CD Scavenger Hunt (June update)

Finally! Once I post this update for June then I’m all caught up! June was a good month with a ton of new releases so I spent some extra dollars…..

Newbury Comics

Rush – Clockwork Angels (2012) – $13
Meshuggah – Koloss (CD/DVD) (2012) – $12
Kreator – Phantom Antichrist (CD/DVD) (2012) – $14

My first trip of the month to Newbury Comics was pretty uneventful. I went in to pick up the new albums by Rush, Kreator and L.A. Guns but the store never got in the new L.A. Guns. Why? Because they were moving locations and their shipments were minimal. I got the Rush and Kreator albums no problem, and I was willing to wait until the next shipment for the new L.A. Guns rather than go to another store, so I started to browse. With the staff boxing up inventory, some of the selection was a little thin but I did manage to find the deluxe version of the new Meshuggah album, KOLOSS, for a sale price of $12. The other couple of copies were regular price around $18 so I decided to grab this while I could still get it a little cheaper.

L.A. Guns – Hollywood Forever (2012) – $9.50
Lita Ford – Living Like A Runaway (2012) – $10.30
Malice – New Breed Of Godz (CD/DVD) (2012) – $15.20
U.D.O. – Celebrator (2012) – $9.50
Mantas – Death By Metal (2012) – $8

My second trip into the North Attleboro Newbury Comics came as the store started their moving sale — “Everything 20% off”. I immeadiately hit the new release rack for the new L.A. Guns (finally in stock!), the new Lita Ford (I hope it’s better than her last album!) and the new U.D.O. double disc package with all the unreleased/bonus/special material. I had great sale prices of $12, $13 and $12 respectively but knowing an additional 20% off was coming at checkout I knew I could buy more! I read about the new Malice album but never wrote down the release date so I was surprised to see it in the rack, unfortunately it was $19 regular price. A new album on Frontiers Records with a bonus DVD is always going to cost a little more but the 20% discount made it a little more manageable price wise. I calculated that I was going to save about $10 with the extra discount so that meant I could buy another new CD! I decided to buy the Mantas album because it is Chuck Schuldiner’s pre-Death band and I wanted to hear these demo recordings. I’m starting to get into more extreme forms of Metal and I like Death so I figured the extra savings made this CD free in theory.

Venom – Metal Black (2006) – $4.80
Brand New Sin – Recipe For Disaster (2005) – $1.60 used
Eidolon – The Parallel Otherworld (2006) – $3.20 used

Last trip into the old store before they closed the door and the inventory was all but gone. Everything was still an additional 20% off so it was still worth the trip especially since I had been watching the Venom CD and a Superjoint Ritual CD for a while. Unfortunately the Superjoint Ritual album was gone (it was only $4) but I was able to pick up the Venom CD new and two used discs from Brand New Sin and Eidolon. The prices were a cheap $6, $2 and $4 respectively so I was spending under the regular price of a normal CD as it was but getting another 20% off on top was icing on the cake.

Sleep – Dopesmoker (2003/2012 reissue) – $10

Well, the new Newbury Comics store opened in the Emerald Square Mall about a half mile down the road from the original location and they opened a day early. I checked the North Attleboro store’s Facebook page and saw they were open so I went down with the family to check it out. It’s a little smaller than the old store but it’s in a great location in the mall and there seemed to be a ton of foot traffic so maybe this store won’t go the way of other independent chains! I had to make an inaugural purchase so I decided on the DOPESMOKER reissue because it was cheap. I’ve heard the edited version of ‘Dopesmoker’ (titled ‘Jerusalem’) only once but the original 63 minute song continues to be a benchmark of Stoner/Doom Metal. The full album is one song, recorded in 1996, and released four different times without band authorization…..the 1999 release was re-titled JERUSALEM with an alternate cover and an edited song losing about 10 minutes. This new reissue is fully authorized by the band and I’ll bet that the other versions price and collectibility goes down.

Music Box (Newport, RI)

Pop Evil – Lipstick On The Mirror (2009) – $2.50 used

I caught Pop Evil a few years ago opening for Judas Priest so I’ve always had the band name in my head but I never got around to buying any of their albums. My family and I went to Newport for the day and we took a walk through the Brick Marketplace and I had to make my way to the long time Newport record store Music Box. There’s never anything exciting in there because I either own it already or it’s your basic run of the mill inventory but, one thing I’ve learned over the years, there’s always a treasure somewhere and sometime! This time I checked the cut-out/used bin at the very back of the store and found this Pop Evil CD for less than $3. It’s a promotional CD but it’s intact. I compared it to a regularly priced copy that was $15 and it looks exactly the same.

Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder Live: Eagles Over Wacken (2 CD/DVD) (2012) – $18.20
Great White – Elation (2012) – $10
Kill Devil Hill – s/t (2012) – $10

I went into my usual record store looking for the new Saxon limited edition set with the DVD and double CD but they didn’t have it in stock with no idea when they would have it. They did have the regular double CD but I wanted the DVD. As soon as I got home, I went to Amazon and started filling my cart: Saxon for just over $18 and I added the new Great White and Kill Devil Hill albums for $10 each. Both great White and Kill Devil Hill were priced at $17 regular price at the record store so I saved $7 each buying them with Saxon…..unfortunately, the record store stocked the Saxon limited edition a few days later at a $15 sale price but I spent an extra $3 to save an extra $14!

