Ebay Madness – Galaxy Group, Mata Hari, Airbourne

Galaxy Group – s/t (1991) sells for $113.60

Seller – eagleeyeiii
Starting Price = $8.99
Bids = 14

I have this CD! Picked it up years ago from a top collector for about half the price. This Russian AOR disc gets bootlegged often, copies flood Ebay and eveyone gets to hear it. To find an original is hard to do, only 300 copies were made. I did my research years ago and did in fact get an original. Speculation is that either the label keeps pressing the discs or one of the band members is doing it.

Mata Hari – Feel the Fire (1992) sells for $190.50

Seller – eagleeyeiii
Starting Price = $8.99
Bids = 20

This CD sold for $270 back on March 1st and now here’s another one. I know nothing about the band except that they are from Minnesota and play Hard Rock. I’ll bet that there is someone on the Net with a few copies and they are getting sold to collectors. The first auction in March was sold by a respected collector, this auction was done by an up and comer that I have bought from in the past. Kudos to eagleyeiii for getting two big auctions in the same column!

Airbourne – Ready To Rock (2004) sells for $410!

Seller – doctor_fish
Starting price = $9.99
Bids = 13

Everyone should have picked this CD up when Airbourne was still a bar band and copies could be had for $10-$15 plus postage. This is the second one I’ve seen in the last couple of months go for big money, both signed by the band. These discs were only sold at local shows in Australia.