks and is in mint condition.

I was watching this CD the whole week and I just knew that this one would go for big bucks. I’ve never heard of The Stuff and I can’t talk about their music but I can talk about the seller: mistdiscs. I watch this seller’s auctions all the time because there is always a rare regional indie (like The Stuff) that goes for large money. Mistdiscs has a 99.9% rating and is always a big player in the collector’s market.

One thing I’ve always noticed is when a CD like this one sells for a lot of money, copies come out of the woodwork. As of this post, there are four new auctions for The Stuff CD:

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD with a $250 reserve

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD that is being sold by a student of the guitarist

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD with a starting bid of 99 cents and a BUY IT NOW of $899.99

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD with a BUY IT NOW of $599.99

People smell blood money, so I’ll bet more copies come out in the coming weeks. Just for the hell of it, I put in a 99 cent bid on auction #3!

Ebay Madness – Tora Tora – Revolution Day (1994 unreleased 3rd album) studio master reels end at $2136!

Tora Tora – Revolution Day (1994 unreleased album) studio master reels sells for $2136!

Tora Tora pic 1 Tora Tora pic 2 Tora Tora pic 3 Tora Tora pic 4

Someone out there just got an early Xmas gift! And an expensive one at that! Bidding started at $9.95…..under ten bucks! There were 49 bids.

Let’s read the acurate description from the auction:

This auction includes:

1) The ACTUAL studio back-up MASTER REELS for the 1994 UNRELEASED 3rd CD (titled Revolution Day) from Melodic Rock outfit Tora Tora!!! What makes these reels so interesting is that until I discovered them in a box five years ago, no one even knew Tora Tora recorded a third CD. Wikipedia says “Revolution Day, was recorded in 1994, but it was never released due to label restructuring. After missing the due date, the band folded.”

Both reels are on ¼” tape and these are 2 track stereo masters. For those of you that may be wondering exactly how rare these tapes are; when a band recorded albums on analog tape, three sets of masters are made. A master and a back-up master which are kept by the record company and then a third back-up mixed master which is either kept by the studio or the producer of the album. Luckily, I obtained a box of various reels from music biz veteran/Tora Tora producer-Tom Werman about five years ago with several additional Melodic Rock Masters. These are a one-of-a-kind set. Reel 1 contains Side A of the album and Reel 2 contains Side B. Good luck!

Both reels should play back perfectly although I would strongly recommend having them professionally transferred. Please email me when you bid just so I can have a record of the bid.

A little research suggests that the band had the album ready to go and it got lost in the shuffle when A&M Records went through a restructuring. The tracklisting I found online included:

  1. “Memphis Soul”
  2. “Candle In The Stone”
  3. “Rescue Me”
  4. “Shelter From The Rain”
  5. “Out Of The Storm”
  6. “Me and You”
  7. “Blues Come Home To You”
  8. “Mississippi Voodoo Child”
  9. “Revolution Day”
  10. “Livin A World Away”
  11. “Little Texas”
  12. “Time And The Tide”

I’d be interested in hearing this release.

— Steve

Ebay Madness – Guns N’ Roses Edition

We are going to spotlight some GnR auctions this time around. Just to get the “appetite” wet, let’s look at…..

Guns N’ Roses – Lies sealed in longbox ends at $110.29!
GnR - Lies in longbox for $110.29
I can easily get my hands on one of these and I think it’s high time I went out and got it. I have seen LIES in a longbox at a local shop for the last 6 years, it just sits there collecting dust at $15. This seller, Zenguitar, has over 2300+ feedback and this auction received 10 bids with a start price of $7.99. I still don’t get the idea of having a sealed longbox, it’s a new niche in CD collecting though.

This is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to GnR CDs on Ebay recently. People are selling rare and common GnR CDs for high prices, some sellers are doing to it exclusively just like this one: cdlewis (New Jersey, USA) with 1164 feedback. Keep in mind that the following five auctions all ended on October 20, 2007 between 1:11pm and 1:22pm, we’ll do a breakdown at the end…..

