Press Release: UFO – The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) box set to be released 9/13/11 on Capitol/EMI

From Capitol/EMI Records:


5CD and Digital Collection Includes Five Studio Albums, Plus a Previously Unreleased Concert Recording, BBC Radio Sessions, Singles, B-sides, and Rare Remixes

On September 13, Capitol/EMI will release an expansive 5CD and digital collection spanning UFO’s Chrysalis Records tenure.  Across 81 tracks, UFO’s The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) collects all of the songs the band recorded for Chrysalis during the 1970s.

UFO’s musical odyssey started in 1969, when singer Phil Mogg was joined by drummer Andy Parker and bassist Pete Way. This trio would become the backbone of the band for the next 13 years, and mainstays for much of UFO’s forty-plus year career.

The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) chronologically charts UFO’s career, from the obscure 1973 German singleGive Her The Gun” to 1979’s hit single version of “Doctor Doctor,” backed with its live B-side, “On With The Action” (available on CD for the first time). Collecting all five studio albums to feature wunderkind guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker, who was only 18 when he originally joined the band for 1974’s Phenomenon, this anthology also includes, in their entirety, Force It (1975), No Heavy Petting (1976), Lights Out (1977) and Obsession (1978).  In addition to BBC Radio sessions recorded for Bob Harris and John Peel, single edits and rare remixes, this collection boasts a previously unreleased 45-minute concert recording from UFO’s first U.S. tour.

Recorded in 1974 at Atlanta’s Electric Ballroom, the multi-tracks for this concert were recently discovered in the Chrysalis vaults, and have been given a brand new mix at Abbey Road Studios. Featuring rare live outings of “Give Her The Gun,” the pre-Chrysalis song “Prince Kujuku,” and most interestingly, UFO’s eight-minute interpretation of John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey,” this gig offers unique insight into the early days of this important and influential British rock institution. Completed by the U.K. Top 10 breakthrough double live album, Strangers In the Night, recorded on Michael Schenker’s “farewell” tour, the package also includes liner notes based on a recent interview with UFO vocalist, Phil Mogg.

 UFO: The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979)


1. Give Her The Gun (Single A-Side)
2. Sweet Little Thing (Single B-Side)

3. Oh My
4. Crystal Light
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Space Child
7. Rock Bottom
8. Too Young To Know
9. Time On My Hands
10. Built For Comfort
11. Lipstick Traces
12. Queen Of The Deep
Bonus Track
13. Doctor Doctor (Single Edit)*

Bob Harris session (28th October 1974)
14. Rock Bottom
15. Time On My Hands
16. Give Her The Gun


Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA 5th November 1974** 
(Previously Unreleased)
1. Oh My
2. Doctor Doctor
3. Built For Comfort
4. Give Her The Gun
5. Cold Turkey
6. Space Child
7. Rock Bottom
8. Prince Kujuku

Force It (Side One)
9. Let It Roll
10. Shoot Shoot
11. High Flyer (4:09)
12. Love Lost Love (3:22)
13. Out In The Street


Force It (Side Two)
1. Mother Mary
2. Too Much Of Nothing
3. Dance Your Life Away
4. This Kid’s (Including ‘Between The Walls’)

No Heavy Petting
5. Natural Thing
6. I’m A Loser
7. Can You Roll Her
8. Belladonna
9. Reasons Love
10. Highway Lady
11. On With The Action
12. A Fool In Love
13. Martian Landscape

Lights Out (Side One)
14. Too Hot To Handle
15. Just Another Suicide
16. Try Me
17. Lights Out


Lights Out (Side Two)
1. Gettin’ Ready
2. Alone Again Or
3. Electric Phase
4. Love To Love
Lights Out Bonus Track
5. Try Me (Single Remix)*

John Peel session (27th June 1977)
6. Too Hot To Handle
7. Lights Out
8. Try Me

9. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Pack It Up (And Go)
11. Arbory Hill
12. Ain’t No Baby
13. Lookin’ Out For No 1
14. Hot ‘N’ Ready
15. Cherry
16. You Don’t Fool Me
17. Lookin’ Out For No 1 (Reprise)
18. One More For The Rodeo
19. Born To Lose
Bonus Track
20. Only You Can Rock Me (Single Version)*


Strangers In The Night
1. Natural Thing
2. Out In The Street
3. Only You Can Rock Me
4. Doctor Doctor
5. Mother Mary
6. This Kid’s
7. Love To Love
8. Lights Out
9. Rock Bottom
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. I’m A Loser
12. Let It Roll
13. Shoot Shoot
Strangers In The Night Bonus Tracks
14. Doctor Doctor (Live Single Edit)
15. On With The Action (Live Single B-Side)*

*Available on CD for the first time
**Previously unreleased

Judas Priest – British Steel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2010)

Judas Priest – British Steel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – 3 Disc set) (2010)

Disc 1 – British Steel (remastered)

  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Metal Gods
  3. Breaking The Law
  4. Grinder
  5. United
  6. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
  7. Living After Midnight
  8. The Rage
  9. Steeler
  10. Red, White & Blue (studio bonus track)
  11. Grinder (live bonus track)

Disc 2 –  The British Steel 2009 Tour (Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, Florida, August 17, 2009) CD

  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Metal Gods
  3. Breaking The Law
  4. Grinder
  5. United
  6. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
  7. Living After Midnight
  8. The Rage
  9. Steeler
  10. The Ripper
  11. Hell Patrol
  12. Victim Of Changes
  13. Freewheel Burning
  14. Diamonds And Rust
  15. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

Disc 3 –  The British Steel 2009 Tour (Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, Florida, August 17, 2009) DVD

  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Metal Gods
  3. Breaking The Law
  4. Grinder
  5. United
  6. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
  7. Living After Midnight
  8. The Rage
  9. Steeler
  10. The Ripper
  11. Prophecy
  12. Hell Patrol
  13. Victim Of Changes
  14. Freewheel Burning
  15. Diamonds And Rust
  16. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

