WANTED: W.E.T. – s/t (2009)


W.E.T. – s/t (2009)

This is the album I really, really want! I have tried on 6 separate occasions to order this online through some of my favorite online record stores and they are sold out everytime! You’ve got three major players from three major Melodic Rock bands: Robert Sall (Work Of Art), Erik Marnensson (Eclipse) and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman). How can this album not be one of the best of 2009? Every review I have read has praised it for being an excellent pice of work and I have noticed this on a ton of year end best of lists…..Melodicrock.com gave this album a perfect score of 100. I am looking to pick up the limited edition with the bonus DVD that contains 3 videos and an interview. I should have this by the end of next week because this is my top prioity.


WANTED: Glenn Hughes – A Soulful Christmas (2000)


Glenn Hughes – A Soulful Christmas (2000)

In keeping with the holiday season, I’m on the hunt for Christmas albums from Hard Rock & Heavy Metal bands. One of the greatest singers of all-time, and one of my favorites, Glenn Hughes, released this holiday album back in 20o0 on his own label – Pink Cloud Records. As with many independent releases, this CD was produced in limited quantities and it’s now out of print. The good news is that many of Glenn’s independently released albums, including A SOULFUL CHRISTMAS, is available for digital download at iTunes & Amazon. I’m a collector so I prefer to buy the actual CD but it ranges anywhere from $50-$150 on Ebay depending on the seller. That kind of price might force me to download my first album ever from iTunes! This isn’t a major priority to buy (yet!) so I can afford to wait and see if I can track down a CD at a decent price.


WANTED: Billy Idol – Happy Holidays (2006)


 Billy Idol – Happy Holidays (2006)

It’s that time of year again…..Christmas time! I’m a sucker for holiday albums and holiday music so finding out that Billy Idol released a holiday album a couple years ago places it at the top of my holiday list! Who doesn’t want to hear Billy Idol sing ‘Frosty The Snowman’, ‘White Christmas’ or ‘Jingle Bell Rock’? The album has 17 holiday classics and it’s a definite if you are a fan of different holiday albums. Look at that album cover! It’s priceless…..worth the price paid just to see Billy in his suit jacket! Usually this runs between $15 -$25 depending on the seller and location. The international version has a different cover but the same tracklisting.

WANTED: Black Sabbath – Past Lives (2002)


Black Sabbath - Past Lives (2002)

Black Sabbath – Past Lives (2002)

I’ve been on a major Black Sabbath kick for two weeks now and I realized that this live album is missing from my collection. This is a 2 disc set featuring the unofficial LIVE AT LAST (1980) live album on the first CD and some other notable Sabbath live tracks on the second CD from the famed Paris 1970 show and Asbury Park, New Jersey 1975. I already have LIVE AT LAST on CD so what I want is the live tracks from the second disc. I’m not a big bootleg concert trader so I wouldn’t mind hearing some of the Paris 1970 show I’ve read about in Sabbath forums over the years. Plus, I can’t stand knowing that my Black Sabbath collection has a hole in it! There are 2 versions of the album: standard jewel case and deluxe limited edition digipak. The difference between the two is that the digipak offers different packagaing and graphics, a pull out poster and a guitar pick…..there is no difference in the music. I’ll probably pick up the jewel case version…..

WANTED: King Kobra – III (1988)


King Kobra III (1988)

King Kobra – III (1988)

One of the bands I got into back in the mid ’80s when I was growing up was King Kobra. I saw the video for ‘Hunger’ (from 1985’s READY TO STRIKE) but I wasn’t completely impressed but then the video for ‘Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)’ came out in 1986 and I was sold! I loved the movie Iron Eagle and I bought the soundtrack on vinyl (which I sold years later!), as well as, THRILL OF A LIFETIME (1986) on cassette (the song was part of that album). Over the years I’ve worn out my cassettes of the first two King Kobra albums and now I’m in the market to buy them on CD…..that led me to KING KOBRA III.

There were multiple personnel changes when this album was being recorded. The most important was the replacement of Mark Free on lead vocals with Johnny Edwards, who sang for Montrose on the MEAN album in 1987, went on to sing with Foreigner on UNUSUAL HEAT (1991) and collaborate with former King Kobra guitarist JK Northrup on various projects. Another cool connection for me is that two songs are written by members of KISS and were leftovers from the sessions for CREATURES OF THE NIGHT in 1982: ‘Legends Never Die’ (Gene Simmons, Adam Mitchell, Micki Free) and ‘It’s My Life’ (Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley). Going even further…..both songs were recorded by Wendy O. Williams for her 1984 solo debut W.O.W. and Doro Pesch later recorded ‘Legends never Die’ on her 2002 album FIGHT. That enough KISStory in a King Kobra post?

