WANTED: Iron Maiden – Eddie’s Archive box set (2002) – updated 8/14/16

(Originally posted on April 10, 2008)


Iron Maiden – Eddie’s Archive box set (2002)

Back in 2002, I was very poor. I was working but my wife was pregnant with our second daughter and money was extremely tight. Living on one income was extremely rough and cuts had to be made! I had a $75 a week CD habit but I had to cut that down to maybe one CD a week…..if at all. Collecting ground to a serious halt for more serious life issues: like survival, like another child. I set priorities and kept a WANT list for when things got better.

Of course I’m poor and Iron Maiden decides to release Eddie’s Archive: six CDs, a shot glass, and a numbered family tree in a nice embossed metal casket box with Eddie’s head and band logo. The 6 discs are coupled into 2 CD sets and are: The BBC Archives, Beast Over Hammersmith, Best Of The B Sides.

I wanted it badly but I passed. Fast forward to a couple years later and I find an Eddie’s Archive at a record store 30 minutes from my house. It’s still sealed, priced at $100, and collecting dust on a shelf! I didn’t buy it but promised myself I would with my next paycheck. Go back a week later…..gone! I haven’t found one since…..

…..but they are all over Ebay! This set was re-released after the initial limited numbered edition ran out and demand by fans skyrocketed. I don’t care if I get a numbered set, I just want the music. I’ve had opportunity to buy this for $150 – $200 but I pass everytime…..I think of all the other albums on my list and how far I could stretch that kind of money. I’ve been watching this set on Ebay for 3 years now and the prices soar over $200 at times! I’m going to get it but hopefully at a decent price.

UPDATE – 8/14/16

After 16 years since it’s release, and 8 years since this original post, I finally acquired Eddie’s Archive! It was the one glaring omission in my collection and it’s been at the top of my want list so I figured that 2016 would be the year, either I buy it or I don’t. Thank you eBay! This year I have had serious interest in 6 different auctions but the prices have all gone over $150 and that’s been my top dollar limit. Lucky auction #7 started at $100 plus $7 shipping…..so I waited…..and waited…..and waited. No bidders with 24 hours to go, I minimum bid $103. With 5 minutes to go, I was still the only bidder. 10 seconds left, I bid up to $151…..I was still the only bidder. I won for my original bid of $100, got it withing a few days. Mint condition, original pressing and numbered. 16 years…..finally!

WANTED: Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder Live: Eagles Over Wacken limited edition box set (2012)



Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder Live: Eagles Over Wacken limited edition box set (2012)

Had I been paying attention back in April, I would have definitely pre-ordered this set! The pre-order price was 60 British Pounds which comes to about $95 USD + the cost of shipping so I estimate it would have been around $130 USD. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this box set until it had already sold out (in 3 days!) and it’s going on Ebay anywhere from $300 to almost $900 at auction and Buy It Now. There were only 500 copies made so it’s a rarity for sure…..read the press release below to see what was inside.

From the Saxon online store:

Strictly limited, this exclusive package contains the “Best Of Wacken” DVD, a double audio CD recorded live in Glasgow (2011) on the Call To Arms tour,

plus the full and complete Saxon W:O:A performances from 2004/2007/2009 – each on a separate DVD and, a Saxon flag.

The real surprise is that 10 ‘Golden Tickets’ are randomly included in the box sets, which will allow the 10 lucky winners to visit any Saxon concert in any city around the world (excluding festival appearances).

‘Silver Tickets’ giving access to special online content are for the remaining boxes so there are no losers – only winners.

SAXON “Heavy Metal Thunder – Live – Eagles Over Wacken”
• DVD 1: Best Of W:O:A (2004/2007/2009)
• Double CD: Glasgow Live, Recorded On The Call To Arms World Tour, April 14th, 2011
• DVD 2: W:O:A 2004 – full show
• DVD 3: W:O:A 2007 – full show
• DVD 4: W:O:A 2009 – Fan’s Choice Setlist – full show
• Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder – W:O:A flag
• “Golden Ticket” / “Silver Ticket”

I already paid $18 for the limited edition 2 CD/DVD version so I would have easily shelled out the extra $112. Full DVDs of each Wacken show and a commemorative Saxon flag are highly collectible as is the special box and the Golden and Silver tickets that allowed buyers to either see Saxon in concert ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and/or access bonus contect online. Even with the DVDs being PAL format I would have been fine because my DVD player is region free.