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction (Japanese CD 1st pressing) ends at $100!
GnR - Appetite CD Japan 1st press for $100Very detailed auction, good closeup photos, and the OBI strip…..a very attractive item for collectors. I like that the seller included the serial number, collectors know these things. Started at $9.99 and had 21 bids.

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction (1990 Japanese CD with original artwork) sells for $100.99!
GnR - Appetite Japan CD 1990 w/orig. artwork for $100.99This seller is on a roll! Another Appetite CD, another $100! Very detailed again with the history behind the pressing, good closeups again but no OBI strip. The Japanese lyric sheet is included though. Started at $9.99 again and had 13 bids.

Guns N’ Roses – Lies (1988 Japanese CD 1st pressing) sells for $113.49!
GnR - Lies Japan CD 1988 1st pressing for $113.49I like this seller’s auctions, they are very good. Detailed again, closeups again, OBI again…..this guy seems to know his GnR pressing. $9.99 start price again and 7 bids but what I noticed is that the winner won the Appetite original artwork disc and was 2nd place on the Appetite 1st press CD. That’s a lot of money for winning two discs!

Guns N’ Roses – Live E.P. (1987 Japan only CD) still sealed and commands $416!
GnR - Live E.P. (1987 Japan only) still sealed for $416I’ve seen this disc go for high dollars but I haven’t seen it go this high in years! Reason? A bidder with zero feedback and on Ebay less than 30 days bid this CD way up. Is it a case of shill bidding by the seller? Maybe, maybe not…..it’s possible that the seller is going to be a victim and not get paid if the winning bidder is an actual person. Still a great collector’s find. This auction started at $9.99, had 23 bids, and the suspect winner started the price war around the $150 mark.

Guns N’ Roses – Live Like A Suicide EP. (Japan 3 inch CD bootleg) grabs $455.23!
GnR - Live Like A Suicide E.P. (Japan 3 inch CD bootleg) for $455.23From the auction itself:
Let’s get this out of the way: this is NOT an official release. Read that again: this is NOT an official Uzi Suicide label release.

So the same seller has a Japanese boot of the vinyl E.P. on CD and it gets over $455…..or does it? The same winning bidder that one the Live E.P. (above) is the winner on this auction too. This CD started at $9.99 like the others, got 34 bids, but this winning bidder started early at $25 and jacked up the price. If you compare both auctions, the bidders list has the same bidders on it except for a couple. Shill bidding, auction bots, or coincidence? For the sellers sake, I hope he gets his $455.23.

So let’s total up this seller’s final take:

  • 5 CDs
  • $49.95 in combined starting prices
  • 98 bids
  • $1185.71 in combined sales
  • 11 minutes

Not a bad day!

Ebay Madness – Stryper, Metallica, Pretty Wicked, Tempest, Warrior, & Twisted Sister

Stryper – The Yellow & Black Attack (Japanese import) CD sells for $899!

Stryper - The Yellow & Black Attack CD sells for $899.
I understand the need to have this CD for the diehard Stryper fan and for the serious collector: First, this is the original artwork. Second, the tracklisting is different. $899 is very steep and I hope the lone bidder enjoys the CD.

Metallica – …And Justice For All (1988) sealed longbox CD sells for $291.98!

Metallica - …And Justice For All (1988) longbox CD sells for 291.98
The sealed longbox CD craze is in high gear and people are paying very expensive prices. I understand the need to have this classic album in your collection but why sealed in a longbox? Aren’t you going to listen to it? If you have one already, do you need one sealed in a longbox for safekeeping? This nonsense makes me want to go out and look for these types of discs and start putting them to auction. Almost $300 for a CD that’s going for $10 used at the local record shop!

Pretty Wicked – s/t (1992) sells for 281.69!

Pretty Wicked - s/t (1992) sells for 281.69
This one is a repeat offender and it’s gone up in price! Last time I featured this CD, it went for $199.99 with BUY IT NOW. It’s up almost $82! I hope it’s good…..