The direction of this album is more Metal than the AOR/Melodic Rock direction the first two had. I have heard this only a couple times online so I can’t give a great description but here is the video for ‘Take It Off’, listen for Peter Criss on background vocals!.

This album is a rarity on CD and it sells in the $80-$100+ range when it comes up on Ebay. The good news is that you can get a mint or near mint copy on vinyl for under $10…..that means I’ll buy one soon.

WANTED: Mach 1 – s/t (1989)


Mach 1 (1989)

Mach 1 (1989) pic 2

 Mach 1 – s/t (1989)

When I first got onto Ebay back in 1998, this independent CD was one of the high priced rarities that had collector’s dropping big bucks. I was new to the collector’s market so I was shocked to see a CD go for a few hundred dollars, especially one from a band I had never heard of without a record deal. Since 1998, I’ve had the Mach 1 album on my Ebay favorites so I could track down a copy for a reasonable price. A few years later, CD Baby was offering the CD for $29.99. Seems the band had some extra copies lying around and they sold them through CD Baby. Unfortunately, the album sold out just as quickly as it had appeared and it’s never been available since. I’ve been keeping track of the Mach 1 CD ever since and about 2 months ago I almost won a copy for under $50.

Mach 1 has a MySpace page and there is a brief history, 4 songs from this album and a link to an iTunes download. Here is the brief history of the band from their MySpace page:

Mach One was the forerunner L.A. based Armenian Heavy Metal band.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1987 by Donny Sarian (former drummer of Divine Rite) – Drums, Lead Vocals, Vahé Marzbetuny (Red Snow) – Guitar, and Zareh Marzbetuny (Red Snow) – Bass, they became highly successful on the L.A. Club circuit with sold out shows at the Whiskey, Roxy and Troubador being par for the course.

The band broke ground with melodic musical structure, and truly meaningful socially conscious lyrics during a time when most metal bands wrote about more frivolous and innocuous topics. Their signature sound was reminiscent of Classic Hard Rock/Metal “ala” Queesryche, Judas Priest and even UFO.

The final cut on the CD became a call to arms in recognition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide and a massive hit with the Armenian community world wide. The song aptly entitled “Our Forgotten Cry” tells the chilling story of the suffering and mass murder that the Armenian’s faced from the Turkish government during WWI.

Other highlights on the CD are “Pain of Desire” with it’s heavy backbeat and nightmarish lyrics of a love lost, and “Turn Around” which is a sad tale of living life under the control of fears. The original CD was released in 1989 to rave reviews hailing it’s message and brilliant musicianship.

For the live shows Dean Bradley was brought into the band to take over lead vocal duties, (Donny not wanting to compromise the visual effect by singing from behind his massive drum kit and unwilling to give up the drum throne).

Mach 1 broke up in 1992, but have left a legacy which remains to this day and is continued through brothers Vahé and Zareh’s band Red Snow as well as through Donny Sarian’s bands Big Franklin and Randy Pevler.

WANTED: Queen – Hot Space (1982)



Queen – Hot Space (1982)

Nothing is worse than thinking you’ve had an album for years and then you realize that it’s missing from your collection…..missing because you never bought it! I’m going to have to turn in my Queen fan club card because I have been seriously slacking in my Queen collecting. I’ve been a big Queen fan since I was a kid and I would consider them in my Top 5 favorite bands but I’ve been off my game trying to complete the Queen collection. I’ve thought I owned HOT SPACE for years and I went to grab all my Queen CDs to load them in my iPod and there’s no HOT SPACE! I looked all through the CD cases to make sure it wasn’t misplaced but I didn’t find it. That’s because I don’t have it! Now I’ve seen this CD around some of the local stores for $15 but, for some reason, I don’t feel compelled to buy a $15 CD, especially for an album that is 27 years old and a CD reissue that’s turned 19 years old. I ran into the same problem a couple of years ago when I thought I owned THE GAME (1980) and I didn’t. So now I am on the hunt to complete the Queen collection and I will be placing HOT SPACE at the top of my list.

WANTED: Cain’s Alibi – s/t (1996)



Cain’s Alibi – s/t (1996)

Do you ever just get fixated on a band just because you need that one album? It happens to me all the time! I’ll be very honest here…..I really know nothing about Cain’s Alibi except that they have two albums and that they are broken up. I own their second album, SANCTIFIED (2000), and it’s a decent record but I’ve read online that the debut is the better of the two. The problem is that this album is way out of print and commanding $100+ lately at auction and all I want to do is complete the set! If I get one, I’ll review it.