DVD Extra – The Making of British Steel Interview

Total Time (Disc 1) = 44:43
Total Time (Disc 2) = 1:15:48
Region 0, NTSC, Running Time (Disc 3 concert) = 1:28:21

What can you say about Judas Priest’s BRITISH STEEL that hasn’t already been said? It is truly a landmark Heavy Metal album that bridged the classic heavy Rock of the 1970s and moved it into the slick and powerful 1980s with it’s pure metallic sound and commercial accessibility to FM airwaves. Look at all the classic songs that still get played on Classic Rock and current Rock radio: ‘Metal Gods’, ‘Breaking The Law’, ‘Living After Midnight’, ‘United’. I’m lucky here in Rhode Island because the local Rock station (94 WHJY) has one of the longest running Heavy Metal programs on Saturday nights called  “The Metal Zone” and I’ve heard plenty of deeper tracks from BRITISH STEEL played over the years like ‘Steeler’ and ‘Grinder’. I grew up with this album, I think I got it in 1983 officially but I had a dubbed cassette, and it’s been one of my favorite albums by Judas Priest and of the ’80s.

Now BRITISH STEEL is 30 years old…..that’s hard to believe! That’s most of my life (I’m 38)! In order to celebrate such a milestone, Judas Priest toured last summer and played the entire album in order, then added a handful of Priest classics and rarities. I caught the show in Mansfield, MA on July 7th and it was a magnificent show, now it’s great to have a commorative document to enjoy it again.

Disc 1 – British Steel (remastered)
There really isn’t much new to say about the remastered album because it’s exactly the same remastered version that the band and label released back in 2001. The two bonus tracks are also the same: ‘Red, White & Blue’ is a studio track from the TURBO sessions in 1985 and the live version of ‘Grinder’ comes from the Long Beach Arena (Long Beach, California) on the 1984 DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH tour. If you already have a copy of the proper album then you might not really notice the remastering, I didn’t in 2001, and the bonus tracks seem out of place. I have always wondered why we got bonus tracks from 1984/85 instead of rarities from 1980. I’m a little disappointed that the label used the 2001 remaster, I was hoping for something more.

Disc 2 – Live in Hollywood, Florida – 7/17/09 CD
Here’s where the entire 30th Anniversary package gets interesting because the whole point of celebrating 30 years of BRITISH STEEL was the band’s tour. This live CD is the exact companion to the Disc 3 DVD except for the omission of ‘Prophecy’ from the NOSTRADAMUS (2008) album. I’m going to assume that the song was left off for time constraints on the CD format and, seeing that NOSTRADAMUS wasn’t the commercial and critical success the band hoped it would be, ‘Prophecy’ seems like the logical choice to cut. It’s a long song too and that is one of the reasons behind the 13 minute time difference between the CD and DVD. It’s all about getting bang for your buck and the audio CD of the show is a true bonus, the official U.S. release was a 2 disc set that included the remastered album and the DVD. The live album sounds good and it’s a solid performance by the band so I’m glad I held out and picked up the Deluxe Edition. I don’t hve 90 mins to sit around the TV and watch the DVD all the time so putting the live album in the iPod and enjoying a classic Priest tour is a major plus for me.

Disc 3 – Live in Hollywood, Florida – 7/17/09 DVD
Exactly the same as the CD version except that ‘Prophecy’ is included. I probably should have reviewed the DVD first but it’s technically listed as Disc 3 in the package so that’s how it will be for the review. Judas Priest toured on the basis of the 30th anniversary of British Steel in the Summer of 2009 and it was basically a basic show of the band just playing. Aside from the backdrop banners, the lights and lasers and the trademark Harley Davidson, there were no real production gimmicks. Basically the band came, on and played BRITISH STEEL note for note, took a quick break and came out with the second part of the set. The DVD is basically the same show I saw in Mansfield and it’s a cool piece of nostalgia for me because I had such a great time at the show. A few things of note from watching the DVD and remembering from the Mansfield show I saw: Halford was a little more animated on stage than he was on the previous two tours, he still has an awesome voice, Glenn & KK are a superb guitar duo, Ian needs to move around a little and Scott Travis is a monster drummer and it’s crazy to think he’s been in Priest 20 years now! All the guys looked like they were having a blast and they really poured everything into the performance. In addition to the concert there is a bonus section that is an interview about the making of BRITISH STEEL. It’s good to watch once but if you have the CLASSIC ALBUMS DVD for BRIISH STEEL then you don’t really need the interview.

Diehards may not be happy with the 2010 version of the BRITISH STEEL album cover with the blood added and the hand missing but it doesn’t really bother me. The digipak folds out revealing the discs, the factory pictures on the left & right panels were used as backdrops during the BRITISH STEEL part of the concert and the booklet is housed inside the right panel. The booklet has the original album cover, plenty of pictures from the concert, liner notes from the show & tour and a 2 page essay from British writer Dave Shack.

Bottom Line:
Judas Priest is my second favorite band (KISS is first!) so buying this was a complete no-brainer. Add the fact that I saw the show in Mansifield, MA ten days prior to the recording and this turns out to be a cool tour souvenir for me. Diehards, collectors and completists are going to pick this package up but the casual fan might not because of the $30 price tag. The 2 disc version was retailing between $15-20 for the album and live DVD but I wanted that extra audio CD of the live show and the deluxe packaging. I like sets like this, for me it’s worth the money. If you don’t have BRITISH STEEL yet and you’ve never caught the band on tour then this is a cool package to have. My only minor complaints lies with the remastered album and the bonus section of the DVD. I understand the point of not remastering the proper album again but why not include some new bonus material? Also, if there is already a DVD out there on the making of BRITISH STEEL, why include a new interview on the same subject? Diehard fans like myself appreciate the effort but would rather have had more footage from the tour, backstage footage, etc.