Tempest – Hard Night CD goes for $185.50!

Tempest - Hard Night
I know nothing about Tempest and I didn’t find much online. I can vouch for the seller though, a major player in the collector’s circuit. I’d be interested in hearing this one, I like the cover art, and I would like to know what year this was released.

Warrior – Fighting For The Earth (1985) Japanese CD pressing ends at $152.50!

Warrior - Fighting For The Earth (1985) Japan import for $152.50
I have this! I paid a lot less but I have it! The seller is one that is also reputable and I have dealt with him in the past, always a good selection and good shipping to the U.S. There were 17 bids on this one, it’s a hard CD to find.

Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry CD for $150!

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (1984)
This is a joke right? $150 for a CD I can buy at any retailer? $150 for an album that is a used bin classic? Notice the seller on this one is new (Rating = 0) and the buyer had a negative rating (-1). Sounds fishy to me! Still, why would anyone list this CD for $150 and who would even bid on it at that price?

Ebay Madness – Klaatu, Magnus, Graham Bonnet, Misslead, Tigertailz, & Noize Toys

Klaatu – Strange (1991) sells for $543!

Klaatu - Strange (199) for $543
All I know about Klaatu is that they are from Poland and they play a blend of AOR/Hard Rock. This seller is a highly regarded collector, everything he buys and sells is of top quality and are original CDs only. This CD was pressed in small quantities on a Polish label making it very rare…..but $543 is steep! This auction started at $5 and got 15 bids.

Magnus – I Was Watching My Death (1992) ends at $255!

Magnus - I Was Watching My Death (1991) auction ends at $255
Let’s stay in Poland and go harder with some Death metal. This is Magnus’ second album and it was also pressed in small quanitites (500 copies) making it a rare find. It’s a popular one because it got 16 bids and only started at a meager $9.99.

Graham Bonnet – The Rock Singer’s Anthology (1990) gets $203.51!

Graham Bonnet - Anthology (1990) for $203.51
I own this! I own this! Sorry for the excitement but I am very surprised that this sells for $200+ at auction. I bought my CD for $20 back in 1999 when Graham released THE DAY I WENT MAD (1999) and the local shop started stocking all Graham’s solo albums in the “Japanese Import” section. This isn’t a Japanese import, this is a regular CD made in Europe on the Vertigo label from 1990. This is a decent CD for Bonnet collectors as it touches his work from The Marbles, to his solo career, and on to Rainbow. This auction started at $1. One freaking dollar! 25 bids on this one from some people with serious feedback so it must be rare now. I saw a copy about six months ago in a store about 30 minutes from my house, maybe I’ll stop by this weekend and see if it’s still there…..

Misslead – Gentle Persuasion (1989) ends with BUY IT NOW for $150!

Misslead - Gentle Persuasion (1989) auction for $150
I’ve seen this CD go for over $300 a few times over the years so $150 is a bargain for collectors. Not surprised that this ended right away with BUY IT NOW. I’ve never heard Misslead but I’ve read they play a blend of Hard Rock/AOR that many top collectors rave about.

Tigertailz – Young And Crazy (1987) ends at $122.50!

Tigertailz - Young & Crazy (1987) for $122.50
This is the Japanese version on Music For Nations with the different artwork. That’s got to be why this CD was so expensive. The Combat Records version with the band picture cover art usually runs between $25 and $50 on CD, Between $5 and $25 on vinyl.

Noize Toys – Fallin’ In Lust…..Again (1989) ends at $115.10!

Noize Toys - Fallin’ In Lust…Again (1989) for $115.10
Another band that I’ve never heard but I know gets big dollars from collectors. From what I’ve read this is pure Sleaze Glam and was only released in Japan, obviously rare in the U.S. The dealer is one of the better sellers from Japan so this is a quality product. 13 bids and it started at $2.

Magnus – Scarlet Slaughterer (1992) sells for $113.50!