Saxon is one of my all-time favorite bands, I can’t believe I missed out on this. I will be watching and, if I find one at a decent price (albeit higher than the pre-order), then I will be on the hunt!

WANTED: Bret Michaels – Ballads, Blues & Stories (2001)


Bret Michaels – Ballads, Blues & Stories (2001)

You might be wondering why I would put a Bret Michaels CD into this installment of WANTED! because I have crucified his last couple of records as being the repackaged shams they are instead of the true new studio albums they should be and were billed as. So why do I want BALLADS, BLUES & STORIES? Simple…..it’s rare, out of print and hard to find. Plus, it will complete my Bret solo discography and I am all about owning band’s entire catalog…..it’s a collector thing! There are ten songs on the album (1 new and 9 previously released on other Bret solo albums) but there’s an interview track before each song where Bret explains the songwriting process and the stories to go with the tunes. Basically, this CD is the same deal as the last two albums Bret released…..compilations of previously released material. I know, I know…..I’m falling into the trap again but it’s definitely cool to have a rare CD and one that no one I know actually has. I’ve never seen a physical copy in a record store but I have seen a few floating around on Ebay for the general price of about $20. This Bret disc isn’t at the top of the want list but I added it in to watch for if I find it on the cheap!

WANTED: Royal Hunt – X (2010)


Royal Hunt – X (2010)

I discovered Royal Hunt in 1998 and they have been a favorite of mine ever since. I remember picking up a copy of the Metal Dreams fanzine and there was an article on the band that stirred my interest…..then I started to notice all their albums well-stocked in the “import” section at my local record store. I didn’t really pick up on the band until I discovered that you could listen to music online with your dial-up AOL connection! Yes, those were the internet dark ages for me, dial-up in 1998! Anyway, over the next year, I devoured anything I could on Royal Hunt and I picked up all of their albums through to 1999’s FEAR. As my favorite record shop started to decline in sales and inventory (and eventually closed around 2002), acquiring Royal Hunt albums became a little harder and buying online became the best alternative.

The band’s latest album, X, was announced back in late 2009 and was released in Japan on Marquee/Avalon in January 2010. Unfortunately, Japanese import prices can total upwards of $30+ (including shipping) so I passed with the hope that a U.S. release would happen soon after. I noticed that there weren’t many Japanese copies of X floating around at the time and it seemed like the album was one of those small pressings that record companies sometimes do if there’s a contract issue. Sure enough, Royal Hunt had just extended their Japanese contract for this one album. A release date for Europe was announced for June 2010 on Scarlet Records but I really never heard much on Royal Hunt over the summer. There were copies available online but the price with shipping still totalled over $20+ and I was holding out for a copy of two to land at my local record store. Newbury Comics never stocked it so I passed buy it.

Recently, my Royal Hunt radar has gone back up because the band reunited with former lead singer D.C. Cooper to tour Japan for a run of dates. I’m not sure how this affects Mark Boals status in the band but it affects my status in acquiring X. Of all the 2010 albums I missed last year, this album is on my high priority list.

WANTED: Thunder – Behind Closed Doors (1995)


Thunder – Behind Closed Doors (1995)

One of the projects I’ve started is to get my collection organized and in proper order for 2011…..there are going to be a lot of purchases again this year so I need to make sure everything is in it’s place. This project has forced me to take a look at bands and CDs that I haven’t listened to in a long time and make a new Want List to fill in some of the gaps in my collection. Thunder was a band back in the day that I started listening to with their debut album BACKSTREET SYMPHONY (1990) and their radio hit ‘Dirty Love’. Last week, a friend and I were on the phone and we started talking about Thunder’s discography and I was sure I had their first five albums…..turns out I’m missing one, this one!

