Aces Wyld – Wyld Tonite! E.P. (2007)

Aces Wyld - Wyld Tonite! E.P. (2007)Aces Wyld - Wyld Tonite! E.P. (2007)l_0d9fde29ba920cd6a2510af1c092d07e.jpg

Aces Wyld – Wyld Tonite! E.P. (2007)

  1. Machine Woman
  2. Wyld Tonite
  3. Runnin’ Strong
  4. Lovin’ Life Pink
  5. High On Speed

Band Lineup:
Dan Johnston – Vocals
Jason Scherer – Guitars
Clint Greenlee – Bass
David Anderson – Drums

Produced by: Aces Wyld

Total Time – 23:38

Aces Wyld on MySpace

When you visit Aces Wyld on MySpace, take a look at their general info where it says “Sounds like”. The answer is plain and simple: Hard Fuckin’ Rock! It’s true, this five song E.P. comes out punching with a heavy ’70s Hard Rock crunch that goes straight for the throat. You can hear the Ted Nugent influence right away. Also some Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, and maybe some early Judas Priest.

What jumps out right away is the fat bass and big drums. It’s a raw and heavy production and the backend sounds very thick, a ’70s trademark. Jason Scherer’s guitar sounds like a cross between early Glenn Tipton and the Nuge, take a serious listen to the solo in ‘Runnin’ Strong’….wow! The guy is just coming out and playing riff after riff without all the guitar hero noodling. Dan Johnston’s voice is a bit scratchy/gritty kind of like a Paul D’ianno from Maiden’s early days crossed with Uncle Ted.  It’s the rawness that makes the music and vocals blend perfectly. This ’70s Rock groove doesn’t work well with a guy hitting high falsettos all over the song, this is about power and balls!

Bottom Line:
I’ve been spinning this E.P. for a couple of weeks and it just sounds so fresh to me. I’m also a big fan of ’70s Hard Rock/Metal so it appeals to me. Solid music all around, not a bad song in the bunch, very good stuff. Favorites of the five tracks: ‘Wyld Tonite’ & ‘Runnin’ Strong’. For a band that just over a year old, this is some great music, I can’t wait to check out the new E.P. that the band is currently working on.

(If you go to the MySpace page, you can hear all the tracks.)