Magnus - Scarlet Slaughterer for $113.50
Same seller as the Magnus CD above. Same story as the other Magnus disc…..it’s hard to find. A little research shows that this is a compilation of Magnus’ demo tapes and that is was rereleased in 1996 with six bonus songs on Reaper Metal Records. The auction doesn’t state if this is the rerelease from ’96 but the research I did showed the original 1992 version as a demo cassette. Started at $9.99 again and got 11 bids.

Ebay Madness – Laurence Archer, Excruciate, Guns N’ Roses, Tesla, & Ratt

We’ve got a couple of repeat offenders in this edition of Ebay Madness that just keep going for big money on Ebay. Let’s start this installment with one of my favorite collectibles:

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) ends at $402!

Laurence Archer - LA (1986)

The final price is well under previous highs of $590, $777, and $1376.34 but it is still an expensive CD. I noticed that one of the major players on the collector’s circuit won but a look at the “Bidders List” shows something is not quite right. On the last day, a new Ebay member bid ten times to move the price up to $300. Could it be a shill bidder? Maybe the seller? It’s not an uncommon practice. The warning signs for me were the lack of specific information and the use of a stock photo rather than an actual picture of the item. Despite that I did put in a high bid of $50, I am Bidder 5.

Excruciate – Passage Of Life (1993) commands $167.50!

Excruciate - Passage Of Life (1993)

This slice of Death/Thrash just went for $300.01 a week before so demand is high. I realize that this was a limited pressing on an independent label but there has to be a cheaper alternative

Guns n’ Roses – Live! Like A Suicide E.P. (1986) VINYL ends at $121.08.

GNR E.P. (1986) front cover

GNR E.P. (1986) back cover

Very rare vinyl E.P. and STILL SEALED! Two pictures in this auction, front and back covers.

Four hours later, another VINYL copy goes higher at $127.50!

GNR E.P. (1986) pic 2

Obviously opened but the record itself is in Mint (M) condition, the cover is Near Mint (NM). What I like about this auction is that there were more pictures (four) to assess the quality.

GNR E.P. pic 4

GNR E.P. pic 5

GNR E.P. pic 6

We’ve seen the rarities go for big money but what about some more common CDs? Or at least more available CDs?

Tesla – Real To Reel Vol. 2 (2007) gets 34 bids and ends at $120!

Tesla - Real To Reel Vol.2 (2007)

This is actually a big picture so click the thumbnail for a more detailed look. I understand that you can only get this CD by purchasing a ticket to an upcoming Tesla concert but the going rate on this auction is ridiculous! For this price, you could buy at least two tickets for the band live and get two CDs. This CD has been a high priced item since the tour started but now the market is flooded and you can find sets of both volumes for less than half the price of this auction. What bothers me about this auction is that the seller is using a larger version from another auction that ended five hours earlier for $175. Same seller, different ID? Or coincidence? I’ll bet that Tesla releases this to the public eventually and/or there will be copies to snatch up around $20.

Ratt – Dancing Undercover (1986) Japanese pressing is a final at $103.60!

Ratt - Dancing Undercover (1986) Japanese pressing

Bridesofdestruction is a reputable seller from Japan and really knows the collector’s market on Japanese pressings. He/she always has successful auctions. It’s a fact that Japanese pressings are sonically superior but is the average fan really going to notice? Audiophiles with good stereo equipment will notice the difference but what about the average Joe with a shelf system from Circuit City? I can go out right now and pick up two or three copies used of the U.S. release for about six bucks each. Some collector’s will only buy Japanese pressings, and first pressings only. More dollars than sense, IMO.

Ebay Madness – Excruciate, Iron Maiden, Sgt. Roxx, Kidd Wikkid, Lessdress, Tesla

Excruciate - Passage Of Life (1993) for $300.01
Excruciate – Passage Of Life (1993) ends at $300.01!
I know absolutely nothing about Sweden’s Excruciate but I do know that $300 for a CD is a lot of money. The auction states the CD is OOP (out of print) and is a first pressing on Thrash Records but it’s still a lot of money. I’ve looked around and this can be bought between $20 and $50 on various websites, including Ebay. (As of this entry, there is a current auction going for the same exact CD. It will be interesting to watch.)