Keel – The Right To Rock (25th Anniversary Edition) (2010)

Keel – The Right To Rock (25th Anniversary Edition) (2010, Frontiers Records)

  1. The Right To Rock
  2. Back To The City
  3. Let’s Spend The Night Together
  4. Easier Said Than Done
  5. So Many Girls, So Little Time
  6. Electric Love
  7. Speed Demon
  8. Get Down
  9. You’re The Victim
  10. Easier Said Than Done (Remix version)*
  11. The Right To Rock (Reunion version)*

(* Bonus tracks)

Band Lineup:
Ron Keel – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Bryan Jay – Lead Guitars & Vocals
Marc Ferrari – Lead Guitars & Vocals
Kenny Chaisson – Bass & Vocals
Dwain Miller – Drums & Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Steve Riley – Additional Drums & Vocals on the original record
Geno Acre – Bass & Vocals on ‘The Right To Rock (Reunion version)’

Producer: Gene Simmons

Country: USA

Total Time = 40:39

Keel MySpace page
Ron Keel
Frontiers Records

Hot on the heels of a Keel reunion, complete with a new studio album titled STREETS OF ROCK & ROLL, Frontiers Records has seen fit to reissue Keel’s second album THE RIGHT TO ROCK. The original release was way back in 1985 on A&M Records/Gold Mountain Records and produced by KISS bassist Gene Simmons. The Gene Simmons connection was the main reason why I bothered to check out Keel because I figured if such an important rock star from my favorite band was producing, then it had to be good. Then I saw ‘The Right To Rock’ video on MTV and found Keel’s first album, LAY DOWN THE LAW (1984), and I was definitely hooked. As a young headbanger, Keel was one of those new bands that I pushed on my friends but no one really got into…..years later I’m still a Keel fan. This reissue is pretty much the same music as on the original album but with two bonus tracks: ‘Easier Said Than Done (Remix)’ and ‘The Right To Rock (Reunion Version)’. The remix of ‘Easier Said Than Done’ was previously released on the 2000 reissue of the album on Metal Mayhem Records and the new version of ‘The Right To Rock’ was recorded with the current Keel lineup that includes new bassist Geno Acre.

Back in the day, Keel rocked hard! ‘The Right To Rock’ was definitely a true Hard Rock anthem and ‘Back To The City’ had some blistering guitar…..for a band out of Los Angeles, these were heavy songs. Right away you could hear the power in Ron Keel’s vocals and the overall energy of the band. That energy is immeadiately destroyed by the band’s cover of The Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’…..was this Gene’s idea? I remember hating this cover back in the day and fast forwarding my cassette everytime! You had the catchy hook of the Gene Simmons penned ‘Easier Said Than Done’ that should have been a hit single and the obvious KISS influence of ‘So Many Girls, So Little Time’. Not taking anything away from Keel with using Gene’s guiding hand, he can write and produce, and they do a good job on what sounds like an ANIMALIZE B-side. I give Ron Keel credit for doing his best Gene impressions vocally, especially on ‘So Many Girls, ‘So Little Time’. ‘Electric Love’ is a little more commercial like ‘Easier Said Than Done’ but the crunch is in the vocal, ‘Speed Demon’ is hard and fast with a NWOBHM feel to it, and ‘Get Down’ (the third song written by Mr. $immons) has that lumbering CREATURES OF THE NIGHT era sound with thick guitars and loud pounding drums. Read the lyrics to ‘Get Down’ and tell me that’s not pure Gene with some classic phrases…..another KISS-sounding track circa 1982-1984. ‘You’re The Victim (I’m The Crime)’ is a pummelling track that starts off with a quick drum solo intro and then chugs along with lightning power that rivals NWOBHM legends Saxon and puts Keel in a heavier class than their peers out of L.A. (Quiet Riot, Ratt, Motley Crue, etc.).

The bonus tracks are good but not spectacular. The remix of ‘Easier Said Than Done’ I already knew because I bought the Metal Mayhem reissue when it was released…’s a little different but not as good as the original. The new version of the title track is pretty good, obviously more modern seeing that the band has aged 25 years, and a little more gritty and raw. It doesn’t have the power and energy of the original but it’s cool to hear the band’s interpretation over two decades later and get a feel of how they sound now. Then there’s the packaging: the cover art is altered slightly to add the “25th Anniversary Edition” title at the bottom and the booklet includes all the original credits, the new credits, song lyrics and an essay by Eddie Trunk. A new promo picture of the current lineup is added in and a smaller promo pictire circa 1985 is added to the song credits page. The back of the album has the band picture from the original album.

Bottom Line:
As far as the music goes, THE RIGHT TO ROCK is still a solid album 25 years later. What impresses me now after all this time was how heavy Keel was in the early days…..’Speed Demon’, ‘Back To The City’ and ‘You’re The Victim (I’m the Crime) are pure Heavy Metal. I know Keel gets lumped in with all the other L.A./Sunset Strip bands that dominated FM Radio and MTV but they were definitely a Metal force…..maybe the Gene Simmons connection takes away from that too? As far as the reissue goes, it’s a good package that’s done very well. I wouldn’t have minded seeing some more vintage pictures of the band included and maybe some long lost demos or unreleased songs, that would have made this extra special. At least there were two bonus tracks to give this reissue a couple of extras. I like this reissue better than the Metal Mayhem version for the extended booklet with lyrics but, for comparison’s sake, the Metal Mayhem version is also an official reissue because Ron Keel himself endorsed it at the time and wrote a quick essay in the liner notes.

Favorite Songs:
On the original album I like every song except the cover of ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’. The highlights are ‘The Right To Rock’, ‘Back To The City’, ‘Easier Said Than Done’, ‘Speed Demon’ and ‘You’re The Victim (I’m The Crime)’. Of the two bonus tracks, I like the updated 2010 version of ‘The Right To Rock’ better.

Reissue Report: Judas Priest – British Steel (2010 Legacy edition) details, artwork and release dates announced.


Columbia/Legacy a division of Sony Music Entertainment, have announced the release of Legacy Edition of JUDAS PRIEST’s seminal album, British Steel, on May 10th in the UK and May 11th in North America.