I can tell you when and where I’ve bought every album in my collection, sometimes even the price, and my Thunder albums are no exception. I bought BACKSTREET SYMPHONY on cassette back in 1990 and replaced it with the CD about a year later, LAUGHING ON JUDGEMENT DAY (1992) I bought two years later at a local record store right after it came out. Fast forward about seven years and I bought THE THRILL OF IT ALL (1996) and GIVING THE GAME AWAY (1999) on the same day, at the same record store, for the same used import price! I’ve also collected a greatest hits collection from Japan and the U.S. reissue of BACKSTREET SYMPHONY from 1991 with the different cover art and the Japanese deluxe pressing of LAUGHING. I just assumed that I had picked up BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and, when I went to grab it to check the release date for my friend, it wasn’t there! I can’t have a gap between Thunder’s second and fourth albums, it breaks up the collection!

I’ve noticed reasonable prices on the original CD pressing from 1995 and on the 2010 double disc remaster with the extra CD of rarities, demos and live tracks. I’d be satisfied with the original pressing because I want to hear the original sound, sometimes a remaster sounds very different. If I can pick both up on the cheap, I’ll grab them.

WANTED: Manowar – Hell On Earth IV DVD(2007)


Manowar – Hell On Earth IV DVD (2007)

When it comes to really good music DVDs, Manowar is right up there with KISS and Iron Maiden in making some of the best. Manowar’s HELL ON EARTH series has been going strong since debuting in 2001 and know they are up to volume 5! I have been picking these DVDs up around the time they were released but for some strange reason I never picked up volume 4. Recently, I bought the new HELL ON EARTH V DVD when it was released and I was ready to have a full week of Manowar on my big screen TV but I soon found out that volume 4 is missing! I swear I had it in my DVD collection but it’s not there. I even checked my records of my CD & DVD purchases for the last couple of years (Yes, I actually keep track of what I spend!) and it’s not listed. So, to complete the set, I want HELL ON EARTH IV (2007)!

Death to false Metal!

WANTED: Dream Evil – Evilized (2003)


Dream Evil – Evilized (2003)

This one is really simple…..I thought I had it and I don’t. I got into Dream Evil with their 2002 debut, DRAGONSLAYER. The band had a cool Metal name that sounded like a classic Metal band, the album artwork was cool and the music was solid Power Metal. For some strange reason, I never bothered to pick up the follow-up record, EVILIZED. Recently, I bought the two CD set GOLD MEDAL IN METAL (2008) and I thought I had completed my Dream Evil collection….until I found this CD missing!

WANTED: Lynyrd Skynyrd – God & Guns (2009)


Lynyrd Skynyrd – God & Guns (2009)

I love Southern Rock. When I was a kid I used to listen to FM Rock radio all the time and bands like The Allman Brothers, .38 Special, Black Oak Arkansas and Lynyrd Skynyrd were always in rotation. In the end, it’s all Classic Rock and great music. I haven’t bought a new Lynyrd Skynyrd album since 1998 when I first got the Internet and I found the band’s then current album, TWENTY (1997), used at my favorite record store. GOD & GUNS is the band’s 4th album since then and for some reason I wanted this album really bad. I read a review on a Southern Rock website and it gave the album high praise so that caught my eye but then I received an email from Roadrunner Records about the limited edition 2 CD set…..nothing gets my collecting genes going than the words “limited edition”! The bonus CD has three new songs that are not included on the standard edition fo the album and three live songs for a few dollars more. GOD & GUNS was released in July 2009 and I didn’t get it when it was on sale and after a couple months I basically forgot about this album. Then I read a year end best of list on a website and it had this album #1…..that’s when this moved up on the want list.

