Jetboy – The Glam Years Movie DVD & CD (2007)

Jetboy - The Glam Years Movie and CD (2007) DVD

Jetboy – The Glam Years Movie DVD & CD (2007, Deadline/Cleopatra)

Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go 1986 DVD:

  1. Fire In My Heart
  2. Car Sex
  3. Rockin’ And Reelin’
  4. Quick Draw
  5. Shout It Out
  6. Cut Me Down
  7. Bad Disease
  8. In The Alley
  9. Little Teaser
  10. Don’t Mess With My Hair
  11. (If You Don’t Wanna Fuck Me Baby) Fuck Off!

DVD Bonus Material: Slide show photo movie, Interviews & Footage from the re-recording of ‘Feel The Shake’

(Region 1, NTSC, DVD Running Time = 110 minutes)

CD tracklist (rare demos + 2 new recordings):

  1. Little Teaser
  2. In The Alley
  3. Don’t Mess With My Hair
  4. Car Sex
  5. On The Lips
  6. Fire In My Heart
  7. Bad Disease
  8. Quick Draw
  9. Losin’ Streak
  10. Cut Me Down
  11. Feel the Shake 1987
  12. White Rock Devil
  13. High Gear
  14. Bullfrog Pond
  15. Moonlight
  16. Groove Tube
  17. Crank It Up
  18. Slowgrind
  19. Folsom Prison Blues
  20. Feel the Shake 2007
  21. In The Alley 1991 (bonus track)

CD Total Time – 1:18:23

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Cleopatra Records

Back in ’80s, there were so many talented bands coming out of California that the scene began to get overcrowded and diluted. Bands got signed by big labels one day and promptly dropped the next. a string of sold out shows would be played in L.A. and then going on the road wouldn’t be as kind. So many bands went through this fate but still cultivated a strong fanbase that is still alive today…..Jetboy is one of these bands.

I remember hearing about Jetboy through music magazines, they were an up and coming band that took their influences from Punk, Hard Rock, and Glam and had a connection to another new band, Guns ‘N Roses. How could you not get into a band that had a connection to GNR? GNR had just taken the rock world by storm in ’87 so I had to check out Jetboy on affiliation alone. I also knew of the band by the unfortunate death of Todd Crew (bass), who was a good friend of GNR, the guys in Guns went out of their way to mention Crew in interviews. I picked up FEEL THE SHAKE (1988) when it came out and DAMNED NATION (1990) right after.

THE GLAM YEARS MOVIE is split into two parts: the Whiskey ’86 concert and the interview documentary. The concert footage is straight from Billy Rowe’s archive and is obviously a home video. The video is decent but the sound is rough…..your basic, one camera, raw bootleg that’s a nice time capsule of where the band was in ’86, pre-label. Jetboy is energetic and having fun on stage while entertaining a packed house. Yes, I said “a packed house”, you don’t get that today for an unsigned band. What makes the DVD is the interview portion where the surviving original members (Mickey Finn, Billy Rowe, Fernie Rod & Ron Tostenson) talk about life in the band: the formative years, Tod Crew’s death, getting signed, getting dropped, and the future. There’s insight into the band’s history as told by the members who lived it without regret but with full appreciation of the era with an eye on the future. I enjoyed the interview section the most.

The accompanying CD is an added bonus. Mostly comprised of rarities and demos, some released in the mid to late ’90s on independent labels, the album is a look back at the early Glam days of the band. You can feel the Punk vibe mixed with the hard Rock flair that the band easily created. Somehow it all sounds fresh 20 years later. It’s also nice to get to new recordings: the Johnny Cash classic ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and a re-work of the band’s first single ‘Feel The Shake’.

Bottom Line:
A great package overall with the highlights being the interview segment of the DVD and the accompanying audio disc. I liked the Whiskey concert, it was OK, but it could have been better if the audio was re-touched a bit. All in all, a solid historical release on Jetboy…’s hoping that the band puts out some new material in the future.