British Steel: Legacy Edition features the 2001 remaster of the original 36-minute, nine-song album (plus two bonus tracks). Also included is a DVD which combines a live 16-song concert filmed in August 2009 at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena in Hollywood, Florida (the album sequence plus seven more cuts), with a 30-minute Making Of British Steel interview that includes all four original band members.

British Steel was the sixth studio album by Judas Priest. Released on April 14th, 1980 and produced by Tom Allom, British Steel was recorded at Tittenhurst Park in England – a mansion owned at the time by former BEATLE Ringo Starr, and previously owned by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

British Steel has long been considered one of metals all-time classics. It was with this release that Priest truly broke through to the masses, with a pair of tracks that have become fixtures on rock radio – the enduring anthems ‘Breaking The Law’ and ‘Living After Midnight’. But like all classic albums, there is not a single weak track detected on British Steel, as evidenced by such standouts as the perennial concert highlight, ‘Metal Gods’, as well as ‘Rapid Fire’, ‘Grinder’, ‘United’ and ‘The Rage’, amongst others.

In 2009 Judas Priest performed the British Steel album in its entirety for the first time ever as part of their 30th anniversary USA tour. A filmed recording of the show on the August 17th, 2009 at The Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, Florida – will be included in both the limited edition deluxe and deluxe releases. The show was captured in front of a vibrant American audience and in full 5.1 surround and stereo sound. Known for their high-energy and spectacular stage shows the band played the entire British Steel album in sequence as well as a number of other well-know tracks from their catalog.

The live concert was mixed in stereo and 5.1 by the original British Steel producer Tom Allom.

British Steel: Legacy Edition tracklisting:

Disc 1 – Remastered album
‘Rapid Fire’
‘Metal Gods’
‘Breaking The Law’
‘You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise’
‘Living After Midnight’
‘The Rage’
Bonus tracks:
‘Red, White & Blue’
‘Grinder’ (Live)

Disc 2 – DVD The British Steel 2009 Tour (Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, Florida, August 17, 2009)
‘Rapid Fire’
‘Metal Gods’
‘Breaking The Law’
‘You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise’
‘Living After Midnight’
‘The Rage’
‘The Ripper’
‘Hell Patrol’
‘Victim Of Changes’
‘Freewheel Burning’
‘Diamonds And Rust’
‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’

Anvil announces the U.S. re-release of THIS IS THIRTEEN with bonus material on 9/15/09 via VH1 Classic Records

Press Release:


Los Angeles, CA – July 22, 2009 — Certainly one of the most feel-good rock n’ roll comeback stories of recent times is that of Canadian heavy metal band Anvil. The band, considered a major influence for a generation of hard rockers including Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Guns N’ Roses, was the subject of a critically acclaimed, must-see rock-doc, ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil,’ directed by Sacha Gervasi. And in the process, the film has made the group (led by singer/guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner – both founding members) a household name. But the group’s story will certainly not end with the film.

First up for Anvil are U.S. shows opening for Aussie rock legends AC/DC – in football stadiums. “We’re really excited about these shows, we’ve only heard awesome things about playing in football stadiums. I was with the Green Day guys last night, and they were telling me, ‘Man, it’s probably going to be the gig of your life’!”


And then on September 15, THIS IS THIRTEEN will finally see proper national distribution on CD and vinyl via VH1 Classic Records. The CD will feature the newly recorded, never-before released bonus track “Thumb Hang.” The collectible double vinyl LP boasts newly re-recorded versions of Anvil classics “Metal on Metal” and “666.” The album, originally recorded in 2007 and produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy), was primarily available directly from the band via their website and at their concerts.

“THIS IS THIRTEEN is more like our first three albums,” says Lips, “which represent our real identity. For many of our albums, we went on an ‘integrity hunt’ instead of on a ‘commercial/radio hunt,’ so we became extremely inaccessible to radio. This time, we stepped back and said, ‘What were we originally?’ And we rediscovered ourselves, I suppose.” Reiner adds, “There are three tracks that in my opinion, are definitely, 100% AOR/hard rock/commercial radio tracks – ‘American Refuge,’ ‘Flying Blind,’ and ‘Feed the Greed.’ Catchy melodies, incredible drum feels – they just all rock.”

The title track is about as classic Anvil as you can get – that slow, powerful, heavy backbeat with cool changes. The violent-sounding “Bombs Away” is, according to Reiner, “the almightiest metal track on the entire record,” “Ready to Fight” is pure speed rock ‘n roll – Nugent on steroids – that boasts super-heavy drumming, and “Big Business” is akin, musically-speaking, to Cream’s classic “Sunshine of Your Love.” And then there’s the true classic, Anvil near-anthem, “Shoulda’ Woulda’ Coulda’,” that’s about living life with no regrets.

Reiner points out that the input from acclaimed producer Tsangarides (who produced early Anvil albums) was a major reason for This is Thirteen turning out the way it did. “The last four or five albums, material-wise, were all similar. We had been trying to find the direction back to the classic Anvil style and sound – it’s just that the production hadn’t been up to scratch. Chris was a big missing part on our past albums.”

Despite some zany Spinal Tap-like parallels between Anvil and David St. Hubbins and company in the film, Anvil has always been taken seriously by metalheads, including some very well known rock stars, who praise the band in the film. “Anvil was one of those bands that just put on this really amazing live performance,” said Velvet Revolver/ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, while Motorhead singer/bassist Lemmy added, “They were a great band – I always liked Anvil,” and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich gushed, “These guys were going to turn the music world upside down.”

So, the AC/DC dates, the release of THIS IS THIRTEEN, what else can fans expect from Anvil in the future? Lips was willing to provide a hint: “Working. More recording. More gigs. More – more than ever!”

28 Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA
31 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

6 Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick CANADA

Anvil official website
Anvil! The Story Of Anvil

Audio problem on Stay Hungry reissue, Twisted Sister comments on situation and Rhino Records will send replacement discs


Stay Hungry 25th promo pic

TWISTED SISTER have posted the following message:

“On the evening of July 2nd, we learned the entire inventory of Disc 1 of Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary set has an audio problem. We had originally been told it was limited to a few thousand and had posted a message to our fans immediately as to how to exchange for a replacement CD.

