New Release Tuesday: Buckcherry – Black Butterfly & All That Remains – Overcome

Today was a big day as I had to run out and drop the $12.88 for the new Buckcherry album, BLACK BUTTERFLY. The cool thing was that I got another free pint glass from Newbury Comics, my local record store. I’ve been into Buckcherry since the debut in ’99 so this was a “must have” for me.

Of course that’s not all I bought! The new All That Remains album, OVERCOME, also came out today.

The sale price was $12.88 but I’m part of the Newbury Comics mailing list and the special coupon got me the CD for a cool $9.99! I just got into All That Remains late last year and they are very intense, plus they are from Massachusetts (right in my backyard!) so its good to support local area bands.

Total Cost = $23 (with a free pint glass!)

All That Remains – Live DVD (2007)

All That Remains - Live DVD (2007)

All That Remains – Live DVD (2007, Prosthetic/Razor & Tie)

Live In Baltimore:

  1. Become The Catalyst
  2. This Darkened Heart
  3. The Air That I Breathe
  4. Six
  5. For Salvation
  6. Tattered On My Sleeve
  7. The Weak Willed
  8. Not Alone
  9. It Dwells In Me
  10. Focus Shall Not Fail
  11. Indictment
  12. This Calling

Live In Philadelphia:

  1. Become The Catalyst
  2. This Darkened Heart
  3. Six
  4. Not Alone
  5. It Dwells In Me
  6. For Salvation
  7. Tattered On My Sleeve
  8. Regret Not
  9. We Stand
  10. Indictment

Bonus Material:

  • ATR Fans
  • Guitar Hero 2 – Oli vs. Mike
  • History Of The Band
  • Life On The Tour Bus
  • Autograph Sessions
  • Photo Slideshow 1
  • Photo Slideshow 2

Music Videos:

  1. The Air That I Breathe
  2. Behind The Scenes of ‘The Air That I Breathe’
  3. This Calling
  4. Tattered On My Sleeve
  5. This Darkened Heart
  6. The Deepest Gray
  7. Not Alone

All That Remains

Band Lineup:
Philip Labonte – Vocals
Oli Hebert – Guitar
Mike Martin – Guitar
Jeanne Sagan – Bass
Jason Costa – Drums

(Region 1, NTSC, Running Time = N/A)

All That Remains official website
All That Remains MySpace page
Razor & Tie Records
Prosthetic Records

I went into this DVD only knowing the name All That Remains rather than what the band actually sounded like. Living in Rhode Island, that’s odd for me because I usually have a good idea of what’s going on in the New England Metal scene. All That Remains comes from Boston, Massachusetts (my backyard) and they play many local dates among bills that have been in larger venues like Ozzfest and Sounds Of The Underground. Not only that but their last studio album, THE FALL OF IDEALS (2006) has exceeded 100,000 units sold and is closing in fast on 150,000! All That Remains is also featured on the GUITAR HERO video game and MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. With all this success, and the band’s close homebase, it’s surprising that I haven’t come across their music.

When I pressed PLAY, I watched a serious and energetic performance from The Recher Theatre in Baltimore with fan reaction before and after. Knowing nothing about the music, I was immeadiately drawn in by Phil Labonte (ex-Shadows Fall) commanding presence at the mic and the guitar dueling of Oli Hebert and Mike Martin. Songs like ‘Six’, Tattered On My Sleeve’, and ‘Indictment’ are explosive and just make the crowd go wilder as evidenced by the pit and the floor that never stops moving and is slam packed. Interviews after the show reveal a list for the ER: broken feet, fingers, cuts, bruises, sprains…..all with an undying enthusiasm for All That Remains.

The concert from Philadelphia, at The Theatre Of Living Arts, is slightly shorter but no less powerful. ‘Become The Catalyst’, ‘This Darkened Heart’, and ‘Not Alone’ pound the audience into a frenzy. The crowd eats up the band’s blend of Hardcore and Melodic Death Metal and responds like Baltimore: more broken bones, cuts, bruises… be young again! Not sure I’d venture into the pit!

For someone that had no clue about the band, the inclusion of six videos, backstage footage, and interviews really helped me get an idea of who the band are and what there studio albums sound like. My favorite extra is the fans…..hearing how they react before and after the two concerts, at the meet and greets, etc is truly what being a Metal fan is all about.

Bottom Line:
If you like All That Remains, this is essential to your collection. If you’ve just discovered the band, this DVD is a great introduction. For me, this was a great way to discover a new band (to me, they have three albums!) and become a fan. This DVD was just released on October 30th and is well worth the money spent… I have to spend some more and get their studio albums.