Iron Maiden - 7th Son… (in longbox) for $300 Buy It Now.
Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (in longbox) ends at $300 BUY IT NOW!
I understand the attraction of a sealed, rare, OOP CD that has eluded you for a long time, I even get the allure of a rarity in a longbox. The problem I have is that this CD is fairly common in used bins, I’ve seen the EMI 1st CD press, the Raw Power reissue, and the current pressing. In the U.S. alone, Maiden’s catalog has had FOUR different pressings on CD, the Castle Records 2 CD limited editions are the most collectible. This is definite madness for a CD and extra cardboard!

Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes Ltd. Ed. for $250 BIN
Iron Maiden – The Soundhouse Tapes (ltd. ed.) bought for $250 with BUY IT NOW!
A regular favorite here at Heavy Metal Addiction. Iron Maiden’s limited edition CD release of their debut E.P., THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES, was a freebie when you bought six of the latest remasters, filled out the form, sent the proof of purchase, blah…..blah…..blah. It was a gimmick to get fans to buy another set of Maiden remasters. This one sold for $660 and $820 about a year ago, is this a bargain now?

Sgt. Roxx - Push and Squeeze
Sgt. Roxx – Push & Squeeze (1990) sells for $241.28!
I featured this CD back in May at $415.01 and it’s gone down $174 in only 90 days, a real bargain! This is one of those collector’s dreams, it’s been raved about for years but is it worth $200+? I’ve never heard it so it’s beyond my knowledge. I do know this: In almost nine years on Ebay, I’ve seen only two copies sell at auction. In the last two months, that total has been equalled, another album to watch.

Kidd Wikkid - s/t (1992)
Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) gets $232.48!
Another rarity that was featured before and has gone down in the collector’s market significantly. Not only is this CD rare and fetching over $200+ but it’s also sold by the same seller as the Sgt. Roxx CD above. A nice way to make some quick cash, I hope they made a copy of each.

Lessdress - Love Industry (1993)
Lessdress – Love Industry (1993) grabs $224.50!
Lessdress is from Poland and plays an ’80s style brand of Hard Rock. This is another rarity that commands large dollars with many collectors. From what I’ve read, their first album, DUMBLONDES (1989), is not available on CD. I’ve never heard the music on either release but the band gets some good reviews at Heavy Harmonies.

Tesla - Reel To Reel Vol. 2 (2007)
Tesla – Real To Reel Vol.2 (2007) gets $175 with BUY IT NOW!
This one is definite madness! You get the CD free when you buy a ticket to see Tesla on the current tour. Buy one ticket, get one CD. Buy two, get two CDs…..etc., etc. Obviously, multiple people go to a show, not everyone cares about the disc. If I were going to the show with my wife, you bet right that I would have the second copy on Ebay that night. At these prices, how can a seller go wrong? As for the buyers…..go see the band on tour, pay less money and get the CD too. Or you could check out the auctions that have BOTH volumes together for less.

Ebay Madness – Prism, Vera Cruz, King Diamond and more

Prism - Jericho auction

Prism – Jericho (1993) starting bid at $2990.00!
No this didn’t sell, the seller actually ended it before bids were taken. No CD is worth almost $3000 and the seller made a mistake in the listing. I just found this interesting because Ebay would have charged the seller a huge auction price to list this album at $2990 and I’m surprised the seller didn’t catch it. Even by ending it early, he is still on the hook. Interested parties can check out the relisted auction for $29.90…..which is still too high!

Vera Cruz at $353.55

Vera Cruz – Hot Games (1989) sells for $353.55!
I’ve featured this one before and it went for $400. This was the first ever Ebay Madness listing! Started at $9.99 and had 28 bids, seems like a hot commodity. The artwork is decent but this is another case of an over-hyped rarity.