Rhino Records will replace Disc One from the set you purchased. Beginning Monday morning, July 6th, 10 AM Pacific Time, please email Dr. Rhino ( with “Twisted Sister” as the subject line. You will receive an email back with this message:

Dear Twisted Sister Fan,

Thank you for your email and we apologize for the poor sound on disc one of the Stay Hungry reissue. We currently have corrected replacement discs available. Please reply to this message with your name, shipping address and a digital photo of your disc and/or packaging. If available, please include your receipt in the photo.

Upon receipt of your email, we will send you a replacement disc as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Dr. Rhino

PLEASE NOTE: because each email will be answered individually, until the holiday weekend is over, you will get a message that says this: “Dr. Rhino is currently out of the office and will return on Monday, July 6th. Happy 4th of July!”

We have also been told that iTunes purchasers may also experience audio difficulties, again, on Disc 1 only. Please email Dr. Rhino for further instructions for credit exchange by putting Twisted Sister iTunes in the subject line.

If you are limited in your technology and cannot send through a scan/snapshot from your phone, camera, etc. of your CD cover and/or receipt, please be prepared to mail a xerox copy of your receipt to Rhino. Again, as each exchange will be handled personally by a Rhino employee, each request will be dealt with personally. Your replacement disc, in a plain slip sleeve will be mailed to you ASAP.

A personal message from Jay Jay: “Twisted Sister fans are among the most dedicated fans in the world. Everything we have ever done has been focused on giving to you, our fans, the highest levels of concert experiences and recorded product. We go to great lengths to produce CDs and DVDs with the sole intent of making our fans happy and proud to say that they are part of the Twisted Sister family.

We spent a full year (and 24 previous years) working towards our Stay Hungry reissue. Our goal was to create a truly special event with fan ownership of this package.

To say that the band is upset and disappointed would be the understatement of the year. Please know that we are working through the weekend with Rhino to address this problem.

Ending on a positive Twisted note, please enjoy your holiday weekend. For you overseas fans, simply enjoy your weekend.

Before you leave your computer today, we hope that you’ll click and enjoy our new video for the song, ’30’, as much as we enjoyed making it.

Our dedication to you and your continued support of Twisted Sister continue to be our only focus.

Jay Jay French.”


I bought the set last Tuesday and my Disc 1 has the audio problem, I will be emailing Dr. Rhino later this afternoon.

— Steve

TKO – In Your Face (1984/2008 reissue)

TKO – In Your Face (1984/2008 reissue, Tribunal/Divebomb Records)

  1. I Wanna Fight
  2. Run Out Of Town
  3. Give Into The Night
  4. End Of The Line
  5. Working Girl
  6. All I Want To Do
  7. Don’t Give It Away
  8. I Can Do Without You
  9. So This Is Rock ‘N Roll
  10. Danger City
  11. I Wanna Fight*
  12. Run Out Of Town*
  13. Give Into The Night*
  14. End Of The Line*
  15. Working Girl*
  16. All I Want To Do*
  17. Don’t Give It Away*
  18. I Can Do Without You*
  19. So This Is Rock ‘N Roll*
  20. Danger City*

(* Bonus tracks – 2001 remixes)

Band Lineup:
Brad Sinsel – Vocals
Adam “Bomb” Brenner – Guitars
Evan Sheely – Bass
Gary Thompson – Drums

Producer: Rick Keefer
Remix Producer: Rick Keefer

Total Time = 1:14:37

TKO MySpace page
Divebomb Records
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TKO is another one of those bands that I discovered during hours of reading Rock magazines when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line, I saw an ad for the band’s second album, IN YOUR FACE, and I thought it looked cool. Take a look at the cover, every 12 year old in 1984 thought that Brad Sinsel looked cool standing over a topless chick in boxing gloves. The band’s name and the album’s image were genius to me when I was a young metalhead but the topless girl is probably what won me over! I never ended up buying the album but I did enjoy a dubbed cassette copy I acquired from a trader. Fast forward to the digital age and IN YOUR FACE has been reissued by various labels over the years…..all unofficially. Tribunal/Divebomb Records has worked closely with lead singer Brad Sinsel to finally release this album, and TKO’s debut LET IT ROLL, officially on CD.

TKO released their first record, LET IT ROLL, in 1979. Shortly after it’s release, their label (Infinity Records) was bought out by MCA and eventually folded. The band was without a record deal and the members went their separate ways. Lead singer Brad Sinsel brought in new members Adam “Bomb” Brenner, Evan Sheely, and Gary Thompson to form the “new” TKO and the band began writing and recording IN YOUR FACE in 1980 with the album being finished in ’81. The problem was TKO couldn’t get a record deal because the new album was too heavy for the current music market…..before Heavy Metal really took off in the States. Rock was dead in ’81 and Disco was still king! Without a deal, the three new members eventually left (Brenner for a solo career and Sheely & Thompson to Q5) and were replaced again. TKO ended up with their elusive record deal releasing IN YOUR FACE on Combat Records in 1984…..three years after it was originally recorded.

The Music:
IN YOUR FACE is a heavier album than it’s predecessor, the debut LET IT ROLL. Even though it was written and recorded in ’80/’81, the album sounds more like the Metal released in 1984. Gone are the keyboards and organ, although I do detect some on a couple of songs, and the guitars are turned up. Adam Bomb has a very sleazy dirty guitar sound and the duo of Sheely and Thompson are a solid rhythm section. Brad Sinsel’s vocal style changes on IN YOUR FACE, it’s more in your face! On LET IT ROLL, Sinsel has vocal style that sounds a lot like Roger Daltrey (The Who) and Michael Lee Smith (Starz). On IN YOUR FACE, there is more power and aggression to his voice, more Metal. What is remarkable about the album is that it was recorded three years before it was released and easily holds it’s own alongside other albums released in 1984 like KISS’ ANIMALIZE, Black ‘N Blue’s debut, Ratt’s OUT OF THE CELLAR, and Quiet Riot’s CONDITION CRITICAL. You can hear a NWOBHM influence on a lot of the album and, if you take the recording year (1981) into consideration, that was the midpoint of the NWOBHM era. Listening to the album now, it’s obvious that TKO was ahead of the game in the early ’80s but suffered due to a lack of a record contract. All that lost momentum probably cost the band their cut of fame and fortune.