WANTED: Oz – Fire In The Brain (1983)


oz fire in the brain

Oz – Fire in The Brain (1983)

I have wanted this album for a long time but I never got around to picking it up. Back in the day I remember seeing the vinyl record at Luke’s Record Exchange and Good Vibrations, and it was advertised in all the magazines, but I never got around to actually buying a copy. I did sample it though! In the early ’80s, record stores were more than happy to let people preview a record on the store’s stereo system and that’s exactly what I did. I was 10 years old at the time and buying up cassettes with my weekly allowance but I could never find a cassette copy of FIRE IN THE BRAIN…..the funny thing is that 26 years later there are 2 or 3 cassette copies at the same store in my hometown that I previewed the vinyl at when I was a kid! The album is readily available on Ebay on vinyl and CD so I’m watching the auctions closely. In the meantime, I have been enjoying the album over at Vibrations Of Doom. You can’t download it from the website but you can listen to it.

WANTED: Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)



Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)

Long time NWOBHM lunatics, Raven, released their latest album WALK THROUGH FIRE on March 25 in Japan on King Records and there is no U.S. or European release date on the horizon. Nothing bothers me more than not being able to find an album I want at a decent price. I’ve checked Ebay and the CD is going for around $38 plus shipping. I’ve checked various online stores and the prices range from $30-$35 plus shipping (the lower the price the higher the shipping and vice versa!). Prices like this make me want to pull my hair out!

I got into Raven around the time they released ALL FOR ONE (1983) and LIVE AT THE INFERNO (1984), I remember seeing ads for both albums in Hit Parader and Circus and I thought the albums looked cool. Back then I really didn’t know much about the different scenes, it was all Heavy Metal to me. As I’ve gotten older, and become a big fan of the NWOBHM, Raven has been one of those bands that I still enjoy listening to…..even through the mid-80s Atlantic Records years where the band tamed their style. WALK THROUGH FIRE is Raven’s first album since ALL FOR ONE (2000) and 9 years is way too long so I’m dying to hear what the music sounds like. I’ve read some reviews online and they are split down the middle: half good/half bad. I want to hear the album for myself…..the search continues!

WANTED: Savannah – s/t (1998)



Savannah – s/t (1998)

I discovered Savannah back in 1998 when I was reading issue 3 of the Metal Dreams fanzine and I realized that the band was from Massachusetts. Savannah was a combination of members from two other bands: SlyBoyz and Lord Grey. I always make it a point to check out local bands and I remember putting Savannah at the top of my want list. The problem was I forgot to write down the name of the album, so when I finally got around to finding Savannah in my favorite local record store, I picked up the wrong one!

My first Savannah album was the live SALEM’S LOT (1999), recorded on 2/5/99 in Salem, Massachusetts. At the time I had no idea I just picked up a live album, it was the only one in stock so I figured that was the one I read about in Metal Dreams. The good thing was that 8 out of the 10 songs were from the self-titled debut with the other 2 coming from the soon to be released FOREVER’S COME AND GONE (2000). At least I got a preview of what I wanted! My second Savannah album was FOREVER’S COME AND GONE, I received a CDR promo to review for a Rock website I used to write for, I’ve never replaced the CDR but the album is readily available.

The first Savannah album is hard to find, Z Records released it back in 1998 but it’s out of print and the band has disbanded. There is a Japanese version with a bonus track (an alternate version of ‘Two Young Hearts’) and that can be found on Amazon.com for about $75.

For more info on Savannah, check out the band’s page at Heavy Harmonies.

WANTED: Livesay – s/t (1996)



Livesay – s/t (1996)

I pulled out issue #1 of Metal Dreams, an old fanzine that I used to love to read before they went completely online. When I flipped to the reviews section, I found a piece of paper I had stapled to a page with a review of Livesay’s first record…..an original want list! One of my past times before the Internet was to write down lists of albums I wanted (I still do it!) that I found in fanzines. From 1995 thru 1997, I bought tons of zines and made tons of lists.

I’m not really sure what this album sounds like, I could go and sample it from the Livesay MySpace page or the debut album’s CD Baby page but I want it based solely on my gut feeling from 13 years ago. Unfortunately, it’s out of print but I’m sure I can find a copy somewhere. I do know that the band is from the NewYork/Connecticut area and they play Melodic Metal with a Progressive edge…..at least that’s what I’ve read!