Damzell - Ready To Attack

Damzell – Ready To Attack (1989) sells for $128.50!
Not much background to this release. Debut album by Damzell, a Japanese Metal band. They have another record, 1992’s WAR SONGS, which is as equally hard to find. Bidding started at $100.

Know Illusion - Back On The Streets (1994)

Know Illusion – Back On The Streets (1994) ends at $119.67!
No surprise here as this is a highly sought after disc by many collectors. It’s a mix of AOR and Melodic Hard Rock, I’ve heard a sample of the title track and it sounded real good. There was talk of a reissue about a year ago but I haven’t heard anything since.

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait auction

King Diamond – Fatal Portrait (1986, Japanese pressing) stops at $116.49!
Why bother when you can get the U.S. version for under $10? I realize Japanese pressings have better sound quality but 11 bids from a $9.99 start? My CD sounds great and I got it used for five bucks!

Kid Sin - Sleazy rippin’ (1994)

Kid Sin – Sleazy Rippin’ (1994) is final at $114.05!
Not much on this band either. Described as “sleazy hard rock” and compared to Poison, Skid Row, & GNR. Started at $40 and got up to 10 bids so this seems to be popular and rare for collectors.

Hard Knox - Psychos R Us (1993)

Hard Knox – Psychos R Us (1993) ends using BUY IT NOW for $99.99!
Just so we get this straight…..there are two bands named Hard Knox but this is NOT the band that released 2002’s Combat Alley from Knoxville, TN. This band is from Utah and I have read rave reviews for years on this album. This has gone for big dollars on Ebay, I’ve watched this climb to $200 on a couple of occasions. The cover is cool so I’d like to hear it. I had to feature this CD because the seller is from Rhode Island!

Ebay Madness – Laurence Archer, Saints & Sinners, Metallica, Fanatix, and more

Laurence Archer - LA (1986)

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) breaks the bank again at $590
Don’t you wish you could go back to ’86 and snatch up as many copies as you could of this in the Import Section of your local record store? This album is getting to be a regular feature in this column but the price seems to be going down from the lofty heights of $1376.34 & $777.77. I would really like to hear this album just so I know what the hype is all about. More info at Heavy Harmonies.

Metallica - Kill’em All in longbox for $457

Metallica – Kill’em All (1983) sealed longbox goes for $457
And this isn’t even the 12 song version! I can go down to a number of local stores, drop $15, have KILL’EM ALL on CD. What makes this different from other is the shrinkwrap and cardboard that’s worth an additional $442!

Dirty Blond - Cardboard (1995) for $262

Dirty Blond – Cardboard (1995) is a bargain at $262
Never heard of them. From what I’ve read at Heavy Harmonies, this is supposed to be really good…..but is it that good? I can picture myself buying this for $10 in ’95 at one of their shows but this is a little too much. The seller is a respected collector so it’s most likely the real thing and not a bootleg. But who are they?

Fanatix - s/t (1992)

Fanatix band photo

Fanatix – s/t (1992) sold for $203.51
Another band I’ve never heard of. It’s an independent release from the band which means you could have bought this at their local shows or through mailorder in 1992. I checked at Heavy Harmonies and there isn’t much information aside from the album info. I like the band picture.

The Accused - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (1986)

The Accused – The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (1986) gives the seller a nice return of $166.60
Where do people get the money? Where do the sellers get these BUY IT NOW prices from? The vinyl goes for under $20 at any given time.

Saints & Sinners (1992, Japanese import) for $133.50

Saints & Sinners (1992) fetches $133.50 for the Japanese version.
Go to Ebay right now and you can get the U.S. release for under $20. There are no bonus tracks on this disc, you can count the 10 tracks on the picture.

Pretty Boy Floyd - Bullets & Lipstik (1989)

Pretty Boy Floyd – Bullets & Lipstik (1989) ends at $101.11
I didn’t remember PBF releasing this album so I went to the best source to find out more info, Heavy Harmonies. It’s not the same PBF, it’s another one from Canada that came out at the same time as the PBF we are all familiar with. Another rare release, but released officially, that seems to have gotten some exposure in European markets in 1989.