In addition to the original album, a 2001 remix of the record is included as bonus tracks. The 2001 remixes were done by original producer Rick Keefer. From what I understand, these remixes were taken from the master tapes that were still in Keefer’s studio and the tapes had to be baked in order to make them useful for remixing. To my ears, the remixes sound inferior to the original album: everything sounds louder, the vocals are way up in the mix and the keyboards I detect in some songs get pushed way out in front at times. The songs don’t sound as heavy they sound more processed.

The Package:
Just like they did with the LET IT ROLL reissue, Tribunal & Divebomb Records got founding member Brad Sinsel involved in the project. For me, there is more credibility to a reissue project like this when the band is contacted for input and permission to re-release the material. Like I mentioned before, various labels over the years have released this album on CD but never with involvement from members of the band, although IN YOUR FACE was reissued on another label years ago with Adam Bomb’s permission. I believe there was a legal issue between Sinsel, Adam Bomb, and that other label over who actually owned the rights. Tribunal/Divebomb was able to get one of my favorite Rock writers, Martin Popoff from Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, to write a quick band/album history for IN YOUR FACE just like he did with LET IT ROLL. Add lyrics to all the songs, pictures of the original vinyl, and the the 2001 album remixes and you have a solid package that is well worth buying.

Favorite Songs: Just like LET IT ROLL, it’s hard to pick a few favorites because I like the whole IN YOUR FACE album. If I had to choose a few standout tracks they would be ‘I Wanna Fight’, ‘Run Out Of Town’, ‘End Of The Line’, ‘Working Girl’, and ‘Don’t Give It Away’.

TKO – Let It Roll (1979/2008 reissue)

TKO – Let It Roll (1979/2008 reissue, Tribunal/Divebomb Records)

  1. Let It Roll
  2. Ain’t No Way To Be
  3. Only Love
  4. Gutter Boy
  5. Kill The Pain
  6. Come A Day
  7. Rock ‘N Roll Again
  8. Bad Sister
  9. What In The World
  10. Introduction*
  11. Rock ‘N Roll Again*
  12. Bad Sister*
  13. What In The World*
  14. Gutter Boy*
  15. Kill The Pain*
  16. Only Love*
  17. Let It Roll*
  18. Ending Outro*

(* Bonus tracks are from a radio taping, KZOK FM Live In Studio Sessions – 1978)

Band Lineup:
Brad Sinsel – Vocals
Rick Pierce – Guitars
Tony Bortko – Guitars & Keyboards
Mark Seidenverg – Bass
Darryl Siguenza – Drums & Percussion

Producer: Mike Flicker

Total Time = 1:06:27

TKO MySpace page
Divebomb Records
Divebomb Records MySpace page
Tribunal Records

TKO is another one of those bands that I discovered during hours of reading Rock magazines when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line, I saw an ad for the band’s second album, IN YOUR FACE, and I thought it looked cool. The next time I went to the record store I checked it out and noticed that the band had another album which turned out to be LET IT ROLL. I dismissed LET IT ROLL based on two factors: the album cover was silly, it had these homemade Rock’em Sock’em Robots and the album was released in 1979! At the time I made this discovery it was mid to late ’84 and I was convinced that “new” Metal bands only released albums in the ’80s. Sounds dumb doesn’t it? Especially since I had albums by KISS, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and AC/DC that were all released in the ’70s! I never ended up buying either album but I did enjoy a dubbed cassette copy of IN YOUR FACE I acquired from a trader. Over the years, I was able to hear LET IT ROLL but I never actually owned a copy. Fast forward to the digital age and both LET IT ROLL and IN YOUR FACE have been reissued by various labels…..all unofficially. Tribunal/Divebomb Records has worked closely with lead singer Brad Sinsel to finally release both albums officially on CD.

The Music:
The reissue contains the official nine song album plus a radio broadcast from 1978 where the band runs through seven of the nine songs in their set. The album is not remastered, it is reissued. The master tapes have long been lost since TKO’s original label, Infinity Records, folded in 1979. The audio tracks provided to Tribunal/Divebomb were from Brad Sinsel himself and could be either a copy from the original studio sessions or taken from the original vinyl. Other reissues have used the original vinyl for mastering but without the band’s consent.

Hearing LET IT ROLL for the first time in many years it’s amazing to hear the similarities that TKO had with Aerosmith, Starz, The Who, and UFO. The album was recorded in 1978 and released in 1979 so that ’70s Hard Rock sound is there that has that “Rock ‘n Rollsy” sound that Aerosmith perfected. Brad Sinsel sounds a bit like Roger Daltrey on a number of songs and ‘Gutter Boy’ sounds like it could have been a Who song. I hear a UFO connection when the keyboards/organ are more prominent in the songs (Listen to ‘Rock ‘N Roll Again’) but the group I identify TKO with the most is Starz. They both have that same laid back vibe and Michael Lee Smith (Starz’ Lead singer) and Brad Sinsel have a similar cool delivery.

The bonus tracks are a radio broadcast from 1978 of the band doing a local showcase playing most of the album. This is live in the studio but the band runs through the set well and the songs sound close to the originals on the album. It’s a nice timepiece and gives you an idea of where TKO was as a live band and how the Rock scene was different back in the late 70s/early 80s: they played a new local band’s live showcase on the radio! Before they released an album! You would never hear something like that today.

