Derek Sherinian – Molecular Heinosity (2009)


Derek Sherinian – Molecular Heinosity (2009, Inside Out/SPV)

  1. Antarctica
  2. Ascension
  3. Primal Eleven
  4. Wings Of Insanity
  5. Frozen By Fire
  6. The Lone Spaniard
  7. Molecular Intro
  8. Molecular Heinosity
  9. So Far Gone

Derek Sherinian- Keyboards
Zakk Wylde – Vocals, Guitar
Tony Franklin- Fretless Bass
Jimmy Johnson – Bass
Virgil Donati- Drums
Brian Tichy- Drums, Guitar
Rob Mules- Bass
Tina Guo- Cello
Taka Minamono- Guitar
Brett Garsed- Guitar

Producer: Derek Sherinian

Total Time = 39:48

Derek Sherinian
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Inside Out
SPV Germany

Derek Sherinian should be no stranger to fans in the Metal world being a part of Progressive Metal legends Dream Theater from 1995 through 1998. Sherinian has also worked with many other high profile artists including KISS, Alice Cooper, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Billy Idol, as well as, carving his own solo career and being involved in superstar projects Planet X and Platypus. MOLECULAR HEINOSITY is the fifth solo album from Sherinian, and an all-star band of musicians including Zakk Wylde and Tony Franklin, and it is another spectacular album to hear.

The music on MOLECULAR HEINOSITY is a mix of Rock, Progressive Metal, Jazz and Fusion all mixed together to create an auditory soundscape for the listener to travel through. On previous albums, the music tended to be more along the lines of Jazz but the songs on this album have a more Metal bite to them and that is what really got me into it. It sounds heavy! The album is completely instrumental except for the final track, ‘So Far Gone’, that features Zakk Wylde on lead vocals. I’ve never been a fan of Zakk’s Ozzy-like vocal style so I think ‘So Far Gone’ is the weakest track on the record, I would have preferred it stay an instrumental, but it’s still very heavy in a Black Label kind of way. The first 8 songs are where the prime music is with Sherinian weaving his bombastic keyboard style in and out of the perfect performances by his all-star cast. You play this album and the whole thing sounds like one complete piece of music like a symphony. That’s how I like instrumental albums (and I have a ton of them), the music should be so good that it sounds effortless and takes your mind on a journey…..that’s what MOLECULAR HEINOSITY does.

Bottom Line:
If you like Progressive Rock/Metal, then you should really like this record. If you have heard what Derek Sherinian has done in Dream Theater and in his solo career, then you should like this record. If you’re a fan of Zakk Wyldem then you should like this album for it’s meaty guitar. I like this album because it sounds so good, it takes my mind to another place, and I am disappointed when it’s over…..that’s the mark of a good album!

Favorite Songs:
I like all of them except for ‘So Far Gone’ just because I’m not a fan of the vocals and I would like it better as an instrumental.