Total = $151.80 ($159 rounded off)

Total (year) = $1171

Average Price (per item) = $8.87

Total CDs (year) = 127

Total DVDs (year) = 4

Total Blu-Rays (year) = 1

WANTED: Danger Danger – Revolve (2009)


Danger Danger – Revolve (2009)

This is another top priority for early 2010! I don’t know how I missed that Danger Danger were releasing a new album but I only found out about it in November. I’ve been following Danger Danger since their debut in 1989 and I’m psyched that this is the first Danger Danger album in years with original lead singer Ted Poley. I have read a lot of great reviews on various websites and I noticed more than a few of those sites’ year end lists had REVOLVE on it. If the new Winger and Helix are awesome I have no doubt the new Danger Danger is as well. I tried ordering this from a couple of different online stores in the last couple months of 2009 and they were sold out everytime! Like I said, a top priority, so I will either be ordering online or burning gift cards at the local record store for this CD in the next week.

WANTED: W.E.T. – s/t (2009)


W.E.T. – s/t (2009)

This is the album I really, really want! I have tried on 6 separate occasions to order this online through some of my favorite online record stores and they are sold out everytime! You’ve got three major players from three major Melodic Rock bands: Robert Sall (Work Of Art), Erik Marnensson (Eclipse) and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman). How can this album not be one of the best of 2009? Every review I have read has praised it for being an excellent pice of work and I have noticed this on a ton of year end best of lists… gave this album a perfect score of 100. I am looking to pick up the limited edition with the bonus DVD that contains 3 videos and an interview. I should have this by the end of next week because this is my top prioity.


The Sword – Gods Of The Earth (2008)

The Sword – Gods Of The Earth (2008, Kemado Records)

  1. The Sundering
  2. The Frost-Giant’s Daughter
  3. How Heavy This Axe
  4. Lords
  5. Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians
  6. To Take The Black
  7. Maiden, Mother & Crone
  8. Under The Boughs
  9. The Black River
  10. The White Sea

Band Lineup:
John D. Cronise – Guitars & Voice
Kyle Shutt – Guitars
Trivett Wingo – Drums & Percussion
Bryan Richie – Drums

Producer: John Cronise

Total Time = 47:57

The Sword official website
The Sword MySpace page
Kemado Records

I picked up The Sword’s debut, AGE OF WINTERS, shortly after it was released in 2006 and I was unimpressed. There was a ton of press and hype surrounding this Stoner/Doom Metal band from Austin, Texas and I just didn’t get it. It’s not that the record was bad, it was just that there were other bands in the genre putting out similar albums. It got played, I got bored, I filed it away.

The press started heating up for the band’s sophomore effort, GODS OF THE EARTH, back in January so I went out and picked this up April 1st. I figured that this would be the make or break album between me and The Sword. Popped it in the car deck and was immeadiately hit with sonic blast from the opening instrumental ‘The Sundering’. Immeadiately I noticed that something was different this time around…..a hint of early Thrash!

‘The Frost-Giants Daughter’ has a leviathan riff and crashing cymbals all around but the vocals seem to be drowned by the ’70s Sabbath drone. ‘How Heavy This Axe’ has another chugging muddy Sabbath riff that the masters themselves would be proud of. When the opening guitar to ‘Lords’ pierces through the sludge is when that I think I finally “get” what The Sword is all about. These guys make no excuses playing heavy Doom and incorporating a little NWOBHM and early Metallica into their arsenal. Listen to the ‘Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians’ and tell me that you don’t hear early Metallica. There’s a hint of KILL’EM ALL and RIDE THE LIGHTNING to the proceedings so far.

One of the best songs on the record to my ears is ‘To Take The Black’ with that thick acoustic opening and the ’70s Rock vibe of Truth and Janey and Night Sun. A little jam kicks in as the end for good measure complete with solos. Same with ‘Maiden, Mother & Crone’, a prime cut of thick and muddy ’70s groove Rock with a basic riff. ‘Under The Boughs’ sounds a but like early NWOBHM and Metallica rolled into one while ‘The Black River’ reminds you that Black Sabbath created everything and bands like The Sword can only build so high from such foundation. By the time I get to the album’s closer, ‘The White Sea’, I’m a little doomed out but this instrumental has some meaty runs and solos that keep things interesting.

Bottom Line:
So what is so different about this record compared to AGE OF WINTERS? Not really much, save for the early Metallica and NWOBHM influences in some songs. The songs are a little more complex even though a lot of Doom/Stoner Metal sounds the same to me after a while. I’m not sure about having two instrumentals on the album (one to open, one to close) but the eight songs in between are high quality and well written. Favorite songs here: ‘To Take The Black’, ‘Maiden, Mother & Crone’, ‘Under the Boughs’, ‘Lords’.

NOTE: There is an unlisted track on the CD. It’s an acoustic instrumental of ‘To Take The Black’. Very cool but almost a little Blackmore’s Night. That makes 3 instrumentals…..

Press Release: Earth announce Eastern U.S. tour


Upon returning from more than a month touring Europe on their new album The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull, Seattle’s masters of Americana-style drone Earth begin waves of US touring. Beginning this month they’ll hit the Midwest and South a bit then travel up the East Coast. More waves of dates will be announced over the coming months as the band confirms more regional touring.

04/25/2008 Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL w/Helen Money
04/26/2008 Wexner Center for the Arts – Columbus, OH w/Sword Heaven
04/27/2008 The Dame – Lexington, KY
04/28/2008 *TBA – Nashville, TN
04/29/2008 Bottletree – Birmingham, AL w/Fur Elise, Liz Durrett
04/30/2008 The Earl – Atlanta, GA w/Fur Elise, Liz Durrett
05/01/2008 Calendonia – Athens, GA w/Fur Elise, Liz Durrett
05/02/2008 Rocket Club – Asheville, NC
05/03/2008 Downtown Events Center – Raleigh, NC
05/04/2008 Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington, DC w/Kayo Dot
05/05/2008 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA w/Kayo Dot
05/06/2008 Knitting Factory – New York, NY w/Kayo Dot

Earth on MySpace
Southern Lord Records