The Package:
The first thing that Tribunal & Divebomb Records did right was get founding member Brad Sinsel involved in the project. For me, there is more credibility to a reissue project like this when the band is contacted for input and permission to re-release the material. Like I mentioned before, various labels over the years have released this album on CD but never with involvement from a founding member. The second thing they did right was get one of my favorite Rock writers, Martin Popoff from Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, to write a quick band/album history. Add lyrics to all the songs, pictures of the original vinyl, and the bonus radio broadcast and you have a solid package that well worth buying.

Favorite Songs:
I like the whole album and picking a couple of favorites is tough. I’d probably have to choose ‘Gutter Boy’, ‘Rock ‘N Roll Again’, ‘Ain’t No Way To Be’ and ‘Let It Roll’. It’s an excellent album of strong songs…..I really do like them all.

Reissue Report: Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1970) to be reissued by Universal Music on double vinyl & 3 CD Deluxe Edition on September 29th

From Bravewords:

BW&BK have received the following press release:

Throughout the history of rock some albums are considered to be historic works either for breaking a new sound or transforming a little known band into Icons of their genre.

IRON MAIDEN’s debut album, METALLICA’s Black Album, LED ZEPPELIN’s IV and BLACK SABBATH’s Paranoid are just four legendary albums of a list of possibly only 10 or 12 masterpieces.

On September 29th, Universal Music are issuing Black Sabbath Paranoid on Double Vinyl and a Deluxe 3CD Set.

Paranoid is the second album by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath. It was released in the United Kingdom during September 1970, and contains some of their most famous work, including the songs ‘Iron Man’, ‘War Pigs’ and the title track. The album is regarded as a classic of the heavy metal genre and one of the most influental heavy metal albums. It has been certified 4x Platinum, having sold over four million copies in the US alone, making it Black Sabbath’s best-selling album.

The ‘Paranoid’ single, released before the album, reached number four in the UK. Pushed by its success, the album hit number one in the UK, and is the only Black Sabbath album to have done so. The US release was held until January 1971, as the Black Sabbath album was still on the charts at the time of Paranoid’s UK release. The album broke into the top ten in the US in March 1971, and would go on to sell four million copies in the US alone, with virtually no radio airplay.

Tracklisting for the rerelease is as follows:

Disc 1 (Original Album):
1. ‘War Pigs’
2. ‘Paranoid’
3. ‘Planet Caravan’
4. ‘Iron Man’
5. ‘Electric Funeral’
6. ‘Hand Of Doom’
7. ‘Rat Salad’
8. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’

Disc 2 (1974 Quadrophonic Mix):
1. ‘War Pigs’
2. ‘Paranoid’
3. ‘Planet Caravan’
4. ‘Iron Man’
5. ‘Electric Funeral’
6. ‘Hand Of Doom’
7. ‘Rat Salad’
8. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’

Disc 3 (Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks):
(Tracks 1-8 recorded at Regent Sound Studios, June 16th and 17th, 1970)
1. ‘War Pigs’ (instrumental)
2. ‘Paranoid’ (alternative lyrical version)
3. ‘Planet Caravan’ (alternative lyrical version)
4. ‘Iron Man’ (instrumental)
5. ‘Electric Funeral’ (instrumental)
6. ‘Hand Of Doom’ (instrumental)
7. ‘Rat Salad’ (instrumental)
8. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ (instrumental)

Rogue Male – Animal Man (1986/2008 reissue)

Rogue Male – Animal Man (1986/2008 reissue, Metal Mind)

  1. Progress
  2. L.U.S.T.
  3. Take No Shit
  4. You’re On Fire
  5. The Real Me
  6. Animal Man
  7. Belfast
  8. Job Centre
  9. Low Rider
  10. The Passing
  11. Rough Tough (Pretty Too)*

(* bonus track)

Band Lineup:
Jim Lyttle – Vocals, Guitar
John Fraser Binnie – Guitar
Kevin Collier – Bass
Danny Fury – Drums

Producer: Steve James

Total Time = 50:16

Rogue Male unofficial MySpace page
Rogue Male at Encyclopedia Metallum: The Metal Archives
Listen to ANIMAL MAN at Vibrations Of Doom
Metal Mind Productions

With the fame and fortune predicted by Kerrang! magazine a false promise, Rogue Male regrouped in the U.K. at the end of 1985 to begin work on their new album. In order to capitalize on the buzz created from their tour supporting FIRST VISIT, the band quickly churned out the BELFAST E.P.

The E.P. contained three songs: ‘Belfast’, ‘Take No Shit’, and ‘Rough Tough (Pretty Too)’ of which the first two would be included on the new album.

By 1986, the whole Metal world was overcrowded with new bands coming from all over the world and the L.A. Glam scene was starting to take over. Obviously that had an effect of Rogue Male because one look at the ANIMAL MAN cover and you get some sort of scary Mad Max gone Glam concept. Take a look at Jim Lyttle and tell me he doesn’t look like Adam Ant! I remember seeing this record back in the day and comparing it to FIRST VISIT’s cover, I just knew that something changed. This also marked the debut of new drummer Danny Fury who is credited with playing the drums on ANIMAL MAN but they are really the work of an unnamed session drummer.

The Music:
The reissue contains the 10 song proper album plus ‘Rough Tough (Pretty Too)’ from the BELFAST E.P. Giving this album a spin for the first time since 1986, it’s hard to believe that this is the same band that made FIRST VISIT. Gone is the complete raw sound that made the debut so good and in is a mix of Pop-flavored Hard Rock with some Metal mixed in. Maybe the band’s lack of initial success made them re-think their direction and came up with a “more accessible” sound. Obviously the image got a little out of hand but so did the music. There was a direct NWOBHM influence on the debut and that’s all but gone on ANIMAL MAN, the songs all sound like a batch of different styles and are not cohesive together on the album. Where FIRST VISIT had a rawness to the production, ANIMAL MAN sounds too slick and loses it’s power. The drums sound awful and both the vocal and guitar levels vary in the mix, there’s also a non-existent bass sound. This CD is remastered and everything is clear but it is also subpar Metal music, take a listen to ‘The Passing’, it sounds like heavy New Wave at times! There are a few good songs, I like ‘Take No Shit’, ‘Belfast’, and the bonus track… surprise they were from a slightly earlier recording.

