Website Spotlight: KISS Burger


As a lifelong KISS fan I have bought my fair share of KISS merchandise over the years and attended plenty of concerts, I know all too well about the money making machine that was once a band. I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I saw this post on All Metal Resource. For a split second, without reading, I thought Gene Simmons had finally come up with another “doomed to fail” business venture but not out of the realm of reality. I mean, Gene WOULD do this! After reading the post and visiting the KISS Burger website, I knew it was just a clever fansite. Who comes up with this stuff besides Gene? Nothing is better than the slogan: “Our Meat, Your Mouth”. Check it out…..

Website Spotlight: Worn Free T-Shirts

I’m a t-shirt and jeans guy. I still wear a denim jacket and, if I could, I would still wear my studded armbands and fingerless leather gloves. There has always been something about the look of Rock ‘N Roll that has appealed to me. I’m not into fashion but sometimes what a Rocker wears just looks cool.


I received a press release about this cool t-shirt company called Worn Free. This company “blends rock and roll and fashion with a series of T-shirts originally worn by legends like John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Joe Strummer, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa and many others. These shirts take the best designs of the 60s and 70s, some created by Beatles artist Alan Aldridge and underground cartoonist R. Crumb, to create comfortable clothing with history behind it. Worn Free has been an instant hit with celebrities and musicians worldwide, spotted on Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Vedder, Robert Plant, Ellen Paige, Ryan Gosling, Mischa Barton and Naomi Campbell, just to name a few.”

I checked out the website and there are some really cool designs like the John Van Hamersveld design above that was used for the Grateful Dead. The prices range from $49.95 to $54.95 and the shirt comes with a tag looks like a backstage pass with a picture of the original shirt worn by a famous musician.


There are shirts with featured artists like The Ramones, Queen, Joan Jett, Frank Zappa and a ton more…..very cool.

If you’re interested, check out the Worn Free website…..

Website Spotlight:

Obviously, is the band’s, and David Coverdale’s, official website. What is cool about the website is that is scrolls from side to side. Sorry, small details like that amuse me! Anyway, there is a large MEDIA section with live songs and videos. The FEATURES section gives you all the latest Whitesnake news & tour info, there’s a BBS and an online store. The section I enjoy the most is the ARCHIVES. It has a cool discography from David’s Deep Purple days to present, there are interviews, magazine covers, photos and even games! You can tell that Coverdale has taken the time to make sure his website is unique and fan-friendly.

The 2007 Awards now online

Since I went online in the Fall of 1998, has been my first stop everyday for updates and news on many of the bands I grew up with. Melodicrock covers it all: AOR, Hard Rock, Metal, Melodic Rock, and Modern Rock…..anything and everything I need to know is usually there.

The best part of the year is when Andrew posts his end of the year awards. Unfortunately, this year’s awards were delayed but not forgotten, they were posted online yesterday (Wed. 4/9). Andrew always has great diversity in his picks and there are always some surprises. Read The 2007 Awards now.


Website Spotlight:

I have been visiting since early 1999, ever since it has been the first site I go to when I start online. Site owner and operator, Andrew McNeice, covers everything from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal to AOR to Mainstream Rock. The website is one of the premier places to go for up to date news and interviews, as well as, previews and album reviews.

That’s not all that the website provides. There are music samples, interactive reviews, worldwide release schedules, and an extensive array of message boards and the Noticeboard. You could easily spend hours each day soaking in the current news and conversations, the challenge is add in the archives and older reviews. It’s an interactive website, not only with the thousands of fans that visit each day but also with the artists/bands who have used as a primary vehicle to promote their latest wares.

After reading this website daily for the last eight years, I have found it to be one of the most comprehensive, and accurate, Music websites on the web. I highly recommend it.

Website Spotlight: The BNR Metal Pages

The BNR Metal Pages

Online since 1995, this website is one of the best Internet resources for researching Heavy Metal. All genres are represented and all bands have full discographies. Add a band summary, link to the website (if available), album art, tracklists, and lineups and you’ve got a comprehensive look at over 1400+ bands.

What I like most is the criteria that each band must fit to be included in this Metal encyclopedia. From the BNR Metal FAQ:

Assuming the band in question is sufficiently metal enough, there are two requirements of new bands:

  1. They must have released at least one album or EP (demos don’t count)
  2. I must have listened to at least one full album or EP (not just a single song or two)

The reason for the first requirement is not because I don’t care about up-and-coming bands or long-lost garage bands, it’s simply a matter of time and resources. As it is, I cannot keep up with all the established bands out there, much less write pages for bands that are still on the way up. I wish I could support these bands more, but I simply can’t.

Number 2 sounds like a cheap ploy to get free stuff, but that’s not the point, and certainly not why I’ve done this site in the first place. I just feel more comfortable and qualified writing about a band that I’ve heard first-hand rather than just relying on reports. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously run by a fan. A Metal salute to anyone that has listened to that many bands!

New Christine 16 website now online/new band picture

Christine Sixteen 1 and 2 : A High School Tribute to KISS

The Christine 16 website is now updated for the upcoming Christine Sixteen 2 tribute CD. The new band photo is below.

The new Christine Sixteen 2 band

I expect this project to be as good as the first, if not better. The latest tracklist for the new tribute album is as follows:

  1. Creatures Of The Night (Cassandra Goudreau)
  2. Baby Driver (Jessica Scalabrini)
  3. Charisma (Jessica Dionne)
  4. Master & Slave (Jessika Groleau)
  5. Got Love For Sale (Cassandra Markey)
  6. War Machine (Jessica Scalabrini)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
  7. Shock Me (Carolyne Bédard)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
  8. Deuce (Nadia Goudreau)
  9. God Of Thunder (J. Scalabrini et C. Goudreau)
  10. Watchin’ You (Jessica Dionne)
  11. Jungle (Cassandra Goudreau)
  12. Larger Than Life (Carolyne Bédard)
  13. 100,000 Years (Cassandra Markey)
  14. Dirty Livin’ (Jessica Scalabrini)
  15. Into The Night (Nicolas Maurais)
  16. Black Diamond (Cassandra Goudreau)
  17. Kissin’ Time (With special guests KISS ARMY)

Please visit the website and the Christine Sixteen MySpace page for more info.

Website Spotlight: Vibrations Of Doom website


Every now and then you run into a website that becomes an essential part of your online experience. If you’re like me, then you enjoy finding that old band, or old album, from Metal’s past that blows you away. The great thing about it is that you seem to be the only one in your circle of friends that’s ever heard of it! It’s the rarity and the thrill of the hunt…..

The good people at Vibrations Of Doom Magazine have taken treasures from the hunt and put them up on there website for all to hear. Under the “Classic Albums” section, you will find over 1000 albums that you can listen to. You aren’t able to download them to burn but you can listen. There are some extremely rare albums there. For all of you wondering what Heavy Load, Vyper, Trance, Axewitch, and Razor sound like…’s all there including the front artwork. It’s an excellent listen and research tool.

Aside from the “Classic Album” section, the site is also an online review magazine. Every few months a new issue is added full of reviews and some interviews. There is also a “Soundfiles” page for the current issue so you can sample tracks from the reviews and use your own judgement.

There’s also Doom Radio that you can tune into and enjoy. I haven’t gotten that far yet because I am still going thru the Classic Albums and adding to my WANT LIST.

I suggest checking it out.