WANTED: Foreigner – Can’t Slow Down (2009)


Foreigner – Can’t Slow Down (2009)

I know a lot of people see the name Foreigner and all they think of is ballads like ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ and ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ but back in the late ’70s/early ’80s the band put out some seriously crunching Arena Rock. I’m not afraid to admit that I like Classic Rock bands like Styx, Journey, REO Speedwagon and Foreigner…..they were staples on FM radio when I was a kid. I caught Foreigner in concert opening for Def Leppard & Styx back in August 2007 and they were really great live. Lou Gramm has been gone for a few years and founding member Lou Gramm enlisted new singer Kelly Hansen (former Hurricane vocalist) and he really added new life to a lot of old classics. That brings us to 2009 and Foreigner signed an exclusive deal with retail giant Wal-Mart to release their latest album, CAN’T SLOW DOWN. Just like The Eagles, KISS, Journey and AC/DC, Foreigner added 2 bonus discs to the new album: a bonus CD of re-recorded hits and a live DVD. I have passed on this CD a number of times despite all the rave reviews I read online. I hate going into Wal-Mart for anything, 3 out of the last 4 times were to pick up a CD, the 4th to return something right after Christmas. The price is right ($14), the package is a great deal for the price and the reviews all say it’s a great record but I just haven’t gotten around to getting it. The album is readily available at any Wal-Mart so I’m going to have to go into one of them soon and pick this CD up.

WANTED: Manowar – Hell On Earth V DVD (2009)


Manowar – Hell On Earth V DVD (2009)

I may have been very critical with Manowar’s last studio album, GODS OF WAR (2007), but I can honestly say that they make some of the best DVDs your hard-earned money can buy. Say what you want about the band’s image and “Death to False Metal!” battle cry, Manowar has always been about giving their fans a quality product whether it’s a CD with special packaging, a mulit-disc DVD or their Metal filled live show. The band is for the fans 100%. I’m not afraid to say I’m a Manowar fan since the early years and I have picked up the first four HELL ON EARTH DVDs and they are excellent. The 2 DVD set was officially release on November 29, 2009 but I had no clue it was coming out, I must have missed a press release somewhere. None of my usual online retailers have it in stock, it hasn’t been on Ebay and my local record store never received copies. The set can be ordered through Manowar’s official website but the price is $40 plus shipping. This is on my want list but it has to be a reasonable price.


WANTED: W.A.S.P. – Babylon (2009)


W.A.S.P. – Babylon (2009)

I’m not sure if it’s W.A.S.P. releasing albums late in the year with no proper U.S. distribution or me not going the extra mile to pick the album up. This is the second W.A.S.P. release in a row that I have missed when it was released and picked up in the next year. I did the same thing with DOMINATOR (2007) and now I’ve missed the boat on BABYLON! Actually, I did try and order this CD, along with Danger Danger & W.E.T., through my favorite online store but I kept getting the emails saying it was sold out. Needless to say, my favorite online CD retailer isn’t my favorite anymore! This came down to price and pressing. On one hand, I could pay the import price of $25 and get the CD from Europe but the place I order from had it for $15. The same thing happened with DOMINATOR and I finally went to Ebay and scored a Russian pressing for cheap money. The problem is that certain Russian Federation labels are legit and some are not so I try to stay away from those kinds of pressings. I would rather get a proper European, Japanese or U.S. pressing if it becomes available. Sounds picky but sometimes the collecotr in me outweighs the fan…..and I have been a W.A.S.P. fan ever since I saw the ad for the ‘Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)’ single in Circus back in 1983 or 1984. I’ve been a fan of the band since the first record straight through to the last one so buying BABYLON is a no-brainer. Again, more great reviews online and this made a few best of lists for 2009 so I’m anticipating another solid album. This is high on my want list so I will be ordering very soon.

WANTED: Danger Danger – Revolve (2009)


Danger Danger – Revolve (2009)

This is another top priority for early 2010! I don’t know how I missed that Danger Danger were releasing a new album but I only found out about it in November. I’ve been following Danger Danger since their debut in 1989 and I’m psyched that this is the first Danger Danger album in years with original lead singer Ted Poley. I have read a lot of great reviews on various websites and I noticed more than a few of those sites’ year end lists had REVOLVE on it. If the new Winger and Helix are awesome I have no doubt the new Danger Danger is as well. I tried ordering this from a couple of different online stores in the last couple months of 2009 and they were sold out everytime! Like I said, a top priority, so I will either be ordering online or burning gift cards at the local record store for this CD in the next week.