Press Release: New album from Isis – Wavering Radiant – due on May 5


L.A. stalwarts Isis are set to release their most cohesive and challenging work yet with Wavering Radiant, due out May 5th on Ipecac Recordings.

Having been on the forefront of the progressive metal scene for over a decade now, the five-piece have managed to pump out landmark records like a well-oiled machine, each one more unique and daring then the last. Routinely changing the genre’s landscape, the group produced destructive, incendiary riffs on their debut, explored the sprawling, vast unknown via 2004’s Oceanic and discordant, rhythmic textures on The Absence of Truth. Enter: Wavering Radiant. Their first full length in over two years, it marks yet another push towards the unexplored; solidifying a career in adaptation and transformation. Acting as the culmination of twelve years spent unleashing backbreaking riff-age and sonic explorations of light & dark, Radiant sees the colossal five-some moving beyond the visible spectrum of rock and the realm of the uninspired. Blissfully melodic, frighteningly dense; the album is an epic conflict between worlds of beauty and the darkest of demons.

Epic in nature, grandiose in scale, on May 5th Isis will unleash both their most demanding and accessible album yet. A monster of epic proportions, it’s seven tracks clock in at a total of 54 minutes. The shortest number (also the album’s namesake) stays under two minutes, while it’s longest reaches 11 minutes. Less tracks then they are portions, they are better described as subsections to one massive piece. After just one listen, it’s clear that Radiant is the sum of years of experimentation, varying influences and the organic infusion of their multiple personalities (band members are featured in a slew of successful side-projects).


Also featuring a guest appearance from Adam Jones of Tool fame on two tracks, their latest Ipecac release finds the group displaying an unparalleled sense of maturity and a mastery of their instruments, officially making them grizzled vets of a genre fated to be at their mercy for years to come.

Tracklist for Isis Wavering Radiant [May 5th, Ipecac Recordings]:

1.  Hall Of The Dead
2.  Ghost Key
3.  Hand Of The Host
4.  Wavering Radiant
5.  Stone To Wake A Serpent
6.  20 Minutes / 40 Years
7.  Threshold Of Transformation

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