The Package:
Like the other reissues from Metal Mind, each reissue is limited to 2000 copies and numbered. Each CD comes in a full-color digipak and includes a color booklet with additional liner notes and lyrics. The music is remastered using 24-bit technology on a gold disc. The big thing is the bonus track, ‘Rough Tough (Pretty Too)’, from the rare BELFAST (1986) E.P. added on to the proper album.

Bottom Line:
Metal Mind has made another nice reissue but the album suffers from a lack of direction from the music made 22 years ago. It’s nice to have ANIMAL MAN alongside FIRST VISIT in the collection but I would suggest this as a “collector’s only” type of album. Getting the non-album track ‘Rough Tough (Pretty Too)’ as a bonus is cool so you don’t have to track down BELFAST to complete the Rogue Male recorded history but I’m not sure that is enough to want to give this CD regular listens. Comparing both albums, the debut beats ANIMAL MAN easily with more raw Metal. For collector’s, completists, and diehard Rogue Male fans only.

Rogue Male – First Visit reissue (1985/2008)

Rogue Male – First Visit (1985/2008 reissue, Metal Mind)

  1. Crazy Motorcycle
  2. All Over You
  3. First Visit
  4. Get Off My Back
  5. Dressed Incognito
  6. Unemployment
  7. On The Line
  8. Devastation
  9. Look Out
  10. The Real Me*
  11. All Over You*

(* bonus tracks)

Band Lineup:
Jim Lyttle – Vocals, Guitar
John Fraser Binnie – Guitar
Kevin Collier – Bass
Steve Kingsley – Drums

Producer: Steve James

Total Time = 46:46

Rogue Male unofficial MySpace page
Rogue Male at Encyclopedia Metallum: The Metal Archives
Listen to FIRST VISIT at Vibrations Of Doom
Metal Mind Productions

Rogue Male is one of those bands that came out of the U.K. in the early ’80s that is a lost piece in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) puzzle. I remember reading Metal Forces back in the day and they had some articles about this cool new band coming out of Belfast and how they blended a futuristic theme with the energy and enthusiasm of the early roots of NWOBHM. I saw this album cover and thought that this was going to be cool band with the Mad Max/cyborg concept. Then Kerrang! started predicting superstardom for Rogue Male and that was the kiss of death, the band basically got lost in the crowded Metal world by the end of 1985. By late 1984, the NWOBHM movement was starting to phase out: the big bands were already signed to big labels a few years earlier and the newer bands kind of got lost in the shuffle…..very similar to the L.A. Sunset Strip scene from 1989-1991. Rogue Male survived a couple of years and released this album, the follow-up ANIMAL MAN (1986), and had a couple of E.P.s mixed in. Now they have basically earned cult band status as one of those “lost” early ’80s bands.

The Music:
The reissue contains the nine track FIRST VISIT album plus two bonus tracks from the ALL OVER YOU single: ‘The Real Me’ and the short version of ‘All Over You’ (NOTE – The 12″ single contained both of these songs along with the long version of ‘All Over You’). When you give this album a spin, you’ll hear a rough and ready band that is as raw as they are energetic. The influences here are early Motorhead, Saxon, Tank and Judas Priest. Jim Lyttle has the Lemmy influenced vocal down pretty well and each song has that “go for the throat” guitar intensity that early Saxon and Judas Priest had. Take a listen to many of the smaller NWOBHM bands and you get a very similar sound, everyone was trying hard to be raw and heavy and the production reflected that by not being too slick. Of course, the remastering by Metal Mind makes everything crystal clear but you still get that raw sound like Motorhead and Tank.

The Package:
Like the other reissues from Metal Mind, each reissue is limited to 2000 copies and numbered. Each CD comes in a full-color digipak and includes a color booklet with additional liner notes. The music is remastered using 24-bit technology on a gold disc. The big thing is the two bonus tracks from the rare ALL OVER YOU (1985) single.

Bottom Line:
I remember holding this vinyl in my hand staring at the album cover thinking how cool it was but I never bought it…..1985 was a busy time for Metal and a 13 yr. old’s money only went so far. I did get a copy on cassette from a tape trader but I ended up losing it years ago. I haven’t heard this album in at least 20 years and, thanks to Metal Mind, I can have the CD. The package is nice and the music is dated but it’s a fun listen. The bonus tracks are a nice addition because the single is extremely rare.

Favorite Songs: ‘Dressed Incognito’, ‘All Over You’, ‘Crazy Motorcycle’

Reissue Report: Best Buy exclusive live CD included with the upcoming Black Sabbath – The Rules Of Hell box set

From Joe Siegler at

I just found out today that there was a version of the forthcoming “Rules of Hell” box set being sold at Best Buy which is an “exclusive”. I was not aware of this happening, so I hit up my contact at Rhino for information. I was told there is indeed going to be a version of “Rules of Hell” specifically available at Best Buy.

The majority of the box will be exactly the same as you can get everywhere else. There will however, be an extra CD packed on the outside that will contain five live tracks from 1981. The live tracks are:

  • Neon Knights
  • The Mob Rules
  • Children of the Grave
  • Voodoo
  • Country Girl

The source of these live tracks was the “Live at Hammersmith” release from May of 2007. The first four of these tracks already were released on the UK Tour Edition of “The Dio Years” last year. Country Girl was not on the Tour Edition release.

If you want to check out this release, you can do so via this link over at the Best Buy website.

From my personal experience at Best Buy, given the quantities Best Buy tends to stock of things like this, if you’re interested, you may wish to pre-order. Best Buy will have the regular version fine, but this one with the extra disc might be harder to come buy. I mean, this isn’t the kind of stuff that fills the “best sellers” section at Best Buy. That section is usually filled with crap, so special editions of Black Sabbath might not be in huge quantities at Best Buy, know what I mean?


More info on The Rules Of Hell box set can found in previous posts be here……and here.

— Steve