Ebay Madness: Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) strikes again!

Just when you thought it was safe again on Ebay, the Kidd Wikkid CD strikes again! I’ve featured this CD twice before: October 2006 when it sold for $394 and June 2007 when it dropped to a mere $232.48! Everytime I come across this CD I always see it go for big dollars, even for bootleg CDRs! So here we go…..the latest Ebay Madness on Kidd Wikkid.

Kidd Wikkid auction 1

Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) sells for $464.36

Seller: sgt 667 (Twisted Kite Records & CDs)
Country: Missoula, Montana USA
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 13

This seller is from the U.S. with 100% positive feedback and the auction lists verified questions from bidders as to the authenticity of the CD (sliver-pressed original or bootleg) so there are a lot of positives. For collectors, an original pressing is still a rarity but buyer beware of all the bootlegs that are damn close to an original. This auction got out of hand early: by Day 2 of the auction it was already over $200 and by the next to last day it was over $350.

Kidd Wikkid auction 2

Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) sells for $513 a week later!

Seller: theclamiam
Country: Butte, Montana USA
Starting Price = 8
Bids = $9.99

Second Kidd Wikkid CD out of Montana in a week but this one is extra special…..it’s autographed! The owner of this autographed copy owned a music store in Butte and he was given an autographed copy by the band for his store. He says he may have a t-shirt also and, if he can find it, will throw it in! $513 for a CD and a t-shirt…..I wish I could spend that kind of money.