Knyght – Bet Everything (2009)

Knyght - Bet Everything (2009)

Knyght – Bet Everything (2009, Anko Music)

  1. Goin Anywhere
  2. Heaven Or Hell
  3. A Million Times
  4. The Game Of Love ‘N Hate
  5. Shut Up

Band Lineup:
Tommaso ‘Tommy’ Forni – lead vocals
Oliviero ‘ Olly’ Forni – electric/acoustic guitar and background vocals
Dario Stagnitto – bass
Francesco ‘The Doctor’ – keyboards and backing vocals
Matt ‘Mr’ Svarione – drums

Producer: Heiko Hinze

Country: Italy

Total Time = 20:46

Knyght MySpace page
Anko Music

Knyght has been a band I’ve been keeping my eye on for a couple of years now because their 3rd demo, DESTINATION UNKNOWN (2007), had a lot of promise. What I heard then was a band with a lot of talent that needed to tighten their sound, songwriting and production but, for a new young band, it was a decent start. Fast forward two more years and Knyght has progressed in some of these areas and stayed the same in others.

First off, the production is much better on BET EVERYTHING than on their previous E.P., I understand that DESTINATION UNKNOWN was an indepenent demo but the production value was pretty rough. The band has signed on with Anko Music and producer Heiko Hinze has made the band sound a lot better and tighter. Tommy Forni’s vocals are still way up front in the mix and his voice is very high, almost like a Geddy Lee meets Bret Michaels kind of sound. At times the vocal gets a little distracting because it’s too high. The guitars are pushed back just a little too much…..if they were brought up, and the vocals evened out, I think the band would sound a lot better. The band is a lot tighter, that comes with years and experience, and they have a lot of good ideas written down, especially the melodies. I think what they need to do now is concentrate on writing to their strengths and finding a way to compensate for Forni’s ultra-high vocal delivery. Maybe a little heavier guitar? Maybe a faster pace? Bigger background vocals?

‘Goin Anywhere’ starts the E.P. off in a Poison style due to Forni’s Bret Michaels sounding vocals, I think if the guitar was slightly higher in the mix and the background vocals were better then this would be a great song. ‘Heaven Or Hell’ is a mid-tempo song that has a few faster flourishes in it…’s melodic and there are some complimentary keyboards at work, good guitar solo too. The vocals are a little to high at times but that can be improved as Forni’s voice gets stronger, and it has since 2007. The proper ballad on the E.P. is ‘A Million Times’ and it’s decent but a little weak in some areas. You can hear the direction the band is taking and they have a good ballad base I think they just need to flesh out the song a bit and the lighters will be out in full force. More Poison influences come out in ‘The Game Of Love ‘N Hate’ and there are some cool piano bits that compliment the guitar very well, reminds me of Savannah a little as well. Best song on the album is ‘Shut Up’ and this one definitely reminds me of Savannah and parts of Royal Hunt. First off the guitar rocks completely (the best guitar sound on the album) and the lead and background vocals are working in perfect harmony. The song is heavy and guitar driven but melodic at the same time with the underlying keyboards. Throughout the whole E.P. I thought that the rhythm section was very good but they go above and beyond on ‘Shut Up’ and the tradeoff between the guitar & keys during the solos is a highlight. If you want to hear Knyght’s full potential, ‘Shut Up’ is the perfect example.

Bottom Line:
Knyght is getting better with more experience. BET EVERYTHING is a collection of four good songs that need a little work and polish and one great one (‘Shut Up’) that shows the band’s full potential. The production is much improved but there are some slight mixing problems between the vocals and the guitar, once they get the sound even then it will be better. There are a lot of good ideas here and you can hear the ’80s Glam/Poison influence throughout. The areas Knyght need to continue to improve on are the vocals (Tommy needs to keep strengthening his voice and fattening his range), and they need to lead with the guitar, there are some decent riffs here but they need to be bigger and heavier. Maybe some bigger background vocals too? All in all, Knyght is improving well, there is a lot of promise in this band and I’ll be keeping an eye on them for the future.

Favorite Songs: ‘Shut Up’, ‘The Game Of Love ‘N Hate’

Knyght – Destination Unknown (2007)

Knyght - Destination Unknown (2007)

Knyght – Destination Unknown (2007, independent demo)

  1. Stop Me
  2. Neverland (2007 mix)
  3. The Believer (2007 mix)
  4. I’ll Live In Your Shadow
  5. Destination Unknown

Band Lineup:
Tommaso Forni – Vocals, Guitar
Oliviero Forni – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dario Stagnitto- Bass, Backing Vocals
Paolo Montinaro- Drums
Francesco “The Doc” – Keyboards

Produced by: Knyght

Total Time = 17:46

Knyght official website
Knyght Myspace page

Knyght is a young AOR/Melodic Rock band from Rome, ITALY that are starting to make some noise in Europe. When I say “young” I mean it, all the members are in their very early 20s. The band was founded in 2002 so the guys were teenagers when they started out. Knyght has released two demos already but DESTINATION UNKNOWN is their latest offering that gives fans a taste of what they are capable of.

The music is a blend of straight up AOR, mixed with a Bon Jovi influence and Geddy Lee style vocals. Of the five tracks, three are new songs and the other two are re-recorded versions that appeared on previous demos. What you hear right away on ‘Stop Me’ is that the guys can write a song with a melodic hook. It’s very catchy but the mix seems a bit sketchy, the vocals and keyboards are way out front and overpower the rest of the band. Same goes for ‘Neverland’, there are catchy moments but the mix makes the song disjointed. I like the guitar solo on ‘I’ll Live In Your Shadow’ and the song has major potential.

Here’s what the guys need: a good producer and engineer. I’m not faulting the band for producing the demo themselves, money is probably an issue for such a young band. Get a decent producer/engineer that can tighten the mix and give the sound a balance and I think that the songs will sound a lot better. Tommaso Forni has a major Italian accent when singing in English but a good producer could cover that with an even mix. Right now, Tommy is way out front and the accent can be distracting to U.S. ears. He also has a very high voice that reminds me of Geddy Lee (Rush) but there is a lack of control that Tommy needs to work on. Same with the keys, push them back a bit and let the guitar, bass, and drums be heard. Each instrument should complement each other, not drown each other out. These are small critiques but they could help a hungry young band get to the next level because there is potential.

Bottom Line:
Add an experienced producer/engineer, tighten the mix, and get more experience in the songwriting and performance departments. If Tommaso can make his voice stronger and have more control on top of the rest, I think we could see Knyght get signed in the next couple of years. Frontiers Records is from Italy, maybe a developmental deal could help the band? I hear potential and there are parts of each song I like…..I will be keeping my eye on Knyght in the future. For a young band, they have a good start.